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[...] Ammit has been freed to walk the earth before, but the Ancients had a way to control her. You see, they created a key in two halves. The moon key could be used to protect against Ammit. Pair it with the sun half, and you could lock her away in the beyond.
Harriey Denby about the Staff's legend[src]

The Staff of Osiris was an ancient Egyptian staff and powerful mystical relic.[1] It was created by an unknown manufacturer, and it could be utilised to tear the Veil that was actually a passageway to the Egyptian underworld.

The Staff was no longer in existence as it was destroyed on the Founder's Day of 2014.


[...] At the base of the staff, there is a locking mechanism. If you use the key to close it, well, then according to legend, she can be sent back, taking with her all the evil that she brought.
Harriey Denby about the Staff's legend[src]


A locking mechanism at the base of the Staff

The Staff was based off the Egyptian god Osiris, ruler of the underworld. It had a ruby-like gem at the top, and a circular base where a locking mechanism was located. It also had a set of ancient hieroglyphic symbols encarved on it, and it had a smooth, unadorned shaft and a handle formed from two conjoined spheres.

Usage and Counter[]

Staff Mystery

A portal to the Duat

The Staff allowed to tear the veil between the worlds, and summon and conjure forth supernatural beings and creatures from other dimensions into a physical plane. These summoned shades were more physically solid than a ghost but less so than a living body, though their exact nature was unclear.

In order to heal a tear in the veil, and offset the cosmic balance, one was required to utilise the magic of a bipartile key and use it to lock a mechanism at the base of the Staff, resulting in the departure of a summoned supernatural creature, and reversal of negative effects of their presence in a living world, including restoration of a Sinner's soul and true self, and restoring a bewitched victim to their true self and natural lifespan, etc.


In antiquity, during the times of early Egypt, Ammut was released into a living world via the usage of the Staff of Osiris and the five Sinners of greed, jealousy, spite, pride, and rage. However, she was eventually dispelled into the Underworld via the combined usage of a bipartile key in the shape of the Sun and Moon at the base of the Staff, bringing her reign of chaos to an end.[1]

At some point, after the assassination of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun by Senkhara with a knife around 1313 B.C., the Staff was placed and hidden in Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings, along with several other religious relics and artifacts.

Discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb[]

Old footige

Robert Frobisher-Smythe with his expedition crew members

In November 1922, Tutankhamun's tomb was re-discovered by the archaeological expedition team led by Howard Carter, with Robert and Louisa Frobisher-Smythe among its members. It was here that the Frobisher-Smythes stole the Cup of Ankh, the Mask of Anubis, and other belongings. The Archaeological Society stole the Staff of Osiris. Everyone present was cursed by the god Anubis.

Robert Frobisher-Smythe had asked his expedition party (Alfie Lewis, Jerome Clarke, Patricia Williamson, and Joy Mercer's grandparents) to split the Staff into four pieces and to hide each piece in places an evil Robert can never find. They hid the Staff's pieces in various locations on the Frobisher Estate in Liverpool, England, including the Anubis House, the Crypt, the Gatehouse, and the Summer House. In his secret room at the Anubis House, Robert left a recording telling of its dangerous powers and a scroll with a picture of it before he was cursed and introduced into a mystical coma.

Return of the Devourer[]


A portal to the Duat

Upon awakening in early 2014 via a ceremony overseen by Caroline Denby, instead of a true Keeper and Caroline's adopted sister Harriet Denby of pure heart, Robert tasked a newly-turned Sinner of Jealousy Patricia Williamson with the destruction of the original phonograph, and Caroline replaced it with a new recording of the Staff's potential alleged ability to stop Ammut at Robert's behest. The remaining Sibuna members found the pieces to the Staff, and due to a misknowledge, brought it to the Tank Room in the Gatehouse and accidentally released Ammut into the mortal world with a ceremony via an open veil

Upon entering the world, Ammut granted Robert and Caroline a book and jar, and a great offering of sacrifice from a number of Sinner souls en mass allowed Ammut to become stronger with each soul, and gradually materialize into a living world. However, before she succeeded in entering and taking over the world during a prophesized "endless storm", Ammut had killed and eaten Caroline's body, and was re-dispelled into the Underworld via the combined usage of the bipartile key at the base of the Staff by KT and Eddie, re-bringing her reign of chaos to a repeated end. Following these events, the Staff was destroyed, and every Sinner created by her or her allies was returned to their true original self, and Robert suffered rapid physical aging to his true natural lifespan of over 130, and returned to his true original self.


  • It was unknown who originally made the Staff, however, it was unlikely that it had any connection to the god Osiris as ruler of the underworld.
  • The reason behind the destruction of the Staff was not clear, as it was known that it was utilised at least once in antiquity by ancient Egyptians to raise and eventually dispel Ammut into a living world without its destruction.