The Touchstone of Ra
Season 3, Episode 41
Airdate June 7, 2013 (in Africa and Turkey)
June 10, 2013 (in Portugal and Spain)
June 14, 2013 (in UK, Ireland and Italy)
June 17, 2013 (in US)
June 19, 2013 (in Asia)
June 28, 2013 (in Poland)
July 2013 (in Australia and New Zealand)
September 7, 2013 (in the Netherlands, Flanders, and Belgium)
Written by Diane Whitley; Tim Compton
Directed by Angelo Abela
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The Touchstone of Ra[1] is a 90 minute movie which aired on Friday, June 14th at 5 p.m in the U.K and Ireland on Nickelodeon UK and has reached over 90,000 views total,[2] [3] [4][5] and aired June 17 in the U.S. at 9 p.m. Eastern and 6 p.m. Pacific on TeenNick (The ratings have never been revealed).[6] The Touchstone of Ra is the 191st episode of the show. It is also the final episode of House of Anubis.

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The Touchstone of Ra catches up with the students of Anubis house on the eve of their graduation as they encounter a new group of underclassmen and a mysterious stone that leads them on a quest to save the world from evil. In the Touchstone of Ra, the residents of Anubis House are nearing the end of their final term when their celebratory mood is cut short after a group of underclassman unexpectedly move into Anubis house, and a trip to an Egyptian museum leaves the group with a strange stone in hand. The Sibunas are confronted with their greatest challenge yet as they set out to decipher the secrets behind the touchstone of the ancient Egyptian god, Ra. As the power of the stone begins to cause chaos, it’s up to leader Eddie Miller (Burkely Duffield) and the Sibunas to solve the mystery before it’s too late. As the mystery unfolds, the Sibunas learn that not everyone is as they seem, and there’s only one among them who can save them from the powers of the stone. Legend has it that whoever built the Pyramid of Ra will be rewarded with gold but if he does well, everyone will pay the price. The arrival of a mysterious stone will encourage someone to risk. The power of this stone spear chaos and there is only one person who can stop. Who will be a sufficient sacrifice to save everyone?

Touchstone Of Ra DVD
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The touchstone glowing in front of Sophia Danae.


The film opens with Eddie talking about graduation, and how it is done "Anubis Style." It shows several clips from the future (aka finale of the film). Then, the credits "Two days earlier" then appear at the bottom of the screen, and it goes back to the children in their final lesson at school, with Mr. Sweet, who announces a field trip to a museum. He also announces the class valedictorian; Mara. This makes Fabian upset. They all then rush out of class in a hurry after the bell rings, to Anubis House.

The residents are then surprised to find new pupils in their rooms: Cassie Tate and Erin Blakewood in Willow, Joy, and KT's room; Dexter Lloyd in the kitchen; and Sophia Danae arriving late. Trudy reveals that they are the pupils who will be attending the middle school, and are the new Anubis residents, who got there a little earlier.

They all go on the field trip (both the newbies and the seniors, much to the seniors' (especially Patricia's) dismay to the museum. There, Sophia, Dexter and Eddie are caught snooping around in an off limits area, where they are caught, but are also told about the legend of the Touchstone of Ra, which lies before them.

The students are taken back to Anubis house, where they are about to feast, when suddenly Mr. Sweet and Victor rush in quickly, revealing that someone has stolen an artifact from the museum - the Touchstone of Ra. Eddie and Fabian talk about it, and Eddie finds out that the touchsotne is in his bag. It is passed around the students, until it gets to Alfie, who is caught with it. Eddie stands up for him saying that he found it in his bag, but didn't steal it, which was the truth.

Victor confiscates the stone, and tells everybody - except Mr. Sweet to leave. He tells Eric that it is the Touchstone of Ra, and it is his destiny.

Victor takes the stone up to his office and puts it in his safe. The stone causes all the electricity to go out, so Victor and Mr. Sweet must go out and investigate. This allows the seniors to go and scavenge for food from the buffet, managing to convince the freshmen to do so also. They take the food down to the cellar, while Eddie tells Fabian that something is up with the stone, and they have to get to the bottom of it, meaning Sibuna needs to get back together.

