You better watch that!
— Cassie to Patricia
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General Information
Shipped Characters: Patricia Williamson and Cassie Tate
Length of Relationship: 2013 - present
Status: Frenemies
Other Pairing Names: Catricia

Passie (P/atricia and C/assie) is the frenemy pairing of Patricia Williamson and Cassie Tate which started in The Touchstone of Ra. Patricia disliked Cassie from the very start of the movie/episode because Cassie was a newbie and took their rooms along with Erin & Sophia. Patricia started hating Cassie even more when Cassie spoken to Erin about Sophia hanging out with Eddie (Patricia was jealous.). Patricia agreed on Cassie going to the prom if she's going to help the grads on prom decorations, even though she did it only because she wanted to get KT's key back from Sophia. Later in the movie, Patricia saved Cassie from being banished by Ra.

Passie Moments

Season 3

The Touchstone of Ra

  • Patricia started hating Cassie just when she arrives because she was taking her room.
  • Cassie talked to Erin about Sophia taking 'The American' (Eddie) and Patricia interrupted her with Joy saying 'That one is already taken. By me.'
  • Patricia almost poured orange juice on Cassie but KT stopped her.             
    Passie ttor

    Passie in the Touchstone of Ra.

  • Patricia told Cassie that Eddie he was her's.
  • Patricia runs up to Cassie (and Erin and Dexter).
  • Patricia pulls Cassie out of the way when Ra begins to pour down anger.
  • They are standing together when Eddie sacrifices himself. 
  • They both run up to Eddie when he collapses. 
  • They are both worried (they also have tears in their eyes) when Eddie collapsed, but are relieved when he wakes up.
  • They are both at the prom.
  • Patricia notices Cassie dancing with the others.  
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