This blog is the randomest thing you'll read, I swear. Today (well, actually, tomorrow, April 1st) is the day Patricia Williamson, my favorite House of Anubis character, turns 20 years old. 


She is more than a character to me. The very first impression of her was definetly an interesting experience (she dragged Nina's things out of her room in House of Secrets, giving zero fucks). I found her funny. At first I was, like everyone else, annoyed by her actions. But later in the series, I saw what a true bad ass she was. She wasn't asking for it. She gave zero fucks. She knew her intentions, she knew what she wanted, she always got what she wanted. Patricia, like every over Anubis character, is a huge part of me growing up to be the person I am today. It may sound silly to some, but that's just how it is.


Beyond her self-esteem, lies a trustful and dedicated friend. Behind the selfish teenage girl lies a dangerous woman. Behind Eddie's girlfriend, lies an independant bad-ass. Patricia is definetly one of the most underrated House of Anubis characters. She deserved more screen-time and to become the protagonist of Season 3 instead of Eddie and Fabian. (they were good too)

Happy birthday, Patricia! A fictional character a show like House of Anubis deserves.