General Information
Shipped Characters: Victor Rodenmaar Jr. and Sarah Frobisher-Smythe
Length of Relationship: Approx. 1915 - 2011
Status: Friends
Rivals: Victera
Other Pairing Names: Sictor

Varah is the pairing of Victor Rodenmaar Jr. and Sarah Frobisher-Smythe (V/ictor and S/arah). The two were very good friends before Sarah's parents died. They stopped being friends after Victor was threatened by his father to get information on the Cup of Ankh and possibly the Mask Of Anubis from Sarah. Victor seemed to get on well with Sarah's parents as they invited him over to the table when they were eating dinner.  There is no longer a chance for their reconciliation due to Sarah's death. Victor drank the elixir and chose to prolong his life, but Sarah chose not to. Their friendship fell apart sometime between their founding of the school and Sarah's death. Victor was upset when Sarah died, though it is unknown if it was because of his friendship with her, her knowledge of the Cup of Ankh's location, or maybe a combination of both.

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Varah Moments

Season 1


Victor and Sarah as children.

 ====House of Yesterday / House of Victory====

  • Sarah visits Anubis House and has various flashbacks from the past of when they were children because Sarah starts to remember everything about her past. It is revealed  that she and Victor were friends as children. All that was ruined when Victor Rodenmaar Sr. threatened his son to get the information they needed from Sarah.
  • Sarah forgives Victor for all that he did to her in the past, understanding that it was his father that was making him do it.
  • Victor looks extremely sad and has tears in his eyes when he's told about Sarah having died.

House of Bribes / House of Venom

  • Victor attends Sarah's funeral.

House of Pests / House of Betrayal

  • While the students are at the school, Victor breaks into the area of where Sarah's portrait--which Frobisher placed behind the secret panel--is and suddenly calms and acts as if he misses her and says that just when he had found her, he had lost her.

Season 2

  • When Vera asks him about Sarah, he replied that Sarah was a very good friend of his.
  • When Vera asks what happened to her, he says she died.
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