General Information
Shipped Characters: KT Rush and Willow Jenks
Length of Relationship: Season 3 - Present
Status: Friends
Rivals: Keddie
Other Pairing Names: WT

Killow (K/T and W/illow) is the friendship pairing of KT Rush and Willow Jenks. The two are both new to the series and both joined in Season 3. They are both residents of Anubis House and they share a room.

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Killow Moments

House of Cunning / House of Suspicion

  • After Sibuna locks her in her room, KT hears Willow walking by and asks her to open the door.
  • Willow sadly says it's locked.
  • Willow searches for the key.
  • KT asks her to check under the rug.
  • Willow happily says it's there and opens the door.

House of Ammut / House of Heroes

  • When KT sees Willow backstage, she says she is glad to see her.
  • They both hug.
  • KT (and Eddie) tell Willow to come with them to save her and themselves.
  • When Harriet mentions KT's key, she takes it out of her pocket and says she wants KT to have it back.
  • KT asks Willow to keep it safe.
  • Willow says she will make sure that it will be safe.
  • At the gatehouse, Willow and KT try to take off Ms. Denby's key together.
  • Willow thinks KT is the sinner too.
  • When KT finds out Harriet took out her key from Willow's pocket and put the key in her pocket, she becomes really mad.
  • KT stays mad at Harriet for a very long time because she let Willow become a sinner.
  • Willow finds out KT is not a sinner.
  • Willow tells Frobisher KT has the key and she is not the sinner.
  • KT hugs Willow.

The Touchstone of Ra

  • KT is shocked when Willow says she would be the photographer.
  • When they enter Anubis House, they scream happily (with the other girls) about no more school.
  • KT says Willow is a very great photographer sarcastically.


  • They are both new in Season 3.
  • They both live in Anubis House .
  • They have both have had juice thrown on them by Patricia (although Patricia was a sinner when she threw juice on Willow).
  • They are roommates (with Joy).
  • It's possible that Willow knew there would be a new girl in Anubis House because Willow lived in Isis House in the beginning of Season 3 and KT spent the night in Isis House.
  • In an Instagran LIVE video on February 1st 2019, @hoaconfess_ asked Alexandra Shipp if she ships Killow, and she answered: "Yes! Yes, I do ship Killow! They are the best friends, on and off TV!"
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