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General Information
Shipped Characters: Patricia Williamson and Eddie Miller
Length of Relationship: Mid Season 2 to Season 3
Mid Season 3 to present
Status: Dating
Rivals: Keddie
Other Pairing Names: Patreddie

Peddie (P/atricia and Eddie) is the romantic pairing of Eddie Miller and Patricia Williamson. The two hated each other a lot in the beginning. However, they eventually realized that they actually really liked each other and began dating. Patricia made her move after Eddie confessed his feelings and the pair shared a passionate kiss in House of Silence / House of Warnings. The two didn't directly interact much when Piper, Patricia's musically gifted twin sister, came to their boarding school. Eddie had believed Piper was Patricia, leading to a bit of trouble. He had kissed Piper, thinking she was Patricia. Then Patricia sent Piper on a dinner with Eddie and his father, Mr. Sweet, so he could approve of Patricia. They still continued to date, though. Patricia was annoyed and very jealous because Eddie was spending a lot of time with Mara. Eddie did this to get back at Patricia because she was angry with him, due to him not telling her that he had kissed Piper, mistaking her for Patricia because they were twins. However, they make up in House of Sabotage / House of Nine Lives. Eddie then gets jealous of Patricia missing Alfie, as she 


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wasn't spending any time with Eddie. In House of Missions / House of Captives / House of the Chosen / House of Freedom, tension in their relationship eases when they find out that he is in fact the Osirian and discovers why Patricia had been so secretive to him because of Sibuna. They dance and seem very in love. In the first episode of Season 3, House of Arrivals / House of Presents, Patricia and Eddie seemed distant. Patricia confesses it as because her and Eddie had split up when she was in America. They said no more about it than that, except from that it was a "mutual decision" and they were both "totally cool with it". The reason for the break up is unknown but since Patricia spent the summer in America with Eddie, it probably didn't go well. Patricia announced that she was the one who broke up with Eddie which confuses Joy. Even though they were no longer together, they still really liked each other. Patricia was jealous of Eddie hanging out with KT all the time until she found out that KT doesn't really like Eddie that way that she thought in House of Possession / House of Greed. Patricia admits that she still has feelings for Eddie and plans to tell him how she feels, but Denby and Victor trap Eddie in the Crypt to try and make him angry so they can turn him into the Sinner of Anger. In House of Deceptions / House of Rainbows, Eddie kisses Patricia to get her to shut up because she wouldn't listen when he tried to apologize for not coming to their 'date' and they get back together. Their relationship becomes slightly strained when Benji, an old frenemy of Eddie's, comes to the school. To try and get Patricia to become a sinner, Miss Denby creates a fake online account for Eddie and sends anonymous messages to him, asking him to make up, to which "Eddie" agrees. She tips Patricia off about these conversations. Patricia finds the
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messages and cries. She then
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First Peddie Kiss
becomes a sinner. While she is a sinner, she blames the things she does on KT and Eddie believes her and comforts her when she is "scared". Eddie eventually realizes the truth and apologizes to KT. In House of Ammut / House of Heroes, Patricia tells Eddie she's okay with him dating KT, but Eddie says that he wants to date Patricia and that he always will. They then kiss. On June 17th, Jade confirmed why Peddie split in the summer on Twitter. She said "@valnicskip it was a simple thing, when I asked the director why patty and Eddie had split he said it was cos over summer patty had got freaked out for being in a relationship as she has never been in one before n then regretted dumping him". But in the show it was never confirmed.

To view the real-life pairing of Burkely Duffield and Jade Ramsey, see Jadekely.

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Peddie Moments

Season 2

House of Who? / House of Frauds

  • Eddie calls Patricia "Yacker."
  • The two first meet when Patricia and Joy are walking, and Patricia is tripped by Eddie's
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    feet as he naps on the sofa in the Drama classroom.
  • Patricia insults Eddie and the two begin to argue.
  • Eddie calls her "Hermione."
  • Patricia says back, "Great that's just what we need! Another patronizing American, whose only reference to the U.K. is Harry Potter!"
  • As Patricia and Joy walk away from Eddie, Joy says that he was pretty cute to which Patricia rolls her eyes and says he likes to think he is.
  • When Eddie first arrives at Anubis House, he smiles as he sees Patricia sitting alone on the couch using her laptop.
  • Patricia isn't happy that Eddie is going to live at Anubis House.
  • Eddie laughs about Patricia calling him Eddie Krueger.
  • The next morning, Eddie walks to the table very lonesome as Patricia grins at this.
  • When Eddie and Victor first talk, Patricia stands in the background smiling as he almost gets in trouble.
  • Jerome partners them up for the Wonkey Donkey on Donkey Day.
  • They both seem surprised when they are paired up.
  • Patricia gets jealous every time he sits with Nina.

House of Chance / House of Divides

  • Patricia and Eddie are definitely not happy about being partnered together for the Wonkey Donkey.
  • They are tied together.
  • The two laugh when Amber and Alfie trip over each other.
  • Patricia asks Eddie why he looks amused.
  • Eddie trips Patricia when she tried to get up.
  • He then offers her his hand and they practice walking together.
  • The two beat down the pinata together and smile at each other.
  • They win the Wonkey Donkey.

    peddie on donkey day

  • Patricia demands her half of the reward.
  • Eddie remarks that he pulled most of the weight, especially Patricia's.
  • Patricia tells him to get stronger deodorant because he "stinks".
  • Eddie fires back that Patricia should take a mint before she gets up in his face again.
  • When both of them have to clean up the remains of "Donkey Day," Patricia tells Eddie to get up and help her clean.
  • Eddie leaves a creamed carrot mark on Patricia's shirt.
  • She responds by calling him a doofus and then throwing creamed carrot at him, which stains his shirt.
  • Eddie looks upset and says his was an accident.
  • Patricia (jokingly) says her's was too.
  • Amber tells them to wait until she's far enough then once she leaves the two ensue in a huge creamed carrot food fight, during which they are laughing and smiling at each other.
  • When Eddie was making jokes in Sweetie's office, Patricia was laughing and smiling at Eddie.
  • The two are put on the Masked Ball Planning Committee as a punishment.
  • Patricia admires Eddie's talent for getting out of trouble.
  • When Patricia leaves, Eddie watches her as she goes.

House of Crushes / House of Vertigo

  • Eddie and Patricia have the same taste in music.
  • Nina asks Eddie if he wants to sit by her at breakfast to get Fabian mad, to which he does, and Patricia is visibly annoyed and mad.
  • Patricia tries to give reasons for Nina to not let Eddie sit by her.
  • Joy asks Patricia to chaperone Eddie to the dance, with Patricia responding "Because I just love spending time with him" in sarcasm. However, she never denies going.
  • Eddie was listening to Joy and Patricia behind the curtain, and came out to talk to Patricia after Joy left.
  • He says she is right about the music choice.
  • When Eddie was talking about how he doesn't like dances, Patricia is listening to him while smiling.
  • While Patricia got up and left, Eddie was seen smiling at her when she left.
  • Patricia asks Eddie what is so funny, and he answers with, "Your face, funny face," when setting up for the dance.
  • After an annoyed Patricia leaves, Eddie is again seen smiling at her while she is leaving.