However, Sophia goes up to Victor's office and it is revealed to the audience that she is evil, and that she wants to steal the stone. She talks in a different voice, but Eddie comes in and tells her she has to go, and he takes the stone for Sibuna.

Eddie locks the touchstone away in a box in his room and tells KT that they need to call a Sibuna meeting and Sophia overhears. They then all go to the cellar through to the secret passageway

Everything goes bad when Mr. Sweet and Victor return. They go down into the cellar and see all the food, leading to all of the pupils hiding, but coming out when found. The only hidden ones are Sibuna (who have Sophia with them, so she is hidden too), and Mara, who hid under the stairs and did not want to come out, most likely not to damage her valedictorian title and her good girl reputation.

After everyone who was caught goes upstairs, Victor and Mr. Sweet begin to discuss the stone, talking about how it is one piece of the pyramid, and to create the pyramid, there must be a human sacrifice. They then leave.

Sibuna then come out, and talk about the touchstone. Mara then sneaks from underneath the cellar stairs and grabs the book out of the cupboard, that Victor was showing to Mr. Sweet.

Sophia is then welcomed as a member of Sibuna.

Mara then confronts the gang, asking what "Sibuna" is and who else knows about it. She is angry because they did not tell her and Joy about it, but Fabian tells her that Joy knew about it, and was even in it for a short while. This infuriates her even more.

The next day, Mara overhears the gang talking about the mystery, and shows them an article from the book she stole. They then let her into Sibuna as well, making it seven members.

Later on, Sophia is seen stealing the stone. Dexter asks her what is going on, and she says nothing. He then wonders why she was walking out of Eddie and Fabian's room, but doesn't ask her.

He follows her into the woods, where he sees that she has the stone.

In a Sibuna meeting (with all the members but Sophia), Eddie discovers that the stone has been taken. He blames it on Dexter, as he found Dexter sleeping next to the stone in the museum, and accuses him of wanting to steal it. Dexter then walks in to warn them about Sophia, and her stealing the stone, but Eddie doesn't listen. Sophia then walks in and asks why Dexter is there, and Eddie tells her that he is just leaving.

After analyzing the article more,  the gang realize that the clues are in a Canopic Jar, which they later dig up. It is taken off them by Mr. Sweet, who sees them with it at night after knowing that they dug up the school yard. He tells them that he is going to call their parents, and that Sophia has gotten off to a bad start. She storms off, followed by Eddie. It was later revealed that the hieroglyphics on the Canopic Jar means whoever touch the Touchstone of Ra will turn to stone. When they leave after Mr.Sweet arrives, Alfie finds a coin. 

She goes to Anubis house, and is seen by Eddie holding the stone. Eddie now knows that it is Sophia who took the stone, and that Dexter was right. Eddie takes the stone and runs off. He destroys the stone but it re-assembles and knocks him unconscious. Dexter sees this and Sophia possesses him. She tells him to collect the Canopic jar. When Sophia turns around, Eddie is gone. He goes after Dexter and tries to stop him. They break half the jar and Dexter escapes to the crypt with half the jar, and Eddie follows him. When Dexter, Eddie and Sophia are all at the crypt, Dexter bangs his head and reverts back to normal. Sophia locks them in the Crypt and goes back to Anubis House.

Cassie and Erin look for dresses to wear to the grad party. Sophia comes in and looks at a girly pink dress, and asks if they think Eddie will like it. Patricia becomes jealous, and forces Sophia to give her the dress. Back at the school, Patricia comes in, wearing the girly dress. The seniors are shocked at what she's wearing, but they just ignore her after she threatens them, saying if "the next person who mentions this, loses their teeth". When they see Sophia, they notice KT's moon key in her back pocket. Patricia approaches her and pickpockets it from her.

