General Information
Shipped Characters: Patricia Williamson and Rufus Zeno
Length of Relationship: Season 1
Status: Allies (until House of Risks / House of Thieves)
Arch Enemies
Rivals: Patrome
 Patrufus (Pat/ricia and Rufus) is the pairing of Patricia Williamson and Rufus Zeno.

In Season 1, Rufus used to stalk Patricia. She first saw him through the window when she was in school, during Drama class. She later met him in the woods a few times. Not believing that he's on her side at first, Rufus showed Patricia some pictures of hieroglyphics and asked if she realized any of them. Patricia recognized the Eye of Horus symbol from the locket that she saw Nina wearing the other day. This is how they become allies and being their search to find Joy and uncover the truth.

Later in the season, Patricia helps Rufus escape from the hospital. He lied to Patricia saying that he arranged to meet Joy at the play. After the play, while in the woods with Patricia, Joy hadn't shown up, so Rufus became angry, and so he drove off with Patricia in his car, stuck. It was revealed that he was lying about helping Patricia. He locks her in a warehouse that is not too far away from the Amun Academic Boarding School.

After Amber, Fabian and Nina rescue Patricia from the kidnapper, the two don't meet until the end of the season.

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