House of Pressure / House of Deja Vu

  • Eddie holds the ladder, while Patricia is climbing it.
  • Patricia says (jokingly) she would feel safer on the deck of the Titanic than with Eddie having her life on his hands (which she later trusts him with when he joins Sibuna).
  • Eddie causes Patricia to fall from the ladder and he catches her. Saying "I knew you'd fall for me".
  • After catching her, he gazes into her eyes, to which she replies "Get your hands of me, Slimeball!"
  • Eddie replies "Sure thing" and drops her, to which she responds "Hey," annoyed.
  • Patricia indirectly calls him a chump after he teased Fabian.
  • Eddie looks annoyed and mocks her.
  • Before the ball, Patricia's wrist was hurting her, so Eddie rubbed it, though she complained at first.
  • While Eddie was rubbing Patricia's wrist, Patricia had a little smile playing on her lips.
  • When Patricia left after Eddie rubbed her hand, Eddie was smiling at her leaving.
  • Eddie was hiding behind his mask at first, watch to see what Patricia's reaction was to the "mix up".
  • At the dance, Eddie and Patricia were spending most of it together, even though she was mad at him for switching the bands.
  • Patricia takes the blame for the prank that Eddie pulled, much to his surprise.
  • When Victor called Patricia over to yell at her about the band, Eddie looked worried.

House of Hoods / House of Deceit

  • Eddie apologized to Patricia by making the heavy metal band play classical music.

    Aww!Patricia falls into Eddie's arms!

  • Patricia showed many hints that she might be crushing on Eddie and vice versa.
  • Eddie came up to Patricia and asked her why she wasn't dancing.
  • When she asked him if he was waiting for the right girl to ask to dance, she looked disappointed.
  • After she told him that she will never dance, he hinted that he would dance with her, then walked away smiling.
  • After him leaving, she had a look that was between hopeful and happy.
  • Jerome and Alfie both saw Eddie and Patricia smiling at each other from a distance.
  • Both Alfie and Jerome asked Eddie if he had a crush on Patricia because he had been spending a lot of time with her.
  • When they ask Eddie, he started stuttering, and then told them that she was the one spending a lot of time with him.
  • Alfie and Jerome made a bet with Eddie that he couldn't get Patricia to dance with him.
  • At first Eddie seemed nervous at the idea.
  • When Eddie accepted the bet, he danced his way over to Patricia ending with her looking at him saying, "No."
  • Eddie seems confident that he can get Patricia to dance.
  • He told her that he was "just a tin can standing in front of a tank asking her to dance with me." (Reusing her words for earlier.)
  • Before they started dancing, she told him that it still didn't making them friends with a face that showed worry.
  • When they started dancing, both of them were smiling the whole time.
  • They joked in a hinting to flirtatious way after the dance.
  • After their dance, she told him that sometimes he could be a good guy.
  • When they were talking after their dance, they were both smiling, but when Alfie mouthed "Yes!" to Eddie from a distance, Eddie suddenly remember that the dance was just a bet.
  • After Eddie saw Alfie, he became uncomfortable and was feeling guilty, but still tried to stay smiling when he was talking to Patricia.
  • Eddie told her that he had to go before he did something like "writing her a poem".
  • When he told her he had to go, Patricia seemed disappointed, but when he left, she was seen smiling at him as he left.
  • When Eddie and Patricia were dancing, Eddie winked at Patricia.
  • After Eddie and Patricia had stopped dancing, they were still seen holding hands.
  • Eddie was blushing nervously which is why Patricia said "Better leave before you turn into a pumpkin."
  • Eddie said "Night, Yacker." and was blushing, while Patricia was smiling.
  • Eddie looked like he was spacing out or thinking about something after Victor told him, 'If the ball was not to his liking, go to bed.' Most likely Patricia.

House of Sibuna / House of Payback

  • When Patricia walked in the dining room, she started smiling when she saw Eddie by the kitchen window.
  • Eddie was smiling back and winked at Patricia when he saw her enter the room.
  • After Fabian made fun of Eddie for listening to heavy metal music, Patricia stood up for him by saying that he was the only one around with any good taste in music.
  • As everyone was shocked at her comment, Eddie was sitting there smiling back at her.
  • After getting over his shock, Alfie told Eddie that he was good, meaning that he was good at making Patricia fall for him.
  • When Alfie said that to Eddie, Eddie looked worried while Patricia kept asking what Alfie was talking about.
  • Eddie looked sad after Jerome told her that the dance was just a bet.
  • Eddie looked very guilty and felt bad but he knew he deserved what ever Patricia was going to do.
  • Eddie mutters that he's "good at messing things up" when Patricia becomes angry with him.
  • After that, Patricia dumped milk on Eddie's head and walked away, looking angry while Eddie looked like he knew he deserved it.
  • When Patricia gave Eddie the chocolates for revenge, he told that he was sorry for the bet and that he would have asked her to dance anyway.
  • Joy asked Patricia if "the fish took the bait," and Patricia nodded right before she sighed and looked sad.

House of Pendulums / House of Impasse

  • Eddie was passing out the chocolate worms to everyone.
  • Patricia was trying to stop Eddie from giving Mr.Sweet and Mrs.Andrews the chocolate covered worms to protect him.
  • When she told him that she got them for him to eat, she got up in his face.
  • He didn't say they were Patricia's.
  • To stop Patricia from stopping him, Eddie put his hand in front of hers to keep her from interfering. She let him top her hand... possibly because she enjoyed being near him.
  • After it was only Eddie and Patricia left in the hallway, he told her that he spoke French, and that he knew what the chocolates really were.
  • When he walked away, Patricia was seen smiling.
  • Eddie said to Patricia that he doesn't rat people out, reusing her words again, then winked at her while smiling the whole time.

House of Help / House of Phobias

  • During the news meeting, Patricia and Eddie were smiling and looking at each other multiple times.
  • Patricia asks what Eddie is doing at the news editing meeting.
  • When Joy asked Eddie if he liked Patricia, he asked her if she talked about him.
  • When she said no, he started to freak out and asked if she really didn't talk about him, showing that he liked her.
  • After he freaked out, Joy said that he needed to 'play it cool', then left with a thoughtful Eddie.
  • When Joy left, he had a thinking look on his face.

