Book Of Isis

The Book of Isis

The Book of Isis supposedly contains the recipe for the elixir. Victor was looking for it in the tunnels because he couldn't find it anywhere in the house. The Book of Isis was also called The Book of Old by Sarah's old singing doll. That was why Victor tried to convince Mr. Sweet to help him to get the exhibition to the Frobisher Library. When the book was finally found, it was by Vera, who found it while combing for clues in Robert Frobisher-Smythe's secret study. She showed Victor, but she kept the most important part--the last chapter--for herself and the Collector (Rufus Zeno) because it held the recipe for the Elixir of Life. This is what led many to distrust Vera. The secret study can be found in the cellar if it is triggered by the correct password. The Book of Isis is a collection of ancient texts bound together. They are written in ancient hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs are the Egyptian way of writing through symbols instead of words. 

After Vera stole the final chapter, Mara accidentally took it without meaning to but then dropped it in the hallway on her way out. Victor picked it up and was very excited, so he told Vera. As soon as he could, he began referencing his books of hieroglyphics and began to translate it back into English. Nickelodeon have made a slight mistake, though, because the title of the Book of Isis is in English and the contents have been pre-translated, if you look closely.

It is believed among the fans that The Book of Isis must have been an ancient scroll which Robert Frobisher-Smythe found on his travels to Egypt and its many tombs. He then set to work to write it all out again in a book and then hid it in his secret study. This was likely so that anybody who broke into his house would not have found the truly important document.

The book has 13 chapters. The 13th chapter is the most important one, as it tells the reader how to make the elixir of life. It has a drawing of the Jackal mark on the cover, which is the symbol of Anubis, god of the underworld.

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