Later, Joy, Jerome and Willow are preparing for the graduation ceremony, when Mr.Sweet comes and asks Willow for the valedictorian medal. When she confesses that she forgot to order it, it is revealed that she needs another credit to graduate and that Mr.Sweet cancels it. While the Sibunas look for Eddie, Willow reveals to Alfie that she can't go to college with him because Mr.Sweet canceled her credit after she forgot the medal. Later, KT and Alfie go into Mr.Sweet's office and they see the class photo. Because it's not good, they change it and see Sophia in three old class photos, dating about two decades earlier. When Alfie finds Willow and she explains what happened,  Alfie gives her a coin that he found earlier. When she cleans it, it has the Symbol of Ra on it. He quickly takes it and says that he needs to keep it. When Willow pleads with him (showing how desperate she is), he gives it to her. 

The Sibunas find Eddie and Dexter in the crypt, they all explain what they found out. They all apologize to Dexter and they all go to find Sophia. When Eddie and KT search in KT's room, they find the touchstone in Sophia's bag. Sophia then arrives and tries to take it. When Eddie takes it, Victor arrives and says that it's not Eddie's destiny. Eddie doesn't believe him and runs off. At the bottom of the stairs, the chandelier starts shaking over Eddie. Victor pushes him out of the way and the chandelier falls on Victor.

Eddie and KT try to get out but the stone affects the house and gets them trapped. Luckily, they escape and Victor tells Sophia what happens if she fails Ra. The Sibunas look for Eddie and Dexter explains everything to Cassie and Erin. The Sibunas now have Victor on their side and look for clues. Victor and Fabian realize that the sacrifice has to wear the Symbol of Ra- the coin. Victor then says if the sacrifice is made, Ra will pour down his gold. And if not, Ra will pour down his anger- meaning the end of the world. The Sibuna's all gather and argue. Mara gets them to shut up and says that the whole house is built under the stones for the pyramid.. Victor, Eddie and Dexter, Cassie and Erin go to the cellar. Before leaving, Patricia and Eddie kiss. When Sophia summons all the stones, the cellar starts to fall down and the stones leave. Eddie uses his Osirian powers to bring the stones back and saves the whole house from falling down. He then has another vision- Sophia building the pyramid. They all go to the woods and try to stop Sophia. When Eddie promotes Cassie, Erin and Dexter to official Sibuna members, Sophia takes KT and possesses her so the Frobisher can be the sacrifice. 

At the graduation ceremony, Patricia, Fabian and Mara are angry that Alfie gave the coin to Willow. When Willow earns her extra credit and can graduate, she runs up to Alfie and kisses him. When the ceremony begins, Fabian realizes that the medal has the Symbol of Ra on it and also realizes that Mara will become the sacrifice. When he tries to get it, Mr.Sweet thinks that he wants to be the valedictorian and calls him a sore loser in front of everybody. He then runs off. When Mara wears the coin, she becomes possessed and walks off. Patricia and Alfie runs after her and Mr.Sweet tells Trudy to hold the fort while he goes and finds Sibuna. Eddie, Cassie, Erin and Dexter finds Sophia when KT walks up to the pyramid. Fabian then arrives, saying that Mara is the sacrifice because she's wearing the coin. KT comes back to normal when Mara injures Fabian when he tries to stop Mara. Patricia and Alfie then arrive. Eddie then runs up to Mara and pulls the coin off of her. 

At Anubis House, Victor tells Mr.Sweet that his destiny was to prevent the Pyramid of Ra from ever being built, then tells him that there is one only hope- Eddie. When Ra becomes angry, the pyramid begins to shoot lightning. When Victor and Mr.Sweet come running, Ra injures Mr.Sweet. Mr.Sweet tells Eddie to listen to Victor. Victor says that the Osirian will be the sacrifice so the world can be spared. When Eddie touches the stone, Ra stops becoming angry, but Eddie's life is taken. When everyone rushes over to Eddie, Eddie then wakes up and Victor says that Eddie's life wasn't taken- his Osirian powers were taken instead. Sophia has turned into stone and Victor takes the touchstone. Everyone is back at the ceremony and the seniors officially graduate. 

