House of Revelations / House of Questions
Season 3, Episode 5-6
Airdate January 17, 2013
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House of Revelations / House of Questions  are the 5th and 6th episodes of Season 3 of House of Anubis and the 155th and 156th overall. They aired on January 17, 2013. These episodes had 1.478 million viewers.[1]

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Amber is accepted to fashion school; Fabian decodes some of the message from the bracelet packaging; Eddie and KT sneak into Miss Denby's house.[2] Eddie and KT investigate Miss Denby; Patricia and Fabian suspect KT of working for Victor; Jerome and Mara take the business studies competition extremely seriously. Fabian asks Patricia to be KT's partner for the business studies to find out about the Moon key.


“Oh snap!”


House of Revelations

While searching for Joy's family tree, Eddie and KT find a key much like KT's in Miss. Denby's bag. When they are about to take it, Mrs. Denby walks in and Eddie makes and excuse that he was trying to sneak in a late assignment. From this, they agree to learn more about Miss. Denby.

Eddie and KT follow Miss. Denby to her house, the gatehouse. They record her putting a combination into her keypad, while hiding behind a wall. Then they wait for her to leave. When Miss. Denby leaves, they try to figure out Miss. Denby's combination, as they didn't get the final number. KT suggests nine and it works.

When they enter Miss. Denby's home, we see that her house is full of antiques and odd Egyptian features. They see that she has pickled worms and frogs. When Eddie leans against the wall behind an organ, it opens. There is a lock in the small closet and KT's key fits.

House of Questions

Miss Denby begins approaching and they run into the secret room. In the room there are multiple caskets and a tank. When Eddie and KT see the tank, they scream. Miss. Denby hears them and runs into the secret room. Eddie and KT hide in the casket. When Miss. Denby comes in she begins talking to the man in the tank, (presumably Robert Frobisher-Smythe). They decide to return another day, and want to find out more about Miss. Denby and the secret room.

Meanwhile, Joy and Patricia walk in on Mara working out. Joy asks Mara for some colored pens because she is working on a family tree. When Patricia questions Mara about working out, she replies by saying that she is annoyed with Alfie for constantly interrupting her and Jerome. Joy decides that they should create the "Anubis Sisterhood." That way they could stand up for themselves, and do what they want. This means Mara standing up to Alfie, Joy telling Fabian how she feels, and Patricia to stay the same. Then Joy marks a small flower on all three of thier palms.

Joy makes Fabian a sandwich and is about to tell him how she feels. However, when she walks in and hands him his favorite sandwich he is looking at the stars. Then he begins talking about Nina and Joy retreats. Then he jumps up and begins screaming about the puzzle and runs out of the room.

Fabian finally un-codes the hidden message in the bracelet packaging, and tells the Sibunas the new riddle.

Victor walks in on Mara and questions her about the parcel. She admits to doing a bad thing, agreeing to do Alfie's homework. Therefore, Victor realizes that it was not her, and assumes that it was Trudy.

Victor asks her out on a "date" to find out more about where his parcel is. Fabian tells Eddie to not tell KT about Sibuna and to stop calling himself The Osirian. Elsewhere, Patricia finds KT's key and brings it to Fabian. They realize that the symbol matches one of the symbols on the packaging and the one on the bracelet. On Victor's "date" he asks Trudy about the parcel. Trudy says that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Meanwhile, Alfie and Fabian eavesdrop on their date. Victor hears a noise at the door (Alfie and Fabian). The episode ends at a cliffhanger when Victor is about to open the door when Alfie and Fabian are behind.

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Anubis Sisterhood Forever!


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  • "House of Revelations" has a similar title to an episode from Season 1 - House of Revelation / House of Heavy. The only difference is that the Season 3 title is the plural form of the noun; the earlier one is the singular form.


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