House of Isis / House of Curfews

  • Eddie makes Patricia look down and then hits her nose.
  • After he told she was so clever after all (in a joking way), he patted her on the arm and left.
  • Eddie said, "I can't believe you fell for that," knowing she had a pranking reputation like him.
  • Patricia told Mara that he was a professional jerk.
  • When Mara said Eddie was unprofessional Patricia denied it.
  • The two girls planned to pull a prank on Eddie.
  • Patricia wanted to prank Eddie in the middle of the night.
  • Eddie opened the door when Patricia told him to get up.
  • When Mara hid, Eddie ran right into Patricia with a bucket on his head.
  • Patricia and Mara's prank ended getting Patricia and Eddie detention.
  • Patricia told Eddie that he and her had detention together, and he slapped himself to make sure it wasn't a dream. Possibly because he was upset, but possibly because he was happy that he would be spending more time with her.

House of Dead-Ends / House of Webs

  • Patricia and Eddie spent the whole day together.
  • During that scene, Eddie was looking at Patricia multiple times.
  • When Victor was leading the two to their next job, Patricia and Eddie were walking so close that they kept bumping into each other's shoulders.
  • Even though Patricia didn't want to shovel the manure, Eddie gave her a look; she smiled, and then started helping him.
  • Eddie tried cheering Patricia up by telling her that the job wasn't that bad, he ended up pushing her into the manure for a joke.
  • When Patricia told him that she likes her shoes, he told her that he would try to fix it.
  • While Eddie had his back to Patricia, she came around and pushed him into the manure.
  • Eddie tried to grab Patricia's hand to pull her in, but she ended up running away laughing, and him chasing after her smiling.

House of Fronts / House of Keepers

  • Patricia told the others that she couldn't hang out with them for Sibuna because she had a "detention date" with Victor, which meant that she would be hanging with Eddie because he had the detention with her. She used the word date to describe their meeting.
  • When Patricia kicked the soccer ball back, Eddie complimented her.
  • After that, they started to playfully argue about soccer and American football.
  • Eddie walks over to her and stands face to face with Patricia arms crossed smiling.
  • Eddie showed Patricia how to play American football, and she let him tackle her while they were both wearing helmets and shoulder pads.
  • Patricia said "That was awesome!" after Eddie tackled her, and then said it was her turn.
  • While they were lying down in the grass, they were both laughing and occasionally looking at each other.
  • Eddie helped her up from the grass after they were playing football.
  • When they came back, they both sat together at the dining room table, while Patricia kept playfully punching his shoulder when he had the shoulder pads on.
  • Eddie stopped smiling when she called him doofus.

House of Double-Cross / House of Wires

  • Eddie and Patricia serve detention and polish silver.
  • When Patricia calls Eddie a "massive blurry blob," he says it's the nicest thing she's said to him and she smiles.
  • Eddie teases Patricia for polishing fruit because she couldn't see.
  • When Eddie realized that Patricia was blind, he tried to kiss her.
  • Patricia liked Eddie back but it is hinted she has commitment issues so it was hard for her to kiss him so she didn't.
  • Later, he tried to help guide her across the room but found that she could see again.
  • He tells her indirectly that he would want to kiss her.
  • He tells Patricia that he has his guard down just for her and is waiting for hers to come down as well.
  • He got upset and left angrily when she yelled at him and put his 'force field' back up.
  • Patricia said to Joy, that her whole 'I hate Eddie' thing was all a cover-up of her true feelings.
  • Patricia told Joy that she really, really likes Eddie and she said she thought he was cute.
  • She said she wanted to tell him that she liked him, but when she was planning on telling him, she would accidentally insult him instead.
  • Patricia said she felt like a bad person because he was always nice to her while she was mean. Joy comforts her.
  • Eddie smiled when he overheard Patricia say that she liked him in a conversation between Patricia and Joy.

House of Envy / House of Names

  • When Patricia was about to stand up, he grabbed her hand and told her to stay and she did.
  • Eddie gives Patricia three examples of why she likes him, but she denied each reason.
  • Eddie brings up the ALMOST kiss.
  • Eddie said he lowered his force field.
  • Eddie tries to approach Patricia about the fact that they like each other.
  • Eddie admits he overheard Patricia say she liked him. Patricia denies it.
  • Eddie admits to Patricia that he likes her.
  • Eddie says that he doesn't know Patricia at all and that he's okay with that.
  • Patricia tries to prove to Eddie that she's edgy by going down in the tunnels.
  • He looked protective/scared that Patricia said she "wasn't scared" meaning she would do something dangerous.
  • Fabian seems to notice that Eddie and Patricia have been spending a lot of time together.
  • Fabian tells Eddie to take Patricia to the Egyptian History movie. Eddie, annoyed by Patricia's earlier reaction, responds that he'd rather take Victor.
  • Patricia and Eddie compete to see who can better prank Mr. Sweet.
  • They are smiling at each other the whole time.
  • Patricia gets appalled because she was the only one that got in trouble.

House of Evidence/House of Genius

  • In the last episode, Eddie thought he knew nothing about Patricia, but when he went to his locker in the morning, he thought he knew her too well by pulling a prank on him.
  • Patricia said that she doesn't pull pranks on the "teacher's pet."
  • Patricia thought Eddie was a bad boy.
  • Patricia said it was 'adorable' how Eddie thought he wasn't friends with the teachers.
  • Eddie wants to prove Patricia wrong.
  • When talking to Joy, Patricia said she didn't understand why Eddie wanted her to prank him.
  • Joy told her that he wanted Patricia to prank him because he wanted attention from her and to show to him that she cared about him.
  • Patricia said that it was messed up.
  • Patricia told Joy that she liked him and that he made her feel weak because he knows that she likes him.
  • Joy asked Patricia if she would give up on Eddie.
  • After school in the classroom where the newspaper gets worked on, Eddie and Patricia stood there and said mean things to each other.
  • When they were throwing insults at each other, they both were smiling at one another.

House of Accusation / House of Hasty

  • When Eddie saw who pranked him, he smiled because it was Patricia.
  • Patricia said she wanted to prank him because he wanted her to.
  • Eddie told Patricia it was sweet of her, in a sarcastic tone.
  • Patricia walked over to him and hit him playfully on the arm.
  • Eddie tried to prove Patricia wrong.
  • Patricia playfully pinched Eddie's cheek before walking away.
  • Eddie's pranked Mr.Sweet in to try to prove Patricia wrong.
  • When Mara told Patricia that Eddie made her post her blog entry, Patricia got mad and went to go find him.
  • Eddie looked sad when he saw the Patricia was standing right there when Mr.Sweet was yelling at him.
  • When Patricia was yelling at Eddie for making Mara put up the article on Vera, he looked sad.
  • Eddie yelled to Patricia,"We're in this together, Yacker," while she was walking away.

