The Secret Society is a group of adults who have come together to unlock the ancient secrets behind gaining eternal life, based on the Egyptian Mythical god Anubis. The group is behind the disappearance of Joy and almost
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everything related to the Sibuna mystery, especially in the first season. The original founder of the Secret Society is Victor Rodenmaar Sr. When he died his son Victor Rodenmaar Jr. took over. The society has two main enemies, Rufus Zeno and Sibuna. Rufus was a former member who had more radical

The secret society in formation

ideals about how to use the elixir. The true meaning behind the tipping of the scales of life is that it is a life for a life. For every adult who gains immortality, the student who's name is on the other side of the scale will die. The Society thought it was symbolic, but Rufus found out the true meaning of it and didn't tell them.

In the Season 1 finale, it is revealed that Fabian threw away the real elixir and replaced it with a fake one. Victor seems upset and mad about this, but in the second season he still has a lot of hope in finding the elixir recipe.

In Season 2, all members except Victor have quit. The last ingredient for the Elixir is revealed to be "Tears of Gold" from the Mask of Anubis. In the season two finale, it is revealed there is still one last "Tear of Gold" to finish the
elixir of life for now. But if the mask is worn once again with the third eye at the ferro of gods it will once again weep tears of gold. Victor showed his caring side by giving the last Tear of Gold to dying Joy saving her life. Losing all his hope, Victor goes back to his office revaling the last Tear of Gold hidden in his father's ring.
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Former Members


Victor wearing his "Secret Society outfit".


  • Rufus Zeno was a former member, but abandoned them and was thus dubbed "the Betrayer".
  • It is mentioned that there are more members than currently listed, even though that they are not featured on
    The Secret Society
    the show.
  • Joy's father was most likely allowed to join because he was father of Joy, who was thought to be the 'Chosen One' before it was revealed in the season one finale it was actually Nina.
  • Although Vera is not technically a member of the Society, she could possibly be considered part of it because she was working with Victor to find the Mask of Anubis in order to make the elixir. She never knew anything about the Society and was really working for Rufus Zeno the whole time.

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