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{{House of Anubis}}
HoA3 This user is a fan of House of Anubis!
HHA Cast This user is a fan of Het Huis Anubis!
DH-2010-002694 This user is a fan of Das Haus Anubis!
Anubis Unlocked Title This user is a fan of Anubis Unlocked!
House-Of-Anubis-the-house-of-anubis-18756272-520-391 This user thinks that the House of Anubis Wiki is awesome!


405736 305745842797827 172823809423365 845858 1160878091 n This user loves all of the characters!
HOA Girlies This user loves the girls of House of Anubis!
Boys of anubis This user loves the boys of House of Anubis!
AlfieS3 This user loves Alfie!
Amber Millington This user loves Amber!
Hoth15 This user loves Caroline!
Character-thumb-310x175-eddie This user loves Eddie!
FabianS3 This user loves Fabian!
TheRealOne This user loves Harriet!
Tumblr m26a8skC071r81bndo4 400 This user loves Jason!
JeromeS3 This user loves Jerome!
JoyS3 This user loves Joy!
Character-thumb-310x175-KT This user loves KT!
MaraS3 This user loves Mara!
Mick C This user loves Mick!
Sweety This user loves Mr. Sweet!
Tumblr lvys6n31TB1qjdjkno1 250 This user loves Nina!
PatriciaS3 This user loves Patricia!
PiperWilliamson2 This user loves Piper!
Anubispoppy15 This user loves Poppy!
RFSAwakened This user loves Robert Frobisher-Smythe!
Rufus Zeno1 This user loves Rufus!
Sarah This user loves Sarah!
Trudy 2 This user loves Trudy!
VictorTunnel This user loves Victor!
Character-thumb-310x175-willow This user loves Willow!


Cast1 This user loves all of the pairings!
House-of-anubis-cast This user loves all of the friendships!

Romantic Relationships

AddieKissEdit This user ships Addie!
Hoth99 This user ships Amara!
Cap197 This user ships Amfie!
Amoy1 This user ships Amoy!
Amson1 This user ships Amson!
Tumblr mk2lpd7o7f1rrlrx4o3 250 This user ships Batricia!
Jerome eddie This user ships Edrome!
Fabicia 02 This user ships Fabicia!
Fabina 05 This user ships Fabina!
Hoa-10 This user ships Famber!
Fabian celoso This user ships Feddie!
Ferome 02 This user ships Ferome!
Jabian This user ships Jabian!
Tumblr lxz4umZeSn1r0yl44o1 500 This user ships Jamber!
180px-Skärmavbild 2012-03-10 kl. 12.44.00 This user ships Jara!
Vlcsnap-2012-01-29-11h18m25s36 This user ships Jeddie!
Jelfie1 This user ships Jelfie!
Nerome (without Fabian) This user ships Jerina!
Tumblr inline mkffkyYqR01qz4rgp This user ships Jeroy!
Jina 09 This user ships Jina!
Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 20.18.41 This user ships Joyfie!
Jollow1 This user ships Jollow!
Joppy This user ships Joppy!
Inu8N This user ships Joytricia!
What about This user ships Kabian!
KTPatricia This user ships Katricia!
706149 476688292370247 1911298306 o This user ships Keddie!
KoyHug This user ships Koy!
MARILLOW This user ships Marillow!
Mara and Patricia talking in bathroom This user ships Matricia!
May 06 This user ships May!
Meddie 06 This user ships Meddie!
Mickber1 This user ships Mickber!
Mickbian This user ships Mickbian!
Mickra kiss1 This user ships Mickra!
Patricia.. This user ships Micktricia!
Mina01. This user ships Mina!
Moppy 10 This user ships Moppy!
MoyAWWWWW This user ships Moy!
Namber This user ships Namber!
Neddie 01 This user ships Neddie!
Palfie1 This user ships Palfie!
Pamber This user ships Pamber!
Pason 4 This user ships Pason!
Patrina 01 This user ships Patrina!
Patrome xx This user ships Patrome!
Peddiekiss! This user ships Peddie!
Pifie This user ships Pifie!
Piptricia This user ships Piptricia!
House of Oblivion , House of Snoops 04 This user ships Trasper!
Varahsidebar This user ships Varah!
Victore and vera in celler This user ships Victera!
Sq7rZzr3dvc This user ships Walfie!
Wamber1 This user ships Wamber!
Hoth3 This user ships Willome!


