House of Pi / House of Mistrust
Season 3, Episode 7-8
Airdate January 24, 2013
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House of Pi / House of Mistrust  are the 7th and 8th episodes of Season 3 of House of Anubis and the 157th and 158th episodes overall. They aired on January 24, 2013. These episodes had 1.422 million viewers.[1]

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Eddie makes a shocking discovery about his dad. Fabian translates the message from the envelope. The clues point towards the gatehouse, but their decision to investigate places Amber in great danger. As Fabian, Patricia and Alfie search for Amber, KT and Eddie's suspicions about Ms. Denby are confirmed. Jerome's sabotage of Mara's business project backfires and Amber learns the adults are planning a mysterious ceremony.


Amfie running around the gatehouse.


House of Pi

Part 1

Victor finds Fabian and Alfie eavesdropping on his 'date' with Trudy. to cover up, Fabian grabs flowers and gives them to Alfie and they pretend that they were coming to serenade Victor and Trudy on their date. Fabian decodes the message with all clues leading to the gatehouse. Joy asks Fabian out but he harshly lets her down saying that he just wants to be friends. Eddie and KT overhears Victor on the phone with Ms. Denby about a meeting. They decide to follow Victor into the woods. They are shocked to find out that Mr. Sweet is one of those attending the secret meeting.

Part 2

When Eddie and KT see that Mr. Sweet is also meeting up with Victor and Ms. Denby, Eddie is devastated. He asks Patricia if she's ever heard about Mr. Sweet being part of a secret club. The Sibunas confirm that Mr. Sweet is part of a secret society but they never mentioned it to Eddie because they thought it was ancient history. Eddie does not believe them and starts searching for more clues. Mr. Sweet lies to Eddie about meeting with Victor over lunch time, which raises Eddie's suspicion. The Sibunas set out to go to the Gatehouse for more clues. Meanwhile, Mr. Sweet calls Victor and Denby and demands that they meet at the Gatehouse. The Sibunas find an entry through the basement and start looking around the house, meanwhile Joy decides not to go inside because she thinks she has to focus on her studies, only Patricia noticing that she runs away without telling anyone. Amber goes up the stairs. They hear Ms. Denby opening the door and decide to run out. Amber is left in the room and starts sneaking around as the adults approach. Ms. Denby leads the rest to the tank room. When Amber sees the 'sleeping man' she makes noise attracting their attention.

House of Mistrust

Part 1

Luckily, the adults see rats on the floor and assume that is where the squeak came from. She overhears them talking about a ceremony and awakening the "sleeper". Back in Anubis House, KT overhears the Sibunas mention that they may have left Amber in the Gatehouse and she urges them to get her back, claiming that Ms. Denby is dangerous. Eddie continues to research more about Ms. Denby as well as his father's involvement in a secret society. He discovers that Ms. Denby has never been in any school in the Isle of Wight as she had lied to them.

Part 2

Mr. Millington is there to judge the competition and inquires after his daughter. Sibuna still has not found her, and they visit Miss Denby, trying to tell if she's lying. They do a little more investigation but still cannot find her. Fabian tries to apologize to Joy, but Joy is still upset. During the business competition, Eddie sneaks into his dad's office and finds a mask. Amber begins pushing over a sarcouphogus to try and break out of the secret room. The Sibuna's sneak into the Gatehouse in attempt to save Amber. However, Miss. Denby starts to come into the secret room.

Will the Sibunas find Amber before Miss Denby does?

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Poor Amber...

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  • First apperance of Bryony Afferson as Harriet Denby (in Eddie's vision)
  • This was the last episode when Joy was still a part of Sibuna, as she decided to leave because she was rejected by Fabian and wanted to focus on her grades.


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