General Information
Shipped Characters: KT Rush and Sophia Danae
Length of Relationship: 2013 - The Touchstone of Ra
Status: Enemies
Rivals: Keddie
Other Pairing Names: S.T

Kophia (K/T and S/ophia) is the rival or otherwise friendship pairing of KT Rush and Sophia Danae. KT and Sophia met in The Touchstone of Ra. KT thought she and Sophia were friends, but the whole time Sophia was tricking her (and Sibuna) into thinking she was on their side. In reality, she was on the bad side. Their "friendship" comes to an end once KT finds out Sophia is evil. Sophia possesses KT.

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Kophia Moments

Season 3

The Touchstone of Ra

  • Sophia possessed KT.
  • KT seemed to want to be Sophia's best friend throughout the movie, until she found out Sophia was evil.
  • Sophia wanted KT to be gone because she was a Frobisher.
  • Sophia tried to trap KT (and Eddie).
  • Sophia stole KT's key.
  • Sophia only wanted KT to control the stone.
  • Sophia and KT were walking together.
  • KT was behind Sophia.
  • Sophia was pulling KT.
  • KT smiled at Sophia.
  • Sophia was mad when KT (and Eddie) escaped.
  • KT told Sophia to come with her.
  • They were both staring at the Stone.
  • They both touched the Stone.


  • KT and Sophia both fell on their arrivals to Anubis house.
  • Eddie was the first person to meet KT and Sophia when they first arrived to the Anubis house.
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