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General Information
Shipped Characters: Trudy Rehmann and Jasper Choudhary
Status: Flirtatious friends
Rivals: Trutor
Other Pairing Names: Judy
Trasper (Tr/udy and J/asper) is the pairing of Trudy Rehmann and Jasper Choudhary. They both had quite a flirtatious and a friendly relationship from the beginning of the second season as they worked on the Egyptian exhibition together in the Frobisher Library. They spent even more time together as Jasper is Fabian's godfather. In recent episodes, Trudy showed her trust towards Jasper by sending him a letter to help her. After Jasper knew that Trudy was in trouble, he needed Jerome's help to get something that The Collector (Rufus Zeno) was interested in to trade. Jerome tried to get Sarah's dollhouse, but got her doll instead. The Collector wasn't satisfied with the doll and wanted the dollhouse. Jasper meets with The Collector on House of Collections / House of Speculation to trade the dollhouse for Trudy, but The Collector doesn't bring Trudy and he was very upset with this. He was very happy when Trudy returned safe. This pairing did not happen because of Jasper not being in Season 3 since the exhibit is gone and Trudy has showed feelings for Victor and Robert.

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Trasper Moments

Season 2

House of Heists / House of Alibis

  • When Jasper walks in to the Frobisher Library and sees the smashed glass case with the ox bell stolen, Trudy says that she believes it was Fabian, for he was the only person on the scene and he just so happened to have a "convenient memory loss".

House of Collections / House of Speculation

  • Jasper is really worried about Trudy being kidnapped.
  • Jasper tells the Collector that he would only give him dollhouse if he returns Trudy, even though he said no.
  • When the Collector didn't bring Trudy, Jasper ripped off the Collector's hood revealing who he really is, Rufus Zeno.
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