Addie01 This user likes the Addie friendship!
Mamber This user likes the Amara friendship!
House-of-anubis-202-house-of-dolls-boyfriend-and-girlfriend-clip This user likes the Amfie friendship!
Amoy This user likes the Amoy friendship!
Amson3 This user likes the Amson friendship!
Erome This user likes the Edrome friendship!
Fabtricia03 This user likes the Fabicia friendship!
Fabina 07 This user likes the Fabina friendship!
Famber5 This user likes the Famber friendship!
Hoth11 This user likes the Feddie friendship!
Ferome This user likes the Ferome friendship!
Jabian 09 This user likes the Jabian friendship!
Jabina 02 This user likes the Jabina friendship!
Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 7.40.33PM This user likes the Jamber friendship!
Jara-large-marge This user likes the Jara friendship!
Jeddie123 This user likes the Jeddie friendship!
Jelfie This user likes the Jelfie friendship!
Jerina Friendship This user likes the Jerina Friendship!
Jeroylove This user loves the Jeroy friendship!
Jina 01 This user likes the Jina friendship!
Jolfie This user likes the Joyfie friendship!
Jollow2 This user likes the Jollow friendship!
Vlcsnap-2012-01-29-11h18m07s123 This user likes the Joppy Brother/Sister relationship!
Poy before disappearance This user likes the Joytricia friendship!
Imagethatsmile This user loves the Kabian friendship!
Kamber This user loves the Kamber friendship!
KTPatricia This user likes the Katricia friendship!
Hoth154 This user likes the Keddie friendship!
Koy.2 This user likes the Koy friendship!
Willow mara This user likes the Marillow friendship!
294px-Matricia1 This user likes the Matricia friendship!
May 02 This user likes the May friendship!
Meddie 11 This user likes the Meddie friendship!
Mickberrr This user likes the Mickber friendship!
Mickbian2 This user likes the Mickbian friendship!
Mickra 03 This user likes the Mickra friendship!
Micktriciafriend This user likes the Micktricia friendship!
Mina0912 This user likes the Mina friendship!
Moppy This user likes the Moppy friendship!
Moy.4 This user likes the Moy friendship!
Namber1 This user likes the Namber friendship!
Narah 2 This user likes the Narah friendship!
Tumblr m0nqnbwkEu1r8jluqo1 500 This user likes the Neddie friendship!
Palfie 01 This user likes the Palfie friendship!
Pamber 01 This user likes the Pamber friendship!
Pason 2 This user likes the Pason friendship!
House of Kidnap House of Cat-Nap This user likes the Patrina friendship!
Patrome This user likes the Patrome friendship!
Capture1121 This user likes the Peddie friendship!
Pifie This user likes the Pifie friendship!
House of Trades, House of Magic 05 This user likes the Piptricia sister relationship!
House of Oblivion , House of Snoops 04 This user likes the Trasper friendship!
Varah This user likes the Varah friendship!
Vera This user likes the Victera friendship!
Tumblr mezyvrI8cN1qjdjkno2 250 This user likes the Walfie friendship!
Willow amber This user likes the Wamber friendship!
Willomecouple!!! This user likes the Willome friendship!

Cast Friendships

Papapapeace This user loves Alexely!
Tumblr m2v313nHiX1rr0k1so1 250 This user loves Balex!
Basie4 This user loves Basie!
Screen shot 2013-01-05 at 19.43.22 This user loves Brade!
Brad and Nat This user loves Brathalia!
Eugade This user loves Eugade!
Eugeana4ever This user loves Eugeana!
Jadekely This user loves Jadekely!
Jadetasie This user loves Jasie!
Klarexawwwkiss This user loves Klarex!
ThegirlsKlasierocks! This user loves Klasie!
Proxy (16) This user loves Talex!


Cast1 This user loves the House of Anubis Cast!
{{Alex Sawyer}}
398px-Alex1 This user loves Alex!
{{Alexandra Shipp}}
Tumblr m79iu3WcL91qe5ixxo1 1280 This user loves Alexandra!
{{Ana Mulvoy Ten}}
Anamulvoyten4 This user loves Ana!
{{Anastasia Dhanraj}}
A jiAxnCcAAKG78 This user loves Tasie!
{{Bobby Lockwood}}
Mick spongebob This user loves Bobby!
{{Brad Kavanagh}}
ImagesCAL23RW9 This user loves Brad!
{{Burkely Duffield}}
150 This user loves Burkely!
{{Eugene Simon}}
Tumblr m3lj6l0qZB1r6k2zto1 500 This user loves Eugene!
{{Frances Encell}}
Francescencell This user loves Frances!
{{Jade Ramsey}}
Jaderamsey10 This user loves Jade!
{{Klariza Clayton}}
Aq9C87HCMAAdNOf This user loves Klariza!
{{Louisa Connolly-Burnham}}
Az7Bc0BCEAA9eCl This user loves Louisa!
{{Nathalia Ramos}}
126px-Nathaliaramos1 This user loves Nathalia!
{{Nikita Ramsey}}
Nikita2 This user loves Nikita!


Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 9.10.22PM This user loves the Anubis Sisterhood!
Nina mask This user loves the Chosen One!
House of Evidence This user loves Jack Jackal!
Sarah This user cried when Sarah died... :'(
Tumblr m0ofueQfkx1r2afhbo1 1280 This user loves the Osirian!
House-of-anubis 510x317 This user loves Sibuna!
Tumblr meztm58ZcL1qjdjkno2 250 This user is a member of Sibuna!

185px-Episode 1

This user loved season 1 and can't wait for all the upcoming seasons!!!!
Sibuna 1 This user knows that there's a strong Sibuna in all of us.
At breakfast house of discovery This user loves Trudy's cooking!
Victt This user hates Victor's food!
Hoa21351355 This user will forever be a true Sibuna! Because once a sibuna, always a sibuna.

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How to make Userboxes (House of Anubis Wiki)

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