House of Sorry / House of Hex

  • Eddie looks very sad and upset every time Patricia is yelling at him.
  • When Patricia overheard that Mr.Sweet was really Eddie's father, she looked upset that he didn't trust her enough to tell her.
  • Eddie told his father (Mr.Sweet) that when he first got to England, he didn't want to stay, but now that there is something to stay for (probably Patricia).
  • Patricia told Eddie that she won't tell anyone his secret but they can't be friends anymore, not because she found out who Eddie's dad is (Mr. Sweet), but because he didn't trust her enough to tell. Eddie was very sad because of this. It was the first time Patricia said they were friends in a not jokingly way.
  • Eddie looked shocked and sad when he realized Patricia was listening to his and Mr.Sweet's conversation.
  • Eddie tried to talk to Patricia, but she didn't let him explain, saying that she knows who he really is now.
  • Patricia told Joy that she didn't want Eddie to leave, and Joy tells Patricia to say that to Eddie.
  • She found out that Eddie's father is Mr. Sweet.

House of Silence / House of Warnings

  • Eddie saw Patricia and went to go talk to her.
  • Eddie told her that he was sorry for not telling her about his dad and that he should have trusted her. 
  • Eddie agrees with that. 
  • He told Patricia that he cared about what she thought.
  • Patricia looked upset when he walked away because she wanted to respond to him, but couldn't.
  • Eddie walked into Patricia's room telling her that it was his last try to get her to talk.
  • He told her that he liked her, and then Eddie asked her what he had to do to get a reaction from Patricia. She couldn't talk but really wanted to tell Eddie she liked him.
  • Patricia kisses Eddie to show him that she likes him back because she still couldn't talk.
  • Eddie was happy and said the kiss would work as a reaction.
  • Eddie and Patricia were about to kiss again until Joy walks in, and practically ends the kiss.
  • Eddie looked relieved because he now knew that Patricia wasn't trying to avoid him, and that she had only lost her voice.
  • Patricia has a look on her face after the kiss, but probably because Joy walked in or she felt bad about not being able to tell Eddie the truth about why she couldn't talk.
  • Patricia smiled a little after the worried look went away.

House of Status / House of Laments

  • Eddie asked Patricia if she wanted to hang out after school, but she tells him that she has to "wash her hair".
  • Joy asked Patricia why she was avoiding Eddie, and said that it wasn't like Patricia didn't kiss anyone before Eddie.
  • Patricia told Joy that Eddie was the first boy she has kissed by the look on her face.
  • Joy told Patricia that she should go on a date with Eddie and to tell him that she liked him back.
  • Patricia knocked on Eddie's door and had little notes on an iPad asking him if he wanted to go on a date.
  • Eddie joked and said to Patricia that she would make a good girlfriend because she couldn't talk.
  • Eddie confirmed the date that Patricia was asking him on.
  • The next day, Patricia was getting ready for her date with Eddie, but got stuck in the bathroom because little Alfie took all the doorknobs off.
  • Eddie was waiting downstairs for Patricia with flowers and chocolates.
  • Eddie thought that Patricia stood him up because she didn't show up due to being trapped.
  • After Jerome took the flowers from Eddie to give to Mara, Eddie ate the chocolates with a depressed look on his face.

House of Heists / House of Alibis

  • Mara found Patricia in the bathroom, and when the door opened, Patricia ran past her to go and talk to Eddie.
  • Patricia tried to explain to Eddie that she was trapped in the bathroom, and that she didn't mean to stand him up and that she was sorry, but he didn't believe her and told her that they were over.
  • Patricia used her tablet to talk to Eddie, so Eddie made signs for her to read so it was the same, she made cheeky comments about what he was going to say before he said them by her tablet and Eddie attempted to do the same.
  • The next day, Patricia walked into Eddie's room with a laptop to tell him that she was telling the truth about before, and that she was really sorry, and that she still wanted to go on a date with him.
  • Eddie then took the laptop from Patricia and typed that he would still go on a date with her.
  • Eddie called Patricia "baby."
  • When Patricia was in the hallway after leaving Eddie's room, Eddie caught up to her to type that the date was her last chance, and he called her "Yacker".
  • On their first date, Patricia made them both dinner because she said she would.
  • Eddie told Patricia that she was being cute when she was joking around with him.
  • Eddie asked Patricia if their kiss together was the best kiss she has had.
  • After Patricia didn't respond right away on the laptop, Eddie looked worried and asked her if it was the "second best, third best, or even fourth best".
  • Patricia accidentally typed "the worst" so Eddie started getting angry.
  • Patricia then told him that he was the first boy she had kissed, Eddie looked shocked.
  • Eddie asked Patricia why no one else has kissed her before, and responded by, "Boys are scared of me..."
  • Patricia was trying to tell Eddie something but Senkhara keeps messing up with her computer, tablet, and Eddie's phone.
  • Eddie got up from the table, sat really close to Patricia and told her that he must be fearless.
  • Eddie asked Patricia if she wanted her second kiss.
  • They were about to kiss, but they were interrupted by Victor giving his famous pin-drop speech.
  • They both seemed annoyed and sad when Victor screwed up their kiss.
  • Eddie then tells her good night and leaves, smiling at her, and Patricia looks a bit disappointed after he leaves because they didn't kiss again, showing Patricia enjoyed the first kiss.

House of Reflections / House of Stooges

  • Eddie told Jerome that he needed his advice on Patricia.
  • Eddie told Jerome that his and Patricia's date went well, but they never got to kiss after their date.
  • Eddie seemed disappointed that they didn't get to kiss.
  • When Jerome asked him about him being a ladies man, Eddie said that Patricia was different than the other girls.
  • Eddie said that he thought Patricia was the one for him.
  • He confessed to Jerome saying that he never felt the way he does about any girl like he does about Patricia
  • He says Patricia is different with a smile.
  • Jerome told Eddie that he should go up to Patricia when they are alone and randomly kiss her. He said "smack-a-roo".
  • Eddie went back to the house of accidentally kissed Piper, thinking it was Patricia.
  • Eddie was talking with his dad in his dad's office, and Mr.Sweet told Eddie that he would like to have dinner with Eddie and his girlfriend.
  • When Eddie told his dad that Patricia was his girlfriend, Mr.Sweet looked shocked.
  • Eddie said that he doesn't think Patricia would want to go to a restaurant. He ended up being right, even though she said yes because she is making Piper pose as her to impress Mr.Sweet.
  • Eddie told Patricia about what his father said and she told him that she would go, causing him to be shocked.
  • Eddie told Fabian that he liked Patricia better when she acted like herself, and not how she acted since they last kissed, which was really Piper so he said unknowingly, he liked Patricia over Piper.
  • Patricia said that Eddie was her cute boyfriend to her sister Piper, confirming they are dating.

