House of Status / House of Laments
Season 2, Episode 51-52
Airdate February 13, 2012 (Nick)
May 6, 2013 (TeenNick)
Written by Diane Whitley
Directed by Angelo Abela
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House of Status / House of Laments are the 51st and 52nd episodes in Season 2 of House of Anubis  and the 111th and 112th overall. They premiered on February 13, 2012.

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The Dollhouse tells Sibuna the tune for the task: an ancient Egyptian song (Song of Hathor). But no one still alive has heard it... Meanwhile, Amber agrees to be the face of the school in a new commercial. Since she is aging quickly she messes up with her look and the way she acts. She is then fired and has Mr. Sweet take her place in the commercial. Mara hears that Mick has a new girlfriend and decides to make him jealous. She pretends that Jerome is her boyfriend because he is the one that would make Mick jealous the most. They go on several fake dates and even kiss, twice. The Sibunas are shocked as Alfie's curse accelerates turning him into a nine year old boy, literally. Jerome finds out that Mick doesn't really have a girlfriend, but hides the information from Mara because he wants to keep dating her. Meanwhile, Patricia accidentally stands up Eddie by being locked on the bathroom because Young Alfie broke the door handles. Meanwhile Victor and Vera hatch a plan to steal an exhibit from the library and pin it on Sibuna. Fabian hears the whole thing, but forgets it.


Main cast

Recurring cast


  • When Joy and Mr. Sweet offer Amber a starring role in the school's online ad, Joy says that Amber's name came first alphabetically, however, presuming Joy meant the Anubis House residents only, technically Alfie's name comes first alphabetically.
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