General Information
Shipped Characters: Mara Jaffray and Poppy Clarke
Status: Friends
Rivals: Jara
Other Pairing Names: Pora

Moppy (M/ara and P/oppy) is the friendship pairing of Mara Jaffray and Poppy Clarke. The two seem to have become good friends in Season 2 of House of Anubis when Poppy wanted to find out about her dad and Mara gave Poppy some information. Their friendship unfortunately will not be seen on camera in Season 3 because Poppy decided to go to a different school to be closer to her dad.

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Moppy Moments

Season 2

House of Spirits / House of Blackmail

Moppy 01
  • Mara looks extremely surprised that Jerome has a little sister.
  • Mara defends Poppy when Jerome takes her phone.

House of Rivals / House of Faces

  • When Mara sees Poppy she asks if he's upset her.
  • Poppy complains to Mara about Jerome.
  • Mara tries to help Poppy by making Jerome let Poppy see the letter.
  • Poppy tells Mara about the letter from her and Jerome's dad.
  • Mara helps Poppy find information about her dad on her laptop.

House of Myths / House of Nightmares

  • Mara and Poppy research Poppy's dad
  • Poppy is confused about Mara's interaction with Mick and asks her about it.
  • Poppy asks if she's her age if she's going to be 'this weird' in a playful manner.

House of Combinations / House of Heartbreak

  • Poppy is happy to find Mara and asks her if she wants to help her find out more about her dad.
  • Poppy is visibly hurt when Mara rejects her offer.
    Moppy hug

    Mara agrees to help Poppy.

House of Tunnels / House of Goodbye

  • Mara argues with Jerome, and tries to convince him to help Poppy.
  • Poppy sneaks into Anubis House to try to find Mara, only to be caught by Jerome.

House of Who? / House of Frauds

  • Poppy says hi to both Mara and Jerome, smiling widely when she looks at Mara.
  • She looks at the both of them and asks if they're an item.
  • Poppy waves goodbye to Mara when she leaves.
  • Mara spares Poppy's feelings by not telling her that her father is in prison.

House of Crushes / House of Vertigo

Moppy 08
  • Poppy goes to Mara to ask about her father.
  • Poppy looks slightly betrayed when she tells Mara that she heard Mara talking to Jerome about it.
  • Poppy asks why Mara didn't tell her about her father and Mara explains that Jerome wanted to protect her.
  • Mara looks guilty about not telling her.
  • Mara comforts Poppy by telling her what her father's like when Poppy asks.
  • Poppy admits to her she just wants the norm.
  • Poppy asks Mara for her help saying that she wants to know what her dad's like.
  • Mara agrees and suggests that Poppy writes to him.
  • Poppy hugs Mara obviously thankful for her kindness

House of Pressure / House of Deja Vu

  • Poppy goes over to Mara to ask if her father has replied to her letter.
  • Mara reassures her by saying that she's hoping that there will be a letter there in the afternoon.
  • Mara covers for Poppy when Jerome walks over, curious as to what they're talking about.
  • Mara gets the letter but hides it from the others, obviously keen on keeping it a secret for Poppy, even lying to Nina when she asks about it.

House of Hoods / House of Deceit

  • Poppy sneaks into the dance to see Mara.
  • She reveals that she had her purse.
  • Mara is a bit annoyed at this but forgives her quickly.
  • Poppy apologizes for stealing the purse, saying that she wanted to see the letter.
  • Mara asks her if she's opened the letter.
  • Poppy says she's scared to.
  • Mara looks distressed when Jerome finds her.
  • Mara sees Poppy dropping the letter on the tray behind them and goes along with Poppy's lie, the lie being that she was 'trying to keep her out of trouble'.
  • Tumblr m0h7ds1Klt1rot73qo1 500
    Mara looks indignant when Jerome calls Poppy evil.
  • Mara looks as if she's going to argue with Jerome when her back to her room.
  • Poppy quickly reminds Mara about the letter and she goes to get it.
  • Mara looks surprised when Poppy sneaks back in and Poppy replies 'Come on, it's not the White House'.
  • Poppy reminds Mara about the letter and they go to try and get it.
  • Mara tells Poppy that they should wait out Jerome's anger towards them for going behind his back.

House of Sibuna / House of Payback

  • Mara admits to Jerome that she only went behind his back because it meant so much to Poppy.
  • Mara is about to argue back on behalf of Poppy when he says not to tell Poppy about it before he tells her that he means it.

House of Pendulums / House of Impasse

  • Mara tells Jerome that she's worried about Poppy while Poppy eavesdrops.
  • Mara argues for Poppy, telling Jerome that it's only fair for her to go see him.
  • Mara lies to Poppy once again to protect her feelings.
  • Mara looks genuinely surprised when she hears that Poppy visited her dad.
  • She looks at him victoriously saying that she warned him so, showing that she never doubted Poppy.

House of Silence / House of Warnings

  • Poppy smiles at Mara when Jerome talks about their father.

House of Pretenders / House of Trouble

  • Poppy runs up to Mara excitedly and she tells Mara that her father has a date for his parole hearing.
  • Mara is excited for Poppy.
  • Poppy asks Mara where Jerome is and replies that he's at her uncle's house.
  • Poppy is confused and asks which uncle picked him up.

House of Missions / House of Captives / House of the Chosen / House of Freedom

  • Poppy approaches Mara asking her if she's seen Jerome.
  • Both of them laugh when she references jokingly to Jerome's Private I.
  • Poppy asks Mara if she'd be willing to go to the parole hearing with her.
  • She asks Mara to read the statement because she gets nervous easily.
  • Poppy freezes up when she's trying to read the statement and Mara stands up and rubs her shoulder and encourages her to go on.
  • She thanks Mara for coming to the hearing.

Season 3

House of Truth / House of Hieroglyphs

  • Mara asks about Poppy when her and Jerome were on a date.
  • Mara says she misses Poppy being around.
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