House of Zodiacs / House of Reckoning

  • They have dinner together.
  • Eddie's dad was talking to Patricia as if he would like Peddie.
  • Patricia tried to make Piper act like a better version of her so that she can impress Mr.Sweet.
  • During the dinner, Patricia and Joy were spying on Piper, Eddie, and Mr.Sweet.
  • Eddie said that Patricia always finds a way to surprise him.
  • When Patricia had to sit down at the table with Eddie and Mr.Sweet while Piper was in the bathroom, Eddie was smiling at Patricia because she was acting like herself again.
  • After Mr.Sweet went to call a cab, Eddie took Patricia's (Piper's) hand and told her that she didn't have to go through all that work to impress his dad.
  • Patricia says this and started worrying because she said it then started to look like a date and that she 'wanted in', because she was jealous.
  • Eddie was about to kiss Piper, thinking it was Patricia, when Patricia, looking angry, said "Okay, Lady, mission abort", and pulled Piper away leaving Eddie looking very confused.
  • After Patricia and Piper were held up from leaving, Eddie was seen in the background looking relieved and was happy that he wasn't confused anymore. 
  • When Patricia gave her comment about never seeing her own twin before, Eddie pointed to her from behind with a happy look in his face now knowing which one of the twins is his girlfriend, Patricia.
  • Eddie said that he wanted to show his dad who he really is, and that Patricia was a big part of it.

House of Trades / House of Magic

  • Eddie seemed upset throughout this whole episode because he found out that he kissed Piper and not Patricia the other day.
  • Eddie spoke to Piper and they agreed not to tell Patricia they kissed.
  • Eddie was still mad at Patricia that she didn't tell him, but told her that it was okay because she is still the same.
  • Patricia looked worried knowing Eddie still might be mad at her.

House of Tricks / House of Whispers

  • Eddie still didn't want Patricia to know about the kiss, but felt guilty.
  • Patricia found out about the kiss because Eddie thought she was Piper and told her that he felt bad for not telling Patricia.
  • Patricia was mad at Eddie throughout the episode.
  • Eddie didn't understand why Patricia was mad, so he kept talking to Mara to make Patricia jealous.
  • Patricia pulled Eddie into Mr.Sweet's office to talk to him
  • Eddie told her that he never liked Piper and that Piper never liked him.
  • Patricia told him that she was mad that he didn't tell her before.
  • They told each other that they would not keep anything from each other again.
  • Eddie and Patricia hugged and made up.
  • Patricia accidentally hit the mic to broadcast their conversation to the whole school letting everyone know he was sweets son.
  • They both looked sad when Eddie was being made fun of.            

House of Duplicity / House of Haunting

  • Patricia looks annoyed when Alfie was still making fun of Eddie.
  • Patricia gets jealous when Mara and Eddie are on a ghost hunt.
  • Patricia was trying to tell Eddie that it wasn't her fault that the whole school now knows his secret, and she looks upset when he is still mad at her.
  • Patricia tries spying on Mara and Eddie multiple times when they are working on their "Ghost Hunt".
  • Patricia said to Sibuna "Who does she think she is?"(about Mara) because she was really mad, and thought that Mara was flirting with Eddie.
  • When Eddie says he is gonna turn off the lights for the ghost hunt, Mara says she is afraid of the dark and he should be close to her. Patricia hears this from the tunnels and gets very jealous, leading her to yell "TURN THE LIGHT BACK ON!"

House of Collections / House of Speculation

  • Patricia was more worried about Mara and Eddie working together than people finding out about Senkhara.
  • Eddie let Patricia know about the sound that he and Mara heard the night before.
  • Patricia was happy that Amber and Alfie were going to ruin Eddie and Mara's story.
  • Patricia could only think about Mara and Eddie.
  • Eddie told Mara that he didn't really think Patricia told his secret on purpose.
  • Patricia said "HEY!" when she saw Mara sleeping on Eddie's shoulder.
  • Patricia was jealous throughout the whole episode.

House of Sabotage / House of Nine Lives

  • Patricia was told to try to convince Eddie to not put the article up by apologizing.
  • Unable to say sorry, she called him a doofus for thinking that she would reveal his secret on purpose 
  • She said that she'd keep any secret of his whether she is mad at him or not, and that he thought that she would apologize made him even more of a doofus.
  • She left and Eddie smiled slightly.
  • Later, he said he believed her and that hanging out with Mara a lot was to make her jealous.
  • Patricia and Eddie made up.
  • Patricia couldn't tell Eddie that the idea of the article was bad because she knew it meant a lot to Eddie.

House of Reflectors / House of Illusions

  • Eddie looked upset when Patricia was trying to make him leave.
  • Amber told her that she was being meaner to Eddie than before they were dating, and Patricia looked upset afterwards.
  • When Sibuna said they needed another person to help Patricia suggested Eddie.
  • Patricia confronted Eddie telling him that they going to go on a date after school.
  • Eddie smiled after Patricia left to go to her class.
  • Patricia told Eddie that their date was a blind date so that she could get him to help Sibuna finish the task
    without him knowing it.
  • She said she was doing it to 'be a better girlfriend".
  • While in the tunnels, Eddie still thought that him and Patricia were alone, so he was about to kiss her until Patricia started to stall because of the others still in the room.
  • Eddie started telling Patricia that he thought he was falling for her and that he loved listening to her British accent or in his words "I just need to hear your whiny British yack and I turn to mush".
  • He flirtatiously said "We're alone".
  • Patricia looked like she was touched about what Eddie told her, and in the background you could see Amber looking touched too.
  • Patricia saved Eddie's life, even though he didn't know it.
  • They were lying on the ground to not hit their heads and Eddie said "this is cozy" very flirty and almost kissed her.
  • Patricia was holding Eddie's hand multiple times to guide him.
  • When they got back to the library, Patricia took off Eddie's blindfold and said that he passed her trust exercise.
  • Eddie asked Patricia what his reward was in a flirtatious tone.
  • Patricia told him that his reward was a picnic in the library.
  • Eddie was unsatisfied.
  • Patricia kissed Eddie again saying that that was also his reward.  
  • Eddie was satisfied with that.                                

House of Phantoms / House of Surrender

  • Eddie offered to make Patricia's breakfast.
  • When Patricia left with the Sibunas, Eddie looks upset.
  • Mara told Patricia that she had to act more like a couple with Eddie. She took Mara's advice because in case she didn't she might loose Eddie
  • Patricia sat next to Eddie and held his hand.
  • Patricia asked Eddie if he wanted to have a shared interest, naming things that she hated, and Eddie told her that he knew that she didn't like those things.
  • Eddie said no to jogging and other typical interests but when she said "nodding" he said "I liked the sound of that" very flirtatious, thinking it was kissy or romantic, when she said it was fishing with your hands he said "no" disappointed.
  • Patricia tried to trade her sandwich with Eddie because she said it was something "couples do".
  • Patricia took a bite of his sandwich, even though it was tuna, something Eddie knew she hated.
  • Eddie called Patricia a sub thief, while having a smirk on his face.
  • When Patricia had to leave with Amber and Fabian, she said bye to Eddie, calling him 'fish face'.
  • Eddie was happy that Patricia was acting like herself again.

