Martini (Mar/c and Kris/tina ) is the real life couple pairing of Kristina Schmidt and Marc Dumitru, they were dating for 3 years. after Das Haus Anubis ended they were actually start dating. currently they were both in Dusselfdorf and they had a good time to each other. and they both attend in Kids Choice Awards with Daniel, Alicia and Franziska Alber. But all the other German fans were a little disappointed when they thought that Kristina was dating Daniel Wilken, or they think that Marc and Fereba are dating and others find that Martini are a good and sweet couple. and In the other German T.V. series Schicksale - und plötzlich ist alles anders they actually kissed there and when the scene was they were met in the behind of the ambulance. and also they were in Chris Brenner's video " On the Run " the story was he thought that Kristina did cheat on him, and Kristina tries to find him but she came back for him, and they kissed. Martini was preferred In Marc and Kristina's nickname " Tini" and so their fans made a couple name " Martini ".


  • They kissed together in the movie of Das Haus Anubis Pfad der 7 Sünden, when the seen that Mara must fight her jealousy.
  • They both did go in Let's dance
  • They had a picnic in park in Dusseldorf in last week of May 2016.
  • In April 2 2016, He had a good time with Kristina and they dance inside the car.
  • They both kiss together in Rome
  • They had a good ride in Holiday park in Germany
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