So, I got to thinking, I'd actually really like to be more active on here again. I don't make cringy edits like I used to in 2012 lol but I have a lot to say about the show and I would love to meet people once again who love it as much as me! Even though I have been a member on this wiki for a while, I have changed a lot. So please allow me to (re) introduce myself!

My name is Shannon and I am 18 years old. I live in America and I have been watching house of anubis since season two. I remember when I was in middle school season two use to be on every. single. weeknight. I loved it. It consumed me to the point that I was known as the "house of anubis girl" lol. Don't worry, I'm not as cringy now. ( I hope )

Since I've literally grown up with house of anubis, my opinions have changed over the years. I use to really reaallllly hate Joy, but now I would say she was just misunderstood (on some aspects). I'm not as obsessed with the show as I used to be but I would still consider it one of my favoirtes. Here I am, senior year of high school, about to graduate and start the next chapter of my life, and I wrote an assignment the other day on house of anubis. No like actually. In my writing class I had to write about something that I love and know everything about, therefore it meant I had to write about only one thing- HOA. Anyways, I'd love to post more blogs and talk to people more. If you read all of wow you're amazing.

Sibuna! Shannon

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