House of Traps / House of Stakes

  • Eddie started getting mad (and sad) at Patricia because she is always keeping secrets from him.
  • Eddie told Patricia that he was mad that she was spending so much time without him that they never get to hang out.
  • Eddie became jealous that she wasn't spending time with him, and Alfie started to be mentioned in their conversation.
  • Eddie was being the jealous boyfriend.
  • Patricia looked sad because she might have wanted to tell Eddie, but she couldn't to keep him safe.
  • Eddie tried asking Patricia what was going on again, but she tried to make up excuses so that she didn't have to tell him.
  • Eddie looked worried for Patricia because she kept repeating no over and over again.

House of Missions / House of Captives / House of the Chosen / House of Freedom

  • Eddie looked like he didn't believe Patricia's excuse.
  • Eddie thought that Patricia was 'seeing' somebody else behind his back, so he followed Fabian, Patricia,and Alfie when they went to go save Jerome.
  • Patricia looked shocked and worried when they found Eddie in the barn instead of Jerome.
  • Patricia held Eddie's hand, and walked him out of the barn to the house with Alfie helping them.
  • Patricia told Eddie about Rufus (indicating she trusts him truly).
  • Eddie told her that Jerome gave him the gem when he was in the barn.
  • Eddie ran to the library with Patricia behind him looking very worried and confused.
  • After Rufus was gone, Patricia asked Eddie how he knew the words to save Nina from Senkhara. 
  • Eddie said he didn't know, but he said it was pretty cool and Patricia agreed.
  • Eddie had his arm around Patricia's waist when they went to go talk to Nina, and when they were leaving they were both smiling at each other.
  • At the house party, Eddie was talking to his dad when his dad motioned Patricia coming over to them.
  • Patricia took Eddie's hand and led him to go dance with the other people on the 'dance floor'.
  • Both Eddie and Patricia were smiling at each other while they were dancing and having fun with the rest of their friends, even though neither of them dance.
  • When they went to dance with Mara and Jerome, they were holding hands.
  • When Nina and Fabian kiss, they all run in to hug them. While Patricia is leaning on Fabian, Eddie is holding onto Patricia's shoulder. When everyone looked at Nina, Eddie looked at Patricia.
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Season 3

House of Arrivals / House of Presents

  • Patricia hides from the Anubis house students to avoid Eddie.
  • After Eddie leaves, Patricia walks in.
  • Joy says that Patricia took a trip to America over the summer, to see Eddie.
  • When she tells Joy they broke up Joy is really surprised.
  • Patricia says that their break-up was mutual, but Eddie's facial expressions told otherwise.
  • Patrica acts awkward when he is mentioned.
  • When Eddie walks in all they say is "hi" to each other in quiet tones.
  • When Joy asks what is wrong with the two, Patricia says that "they split,'followed by Eddie saying that they are cool like popsicles, even though it appears they aren't.
  • When KT arrives and Eddie says "You're the girl from my dream" Patricia assumes he is hitting on her and says "Oh Please." in a jealous manner. 
  • Patricia was jealous of Eddie wanting to talk to KT so badly.
  • Patricia helps Fabian search Eddie's things.
  • When she sees an email she immediately assumes that Eddie had a summer romance with Nina, and she was very upset about it.                                                                   

House of Truth / House of Hieroglyphs

  • Patricia revealed she was the one who dumped Eddie.
  • When asked about it she seemed upset despite claiming she didn't like Eddie anymore.
  • Patricia kept making comments about KT and Eddie's relationship, seemingly jealous of the two.
  • Eddie told KT she was like Patricia and when she thought he was insulting her, he mumbled that it was a compliment.
  • Eddie called her Yacker for the first time this season.
  • Eddie was worried for Patricia and told KT that she is acting weird with him.

House of Revelations / House of Questions

  • When KT and Eddie returned from Mrs. Denby's house, they were caught by Patricia, who was visibly upset at the two of them being alone together.
  • Patricia feels jealous.
  • Eddie tries to explain nothing is going on between him and KT when he sees Patricia is upset.
  • Eddie tries to not hurt Patricia's feelings by deflecting attention from him and KT and asking her if she was doing something new with her hair.
  • Patricia spends much of the episode ranting about KT and Eddie, to the point where Amber calls her obsessed.
  • When Amber says that Patricia tries to hide her feelings for Eddie.

House of Pi / House of Mistrust

  • When Patricia sees Eddie alone and upset, she teases him by saying that he and his "girlfriend," KT had a fallout.
  • Eddie calls Patricia back into the room, by using her nickname, Yacker.
  • He then asks her if his father, Eric Sweet was ever part of some sort of secret society.
  • She remarks that she assumed he always knew his father was part of the society.

House of Trickery / House of Unity

  • Patricia gets upset when she sees KT and Eddie together again. 
  • When all the Sibunas hug Amber goodbye, Patricia's hand was touching Eddie's arm.
  • When everyone is trying to find out who should stall at Miss Denby's house Eddie makes Patricia do the talking by saying "Who's good at talking?" while looking at her and smiling.

House of Entrapment / House of Sisters

  • Eddie tries to protect Patricia from Denby.
  • He calls her Yacker.
  • Eddie was going to take Patricia with him to the mental hospital but she got caught by Denby.
  • Patricia calls Eddie.
  • Eddie wanted to go after Patricia when she went back to get her bag, but Fabian stopped him.
  • Eddie looked at Patricia before he left.  
  • Patricia called Eddie while she was with Miss Denby.
  • Eddie found it very strange when Patricia was being "polite", realizing that something was wrong.

House of Tombs / House of Smuggling

  • They both stand very close to each other in Anubis House.
  • Patricia (and Fabian) looked annoyed when Eddie brought up the Chinese food.
  • Patricia called Eddie when she found out about the welcoming committee.

House of Anticipation / House of Close Calls

  • Patricia keeps calling Eddie.
  • When Patricia show's up in the tomb and Eddie says that he had never been more happy to see her.
  • Eddie wants to answer Patricia's calls, but there is no reception in the crypt.
  • When Patricia sets off the fire alarm, he smiles and says that that's something Patricia would do.
  • He keeps asking when would Patricia show up to help them, never even mentioning Alfie.

House of Hustle / House of Set-Up

  • Eddie wonders if Patricia hadn't come to save them just to spite him.
  • He says that they really liked each other and finally got to be together when it all went wrong.
  • Fabian assures Eddie that Patricia only acts like that because she really likes him.
  • Eddie disagrees and seems really disappointed about it.
  • When Eddie looks through the files he looks in Patricia's first and remarks, "Let's see if anyone can make sense of her".

