House of Possession / House of Greed
Season 3, Episode 23 - 24
Airdate March 13, 2013 (House of Possession) (on TeenNick)
March 14, 2013 (House of Greed) (on TeenNick)
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
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House of Sarcophagi
House of Deceptions
House of Possession / House of Greed are the 23rd and 24th episodes of Season 3 of House of Anubis and the 173rd and 174th episodes overall. They aired on March 13 and March 14, 2013.

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Jerome, Joy, Patricia, and Alfie begin to act strangely; Harriet tells Eddie and KT that their ancestors are possessing the descendants since Frobisher is awake; Jerome believes he has been chosen for a talent competition; Fabian and Eddie uncover a hidden message; KT goes to the gatehouse alone and is about to get captured by Frobisher. The Sibunas find Frobisher in the crypt in a coffin; Jerome is humiliated when he performs a song in Mr. Sweet's class; Patricia admits to KT that she likes Eddie; Joy pretends to like Jerome to dump him instantly; Eddie tells KT he wants them to just be friends; Patricia asks Jerome out to get back at Eddie; Caroline admits to taking her sister's identity; Victor visits the gatehouse and gets captured by Frobisher.


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