Later, everyone is at the grad party, even Cassie, Erin and Dexter. When Patricia and Eddie hear Victor telling Mr.Sweet that he will leave Anubis House, taking the touchstone with him due to his destiny. They then round up the Anubis House residents, Trudy and Mr.Sweet at Anubis House to bid Victor goodbye. Before he leaves, he drops his pin for the last time and everyone starts cheering. Victor then grumbles "Miscreants" and leaves. Everyone then discuss that the house is still standing, despite their best efforts and that they did good. They all then go back to the party, leaving Anubis House for the last time (however it is possible the next day, they go back to pack and say goodbye). At the prom, Willow and Alfie discuss that the plans for college are back on. Mara and Fabian kiss after suggesting they share the valedictorian medal. They dance with KT, Joy, Jerome and Willow and Alfie. When Patricia goes up to Eddie asking if he wants to dance. He says that she hates dancing but she'll make an exception for a superhero. But, he says that he's not the Osirian anymore. She convinces him to dance by telling him that all their friends were dancing (including the underclassmen) and by grabbing his food. The movie ends with a close-up of a banner saying Anubis House.


Sophia using the touchstone to seal Eddie and KT to their fate.


Eddie becoming the sacrifice for the pyramid.



Main cast

Recurring cast

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House of Anubis - Touchstone of Ra Deleted Scene

House of Anubis - Touchstone of Ra Deleted Scene


  • KT was originally cast to become a stone in the movie, but the script was changed due to an unknown reason.
  • The movie has a deleted scene where Sophia's stone is being destroyed.
  • Nathalia Ramos, who portrayed Nina Martin, is the only cast member of House of Anubis to not be involved in Season 3. Both her and Ana Mulvoy-Ten, who portrayed Amber Millington, didn't have any involvement in The Touchstone of Ra.
  • Many fans thought that Nina Martin, Amber Millington, and Mick Campbell were going to return.
  • It is a 90-minute movie/episode.
  • It is the only episode of House of Anubis that premieres in the UK and other countries like South Africa, Turkey, Portugal, and Spain before the US.
  • This is the only House of Anubis episode that doesn't begin with "House of..."
  • Mabian becomes canon in this movie.
  • There are five new Sibuna members: Mara JaffraySophia DanaeCassie TateErin Blakewood, and Dexter Lloyd. However, Sophia is kicked out of Sibuna when she is proven evil.
  • Eddie loses his powers as Osirian when he stops the anger pouring down from Ra.
  • All the students aside from Jerome, Joy, and Willow are involved in the mystery.
  • In the film, there are ten Sibuna members (In order of joining: Fabian, Patricia, Alfie, Eddie, KT, Sophia, Mara, Dexter, Erin and Cassie).
    • This makes an overall total of 13 official members of Sibuna (as Nina, Amber, and Joy are not members in the film).
      • There are also 15 members of Sibuna including the unofficial members, as Jerome and Willow were apart of Sibuna at other times, but were never official members.
  • In the film, Mara finally finds out about the mystery, but is initially not very happy that she was the only resident in the house to have not known anything about Sibuna even more when she finds out Joy knew about all of the other mysteries (excluding Trudy/Willow).
    • This means that Mick Campbell and Willow Jenks are the only people to know nothing about the mystery. 
    • However, Willow is the only character in the show at the moment who knew about the mystery but forgot.
      • Mick is the only person to have never known anything about the mystery/be in Sibuna, because Willow was a temporary Sibuna member for the end of Season 3. It's just that she doesn't remember it because she was turned into a sinner and had her mind wiped when reverted back to normal.
  • Dexter and Eddie couldn't escape the Crypt, yet Eddie did in fact escape in Season 3 by climbing the tomb stone and reaching through a glass ceiling, which has moved from its last appearance.
  • At the graduation, Mr. Sweet didn't know that Eddie wasn't there.
  • At the prom in the background, Harriet Denby is seen talking to Mr. Sweet
  • At the part where Victor is about to leave Anubis House and does his final pin drop, the pin flies rightwards instead of down.
  • Bobby Lockwood was an extra in the background at the end.
  • It was released on DVD in Region 1 on March 25, 2014.
  • This marks the last appearance of Burkely Duffield as Eddie Miller, Brad Kavanagh as Fabian Rutter, Alexandra Shipp as KT Rush, Jade Ramsey as Patricia Williamson, Alex Sawyer as Alfie Lewis, Tasie Lawrence as Mara Jaffray, Klariza Clayton as Joy Mercer, Louisa Connolly Burnham as Willow Jenks, Eugene Michael Simon as Jerome Clark, Francis Magee as Victor Rodenmaar Jr., Kae Alexander as Erin Blakewood, Jake Davis as Dexter Lloyd, Roxy Fitzgerald as Cassie Tate, Mina Anwar as Trudy Rehmann, Claudia Jessie as Sophia Denae and Paul Antony-Barber as Eric Sweet.


