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General Information
Shipped Characters: Willow Jenks and Fabian Rutter
Status: Friends
Rivals: Fabina
Other Pairing Names: Fabillow
Wabian (W/illow and F/abian) is the friendship pairing of Willow Jenks and Fabian Rutter. They don't really talk to each other much on the show. However, in some episodes, Fabian thinks Willow is quite insane. In House of Pi / House of Mistrust, Willow gives Fabian advice on his relationship with Joy. She says that when someone gives you your heart, you have to be careful not to drop it, whether you want it or not. When Fabian, Eddie, and KT came back from being locked in the crypt all night Willow came down the stairs and said she was worried about him and was wondering how his hand was. Fabian reacted with just "Fine, great!" When Willow came in the living room after Victor had taken Eddie up to his office after he had become a sinner, she felt bad vibes and Fabian and KT just played along in order to help Eddie escape from the office. When they walked up to his office door, they threw holy water on the door to get rid of the bad vibes. Also, when Willow was complaining about the costumes for the play, Fabian and Alfie carried her away. Willow & Fabian also shared a few scenes together in the movie special The Touchstone of Ra, such as both of them screaming when the camera fell and smiling at each other during the end of the graduation.

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Season 3

  • Willow confronts Fabian about Joy.
  • Willow overheard Fabian reject Joy.
  • Willow walked away madly after he rejected Joy.
  • He was confused after Willow confronted Fabian about him breaking Joy's heart.
  • Willow sadly said "Look, I don't know whats's going on with you and Joy"
  • Fabian listened to everything Willow had to say.
  • It's possible that Willow ships Jabian, because she's giving Fabian advice on his relationship with Joy and how he should talk to her and apologize.
  • Fabian pretends to know what Willow is talking about with the bad vibes to save her feelings.
  • Willow was very worried when Fabian "hurt" his hand.
  • Willow was concerned that Fabian wasn't home when they were in the crypt.
  • Fabian helped Alfie carry Willow away from the stage room when she was complaining at Jerome about the costumes for the play.
  • Willow, Fabian and KT threw citrus oil near Victor's office because they wanted to get his attention in order to help Eddie escape before Victor confronts him to tell the truth.
  • Willow throws citrus oil in Fabian's eye. Fabian had bad luck all day.
  • When Joy made fun of Willow's lunch, Fabian laughed.

The Touchstone of Ra

  • For class picture, Willow told everyone to "say squee" and Fabian (and the others) did. 
  • Willow sits in front of Fabian for the class picture.
  • They both screamed when the camera turned over.
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