House of Awakening / House of Sarcophagi

  • When Mr.Sweet snapped at Patricia, Eddie seemed upset.
  • Eddie told Patricia that she had gotten her wish to never see him again, and she responded that she guess she did.
  • They both sounded very upset.
  • Eddie called her "Yacker".
  • Patricia asked him what happened with a concerned voice.
  • They both look at each other in unison.
  • Eddie smiles at her when she looks away.
  • He puts his hand on her shoulder when they are going to see who was shouting.

House of Possession / House of Greed

  • Patrica says Eddie is good at getting detention and they both smile at each other.
  • She stands next to Eddie when they are watching KT on the hidden cameras.
  • When they save KT, Eddie has his arm around Patricia
  • Eddie said she had to wait outside the crypt, telling her that if something happened he needed someone outside that he could trust.
  • Eddie gently touched her arm as he was saying this.
  • She smiled when he said this.
  • Patricia tells KT that she's not jealous of KT and Eddie but she is lying.
  • After KT says she doesn't like Eddie as more than friends, Patricia admits that she still has feeling for Eddie.
  • She asks KT to see what Eddie feels about her. 
  • Patricia is willing to ask out Jerome, who she thinks is a total "Slimeball" just to get Eddie back. 
  • She asks Jerome out on a date because KT says it will make Eddie jealous.

House of Deceptions / House of Rainbows



    Eddie wasn't trying too hard to escape from the crypt until he had a vision about Patricia. The vision was she was getting captured by Robert Frobisher-Smythe and he was stuck unable to help her.
  • Eddie was genuinely jealous of Patricia and Jerome's fake date that he didn't know was fake.
  • When KT says "What is he [Eddie] is in trouble" and is about the call him to find out Patricia grabs her phone and calls him so she can show him he cares.
  • This episode shows a lot that they genuinely love each-other.
  • Eddie was really concerned about Patricia.
  • When they were all stuck in the crypt in a previous episode, Fabian said why don't we escape like the bats, and Patricia said "yeah, but first we need to learn how to fly". Eddie repeated Patricia's words when he was stuck in the crypt really meaningfully/"in love".
  • Eddie didn't want to worry Patricia so he didn't tell what happened in the vision.
  • Eddie looked confused and offended when Patricia told him to stop making silly excuses about being kidnapped.
  • Eddie anxiously asked Alfie where Patricia was.
  • Eddie continuously calls Patricia Yacker.
  • Patricia wanted to talk to Eddie about their relationship.
  • Eddie and Patricia were both fed up with each other thinking they stood them up.
  • Patricia kept denying that Eddie would stand her up.
  • Patricia was mad at Eddie.
  • Eddie kisses Patricia to get her to shut up.
  • He says he is sorry, and she forgives him instantly and smiles.
  • Patricia practices what to say to Eddie showing she wanted to make it perfect.
  • Patricia is annoyed when she can't tell Eddie how she feels about him because of Fabian.
  • Eddie and Patricia decide to meet up alone to talk.
  • Peddie gets back together in this episode.

House of Enemies / House of Surprise

  • They sit next to each other in class.
  • When Miss Denby called the Sibunas back to school, Patricia and Eddie kept smiling at each other.
  • She kept looking at his test and Eddie started hiding it.
  • She is jealous when he is said to be staring at other girls. 
  • When she sees him staring at Mara's lawyer, she hits him.
  • His arm is around her at breakfast.
  • They were both angry and shocked at what Mara said to Jerome at breakfast.
  • She gets jealous when he gets a love letter.
  • Patricia is hurt when he calls her "just a friend."
  • They apologize to each other.
  • He says to her that she's his girlfriend, not friend.
  • She kisses him.
  • When Patricia finds the love letter in his locker, she becomes jealous and leaves.
  • He says he doesn't know how the letter got there, and she forgives him.
  • Eddie gets very jealous when Ben picks up Patricia's books for her.
  • KT assures Eddie that Patricia only has eyes for him.
  • Patricia looks jealous of Eddie and KT.
  • Eddie keeps getting upset about Ben and Patricia during the partner project for class.
  • Eddie is angry when Ben and Patricia are doing trust falls.
  • When Patricia is cutting oranges for Ben, Eddie gets jealous and upset at her.
  • When Miss Denby mentions partners, he turns to Patricia and smiles at her.
  • He makes a private picnic for her in the Drama studio.
  • He calls her Yacker and puts his hands on her shoulders.
  • Patricia gets mad when during their picnic Eddie takes a call from his mother and he won't allow his mother to talk to Patricia.
  • His mother says she is happy they got back together.
  • Patricia is upset when Eddie takes the call from his mother and doesn't let her see who it is.
  • In the cellar, Alfie asks Eddie whats wrong with Patricia and Eddie says "Its Ben" and he hates "that guy".
  • Eddie says that Ben was standing too close to Patricia.

House of Winning / House of Moonlighting

  • Patricia and Eddie were seen standing next to each other a lot in the episode.
  • Patricia kept getting upset at Eddie's rivalry with Benji.
  • He asked her what side he was on and was upset that she liked Benji.
  • Patricia left the gym and Eddie ran after her.
  • He told her she was supposed to support him and she awkwardly said he could win, showing she was still trying to remain on his side.
  • Patricia was grinning when Eddie made his speech.
  • Eddie is jealous when he thinks Patricia has been talking to Benji again.
  • When Sibuna was reading about Ammut, Eddie was holding Patricia's hand.
  • Patricia cries for the first time in this season when she saw the messages on Eddie's laptop
  • Eddie tries to tell Patricia he didn't write the messages. 
  • Patricia tells Eddie to leave her alone and that she hates him after reading the messages on his laptop. 
  • She says that she's over the messages.

House of Treachery / House of Imposters

  • Eddie says that he only dates one girl at a time, and that girl is Patricia.
  • Patricia says she is a one man guy and that she is ready to fight for her boyfriend.
  • Patricia also says she will be a new and improved girlfriend.
  • Eddie says that he trusts Patricia.
  • They stand close to each other throughout the episode.
  • Patricia asks Eddie if anything is wrong.
  • Patricia was worried about Eddie after he had his vision.
  • Patricia seemed to be almost begging Eddie to believe her.
  • He caught her in the hallway and asked what was wrong.
  • He said that Patricia shouldn't go off on her own showing that he is really protective of her.
  • He didn't want Patricia to be alone.

House of Rage / House of Suspicion

  • When she comes in crying, Eddie runs after her.                
  • He tells Patricia that everything is going to be okay.
  • He says she is safe because she's with him.              
  • Eddie is holding her with a concerned look on his face.
  • He tells her to stay where she is.
  • They stand close to each other.
  • She grabs his hand and squeezes it.
  • Eddie says he's proud of Patricia.
  • Eddie believes Patricia isn't evil.
  • He says he wasn't going to leave Patricia alone with KT.
  • He sleeps on the floor of her room to protect her from KT.
  • She smiles at him twice.
  • Patricia calls Eddie Osirian.
  • When Sibuna found the first artifact only Eddie notices Patricia went off.
  • Eddie is spying on Patricia when she is talking to Victor.
  • He asks her why she was talking with him, and she tells him she wished he hadn't asked her that, while her eyes were glowing red.
  • Eddie hugs Patricia.

