Anastasia Katya Breezy Dhanraj
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General Information
Gender: Female
Nicknames: Tasie
Tasie Lawrence (stage name)
Tasie Daisy
Tasie D
Birthday: December 22, 1990
Age: 29
Hometown: Brighton, Sussex, England
Nationality: English & Guyanese
Other Information
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'2"
Occupation(s): Actress, singer
Family & Friends
Family: Derek Dhanraj (father)
Rebecca Sinnatt (mother)
Tasha Dhanraj (older sister)
Friends: HOA cast
Series Information
Character: Mara Jaffray
First appearance: House of Secrets / House of Attitude / House of the Blackbird / House of Dares / House of Lies
Last appearance: The Touchstone of Ra

Anastasia Katya Breezy "Tasie" Dhanraj, also known by her stage name Tasie Lawrence, is a British actress and an occasional singer/songwriter. She was born in Brighton, East Sussex, England. She is close friends with co-star, Klariza Clayton and shares an apartment with co-star Ana Mulvoy Ten. She is half English and half Guyanese. She was a singer/songwriter and had her own alternative dark pop band, the WooWoos. She has confirmed on Twitter that she has left her band because she wants to go in a different direction with her career. She also confirmed on Twitter  that Season 3 would be her last as she wants to 'move on' and try new things. This actually gives the House of Anubis fans hope that there would be a Season 4. She was a featured artist on the song Relapse, which was the debut single of former castmate, Alex Sawyer.

She portrays Mara Jaffray in House of Anubis, which was her acting debut.  

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  • She shared an apartment with Ana Mulvoy Ten while filming the first two seasons.
  • She's close friends with Klariza Clayton.
  • She used to be in a band called The WooWoos.
  • She is half English and half Guyanese.
  • She sang a holiday song with castmate Brad Kavanagh called 'We Shall Overcome'.
  • She's an occasional singer/songwriter.
  • Her stage name is Tasie Lawrence.
  • She created a club with Klariza Clayton called Riguna.
  • There's some rumors that her and Eugene Simon are dating, but it is not confirmed.
  • Tasie Dhanraj's fan mail address is: Kelly Management Studio 13 22 Brook Mews North London W2 3BW UK.
  • If Tasie could be on any other show, it would be Game of Thrones, Weeds, True Blood, Girls, Dexter, or Glee.
  • She chose the name Anastasia because when her mother was pregnant with her, she went through a list of baby names and she kicked on Anastasia.
  • Since Tasie isn't returning for Season 4 (if there is one), it's possible her character will be written out.
  • In a Twitcam, she said she shipped Walfie over Amfie.
  • On June 1, 2013, she tweeted a fan that she wrote a song called "America" for Dakota Fanning's movie "Not is Good". Link to tweet is here.
  • She loves all kinds of animals. She thinks crocodiles are awesome. She likes animals that she can cuddle with like dogs, cats, or pigs.
  • She reply to a fan saying she has a boyfriend and she's very in love with him. Link to reply tweet here.



Year Show Role
2011-2013 House of Anubis Mara Jaffray



Year Movie Role
2011 The Tower (TV Movie) Mina
2014 Untitled Riddle/Salahuddin Project (TV Movie) Chloe
2014 Hieroglyph (TV Movie) Ren
2015 Good Kids Danya
2015 Tomato Soup Dasie
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