Sophia: You must be Mr. Rodenmean.
Victor: RodenMAAR!
Willow: Everybody say squee!
Sophia: (Pulls out touchstone) For once your timing is perfect.
Dexter: Marshmallow Frittata. Should I eat it or patent it?
Alfie: Trudy! There's a stranger in the kitchen.
Patricia: Mara, have you seen Eddie?
Mara: No and why are you dressed like a bridesmaid?
Alfie: Whoa! Is somebody getting married?
Patricia: The next person who mentions this, loses their teeth.
Eddie: Yacker, Nice dress. What are you trying to do? Rescue us or catch a bouquet?
Victor: Have you checked the tunnels?
Patricia: Not in this outfit! Wait, did I just say that?
Eddie: This is graduation day. Anubis style.
*The bell rings.*
Mr. Sweet: And that concludes your final lesson.
Patricia: Hey, wanna dance?
Eddie: You hate dancing.
Patricia: I'll make an exception for a superhero.
Eddie:, Well, I'm not, not anymore.
Patricia: You are to me!
Patricia: Come on, all of our friends are dancing!
*Patricia pickes up the glass of juice*
Eddie: Whoa! Alright.
Victor: I shall leave Anubis House.
Eddie: Wait, you're leaving Anubis House?
Eddie: Think about what you're doing! (Anyone else notice how familiar this sounded?)
Eddie: Let me stay. I might be useful.
Victor: No.
Eddie: Osirian useful.
Alfie: So, we're on the same side as Victor? Pinch me now!
Sophia: No one can resist the stone's control.
Eddie: Well, you aren't the only one here with a secret identity.
Sophia: The Osirian? The protege of the great god Osiris. Is a boy on the eve of his graduation. Such a shame you won't live to see it.
Joy: Jerome! Here, Now.
Jerome: Don't worry, I'll behave.
Eddie: Welcome to Sibuna!
Mara: OK, what is going on here? Victor is talking about human sacrifices and you're welcoming Sophia into some secret society? What's Sibuna?! Are Joy and I the only ones who don't know about your secret club?
Fabian: Actually, Joy knows.
Mara: Fine, have your secrets! I'm going to the police, about the stolen artifact!
Eddie: This is the day the Osirian dies...
Fabian: I... I don't get it! I worked hard, ace every test! Saved the world a few times!
Eddie: Dude, just, let it go! This week is our chance to kick-back, you know what I'm talking about?
Victor: Oh, yes. Miller, Rutter, Williamson. I should have known we'd be waiting for you three.
Victor: You have five minutes precisely, I shall want to hear a pin drop!
Patricia: First chance I'll get I'm coming to find you.
Eddie: It's a date, Yacker!
*Patricia and Eddie kiss*
Sophia: I have everything I need to build the Pyramid and my sacrifice will be a Frobisher, Poetic Justice, almost time to pay for the sins of your father's Frobisher, Soon Ra's gold will rain down, you will be gone, Rodenmaar will be stone and The House of Anubis will fall!


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