House of Capture / House of Heartbreak

  • Eddie hugs Patricia twice.
  • Eddie calms Patricia down.
  • Eddie doesn't want Patricia to suffer because she is a sinner.
  • Eddie seems upset when he finds out that Patricia is a sinner.
  • Eddie wants to save Patricia.
  • Eddie tells K.T that Patricia is his girlfriend and he does not want her to suffer because of him. This could imply that Peddie will stay together after the whole mystery and sinner stuff.
  • Eddie tells Patricia that they should spend quality time together to distract her.
  • Eddie tells Alfie that he needs to "evil-sit" Patricia.
  • Eddie tries to help Patricia remember the nursery rhyme.
  • Eddie convinced Piper to tell him the nursery rhyme by claiming he's planning a surprise for Patricia. 

House of Hog / House of Defeat

  • Eddie yells at Patricia to see if 'she's' still in there.
  • Patricia tells him to give up.
  • She punches him and mockingly asks him to respond.
  • Patricia pauses and looks at Eddie as she's leaving.
  • Frobisher realizes Patricia is Eddie's one weakness and Eddie tells him to leave her alone.
  • Eddie basically begs Patricia to remember their special moments, like when they first met, their first date, their first kiss, even when she poured milk on his head.
  • When he was trying to jog her memory, she opened her mouth like she might have remembered something.
  • They kiss, but Eddie used it as a distraction for them to escape into the gatehouse. 
  • She also kissed back.
  • After they kiss, Eddie runs into the gatehouse but she didn't try and stop him.
  • Eddie said he wouldn't leave KT, and Patricia mockingly said they are a cute couple.
  • When Patricia was distracted, Eddie and KT escape and she yells out "Hey!"

House of Ammut / House of Heroes

  • Patricia thanks KT for looking after Eddie.
  • Patricia looks sad (was about to cry) and jealous when Eddie had his arm around KT.
  • Patricia said that it's okay if he wants to be with KT.
  • Eddie laughs when Patricia says "What" after he says okay (jokingly) that he chooses KT over her.
  • Eddie says its her he wants to be with, always was and always will be.
  • Patricia says that it depends on whether he would give her his popcorn or not.
  • Eddie tells Patricia (jokingly) "No way! I stood in line for this!"


  • Patricia calls Eddie weasel face.
  • Eddie calls Patricia Yacker.
  • They both smile at each other.
  • They kiss while wearing leather jackets, just like their first kiss.
  • They kiss while fireworks go off outside!!! How romantic!
  • Anubis House gather round for the grand finale and Eddie and Patricia, stand next to each other, Eddie holds her close.
  • Eddie puts his arm around Patricia`s shoulder when the fireworks go off.
  • When they were talking to each other, at the end of the episode, they were flirting

The Touchstone of Ra

  • Eddie and Patricia are both sitting together in the class at the start of the movie. 
  • Eddie and Patricia hugged when their final lesson ended. 
  • Patricia was jealous of Eddie and Sophia hanging out together.
  • Patricia wore the dress Sophia said she would wear to impress Eddie so that she instead could impress him. 
  • When Cassie said that Sophia already "got to Eddie", Patricia angrily said that Eddie is already taken by her.
  • When Patricia was wearing the girly dress, Eddie was surprised that she was wearing that, asking if she was "rescuing us or catching a bouquet". 
  • Patricia wondered where Eddie was.
  • Eddie was worried when Alfie said that Patricia and the others who touched the stone will turn into statues if the sacrifice was made.
  • When Eddie and KT arrived in the classroom, Eddie asked where Patricia (and the others) were in a worried state.
  • When Eddie went into the cellar with Victor with Cassie, Erin and Dexter, Patricia said that she will find him the first chance she gets, Eddie says it's a date and they kiss before leaving.
  • When Eddie fell to the ground unconscious, Patricia was the first one to run up to him, besides Mr.Sweet.
  • Patricia was worried when Eddie wouldn't wake up, and she was tearing up.
  • When Eddie woke up, the first thing he asked, was if Patricia was okay.
  • When everyone officially graduated, Patricia and Eddie hugged each other.
  • At the graduation party, Patricia asked Eddie if he wanted to dance.
  • Eddie said that she hated dancing, and she said that she could make an exception for a superhero.
  • When Eddie said that he wasn't the Osirian anymore, Patricia said that he'll always be a superhero to her.
  • Patricia convinced Eddie to dance by grabbing his food.
  • When Patricia and Eddie heard that Victor Rodenmaar Jr. was leaving Anubis House, they all gathered the Anubis House residents to Anubis House to bid Victor goodbye.
  • When they went to gather the Anubis residents, they were holding hands.
  • Throughout the movie, Eddie called Patricia Yacker twice.


  • Their anniversary is on Febuary 10th, on Nikita and Jade Ramsey's birthday.
  • They kissed a total of 7 times, 3 of them were unsuccessful.
  • They both have the same taste in music.
  • Eddie was Patricia's first kiss.
  • They both love pranking.
  • Even as a sinner Patricia would not break up with Eddie, though Alfie broke up with Willow.
  • Their counterparts in Het Huis Anubis and Das Haus Anubis also date.
  • They have similar personalities.
  • They have the same taste in clothes, as in the matching leather jackets.
  • They both went together to America for their holidays but because of this, they broke up. 
  • Eddie's nicknames for Patricia are Hermoine, Yacker, Blabs, and Yackball.
  • Patricia's nicknames for Eddie are Weasel, Slimeball, Sweetie Junior, Juinor, the American and Doofus.
  • Ever since Sibuna has got together in Season 3, Patricia is only seen calling Eddie when something is wrong.
  • Eddie is over protective of Patricia because of the mystery.
  • Patricia tells Joy that Eddie is her weakness and Frobisher and Denby see that Patricia is Eddie's weakness.
  • They've hugged 4 times throughout the seasons and held hands 8 times.
  • In the Season 3 finale they kissed, while the fireworks went off.
  • Eddie is the first guy to keep Patricia on her toes.
  • In the Touchstone of Ra, they went as a couple to the party.
  • They danced 3 times together.
  • Mara compared them to Jeroy.
  • Patricia considers Eddie a hero, even though he isn't the Osirian any more.
  • Peddie's German Version are Luzy and Max, which can be called either Muzy or Lax.
  • Peddie's Dutch Version are Patricia and Robbie, which can be called Rotricia, Pobbie or Robtricia.


Relationship #1 (2.50 - 3.1)

Reason For Break Up - As confirmed by Jade Ramsey, over the summer, Patricia had freaked out being in a relationship, as she has never been in one before, so she dumped Eddie, but then later regretted it.

Relationship #2 (3.26 - present)

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