Talex (Ta/sie and A/lex) is the friendship pairing of Tasie Dhanraj (Lawrence) and Alex Sawyer, who portray Mara Jaffray and Alfie Lewis. These two seem to be very close friends. One time Alex serenaded her and she tweeted it with a smiley face on the tweet. It's probably the most famous friendship from all the cast.

This page is for friendship, although they do have some shippers.

To view the character pairing of Alfie Lewis and Mara Jaffray, see Malfie.

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Talex Moments

  • They make goofy-faces in one picture standing very close, shown here.
  • Tasie tweets about Alex often and even uses the name Talex in some of her tweets.
  • Tasie once tweeted: "Alex serenading me :)". Picture Shown Here.
  • They made a cover of Glory Box by Portishead together. Tasie sang and Alex made the track.
  • They both promised a Talex twitcam once the filming ended, which we're still waiting for, but they promised it
    because of the Talex shippers.
    • They recently did a twitcam on 11/12/13, together with Jake Davis.
  • They worked on Alex's first single together: 'Relapse'.
  • They joke about being married.

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