Jadekely (Jade and Bur/kely) is the friendship pairing of Burkely Duffield and Jade Ramsey. They play Patricia and Eddie in House of Anubis, who are dating on the show (see Peddie).


To see the character pairing of Eddie Miller and Patricia Williamson, see Peddie

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  • They follow each other on Twitter.
    JADEKELY (2)
  • They are not dating in real life.
  • In most photos they're very close to each other.
  • They have been seen staring at each other during interviews.
  • In a twitter post by Jade, both her and Burkley are clearly abroad together in a photo; they are both sitting very close together in just swimsuits.
  • Burkely has said that Jade "has this infectious laugh, when she starts the rest of us laugh."
  • For some reason, they're always interviewed together. We can actually see how they look at each other.
  • They laugh at each other's jokes.
  • They act well and believably when there characters are around each other.
  • Their characters on House of Anubis are dating.
  • Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 8.19.44 PM
    On Anubis Unlocked, when it was Jade's turn to be on Cast Unlocked, Burkely described her and she said he's right in a sort of flirtatious way. Burkely explained 5 things about Jade in flirtatious ways. When Burkely said what Patricia is like, she flirtatiously hit him with her elbow. Also when he described Jade, he flirtatiously hit her with his elbow by asking if he's right, and she replied yes. In addition, Burkely said that her cooking is amazing on the Cast Unlocked segment that is included on Anubis Unlocked. Lastly, Jade laughed and he smiled. This could mean that they're really close.
  • It was finally confirmed that they are not dating by Jade. Jade replied to a fan on Twitter saying "@luisaferes1 I can confirm we do not!!!!!! Patricia and Eddie did, but I'm myself and Burkely aren't dating in real life :)".
  • Their characters kiss 7 times in House of Anubis.
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