House of Freeze / House of Timeout
Season 2, Episode 73-74
Airdate February 29, 2012 (Nick)
May 15, 2013 (TeenNick)
Written by Alison Greenaway & Diane Whitley
Directed by Tim Hopewell
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House of Freeze / House of Timeout are the 73 and 74th episodes in Season 2 of House of Anubis and the 133rd and 134th overall. They premiered on February 29, 2012.

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Victor finds that Vera had been frozen by Senkhara, and Senkhara tells him he must 'Return the Falcons, or the frozen one will perish.' Nina gets upset about the anonymous article that was posted on The Jackal about her; Victor places the reflectors in easy to find spots and then leaves, allowing Sibuna to collect them; Mara confronts Joy about the article and they both reveal their secret about the blog, and agree to keep things quiet; Amber and Alfie collect the sun shard from the attic, but accidentally mention the secret entrance to the tunnels in front of Vera; Vera slowly begins to recover, and soon ends up slowly walking in front of Sibuna; Sibuna tried to head to the tunnels, but Victor stopped them; Fabian confronts Joy on the article, and she accidentally reveals she wrote it, which makes Fabian leave in anger. The next morning, Sibuna try to place the reflectors, but the time runs out and the stands disappear; Jerome brings Mara with him to the prison to tell his dad about the gem getting lost again; In class, Vera calls Nina out to talk to her while Joy tries to talk to Fabian, but he instead makes everyone else believe she is Jack Jackal; Nina's Gran has taken a turn for the worst; it is revealed her Gran is the Time Piece.


Victor stumbles across Vera in her frozen state under a blanket covering the chair she is sitting in. He is alarmed and tries to talk to her, hoping she will come to, discovering the Mark of Anubis on her wrist. Then Senkhara whispers to 'Return the Falcons or the frozen one will perish.'

Nina comes down to breakfast in tears as she opens up her laptop to read Jack Jackal's latest blog post criticizing her. Fabian asks her what Mr. Sweet wanted from her before coming over to read the article. Amber, Alfie, and Patricia rush over to see the article and comfort Nina while Joy guiltily looks away. Amber immediately suggests that Joy wrote the article despite everyone's protests of Joy being too nice to do something this low to someone. However, Amber isn't convinced as she points out the reasons why it couldn't be Victor, Vera, or Senkhara.

Victor dashes around and replaces each of the reflectors in their various spots while checking on Vera's condition, only to see that she has made no progress. He at first, privately blames the students for doing this to Vera and reasons that he has to save her, even if it means failing their mission to his raven. Once he returns the reflectors to their various places, he loudly announces to Trudy that he will be going out and won't be back for a while.

At these words, Sibuna rushes to Victor's office and Nina suspiciously notes that this is too easy and unlike Victor's character. She then uses the excuse of needing to get to class to hold off on grabbing the remaining reflectors until later.

Mara reads the article on the Jack Jackal blog and confronts Joy about who wrote it. Both accidentally reveal their involvement on the blog: Mara is Jack Jackal and Joy used the information to log in and post the mean-spirited review on Nina. They agree to keep things quiet to avoid having Mr. Sweet having any reason to expel Mara once again and so no one would realize that Joy was the culprit behind the article.

Alfie and Amber are tasked with retrieving the stained glass shard from the attic. Both argue about being careful with the shard and Amber catches it once it slips out of Alfie's hands, her foot stepping on the blanket and revealing the frozen Vera. Alfie freaks out and shows Amber who is stunned. Both question if she is stuffed like his animals but when Amber holds the glass pane up, she sees fog and realizes that Vera is frozen but alive. Both slowly inch out of the room before closing the door behind them and screaming at what they just saw. Victor watches from his study and mutters that it went perfectly. He goes back to the attic and tries to talk to Vera again, only to see that she is still frozen. He bemoans that he's failed her and kisses her forehead before leaving. Meanwhile, Vera slowly wakes up from her frozen state.

Amber and Alfie meet up and tell the rest of Sibuna all about finding Vera. The group goes to Nina's room only to hear a banging against the attic door and back away as Vera emerges from behind it, still in a bit of a daze from Senkhara's spell. She walks in a daze toward the students and finally snaps back to her usual state. The gang makes up excuses about going elsewhere to throw her off about where they are going. She walks her way to Victor's office who welcomes her back. She tells him what it was like to be frozen, in addition to saying that she had a dream about a woman in black telling her and him that they should stop the search for the mask. Victor admits that he had the same dream and shows her that she has been marked. Seeing the Sibuna gang heading off in a hurry, Victor demands to know where they are headed, all of them say they are going to the library, only to have him forbid them to go.

The group agrees on trying to attempt the placement of the reflectors at dawn. Fabian takes this time to talk to Joy to ask if she knows who wrote the article on Nina, since she is the editor. Joy tries to play dumb about the exact article and section of the blog Fabian is referring to. She claims at first that she never read the article and Fabian sighs in frustration. Joy mistakenly lets it slip, saying that she's not interested in reading about Nina ditching class and caring more about her grandmother than anything else, which alerts Fabian to the fact that it is indeed Joy who wrote the article. He leaves her on the couch, saying that she is no longer the girl he used to know. She softly adds that he is no longer the boy she used to know. Fabian tells the rest of Sibuna while Joy mutters that everyone is back to whispering privately in groups.

The next morning, Sibuna attempts to place the reflectors into their appropriate places before the constellation ends. However, the panel showing the time they have to place the reflectors burns out and the stands sink down into the ground. The group panics and demands to know what to do now.

Jerome asks Mara to come with him to the prison to talk to his dad about the missing jewel being stolen from the shield. He claims that with Mara there, his dad might not be so furious with his failure. Mara argues that his dad loves him and doesn't care about the jewel more than his son. The Sibuna gang takes their seats, feeling dejected about their failure, until Vera enters the room to talk to Nina about something important. Joy walks into class and softly apologizes to Fabian for her rude article she wrote. He testily replies that she should be saying that to Nina and suggests that she is Jack Jackal. Patricia stares in shock while Amber remarks that she knew it had to be Joy who wrote the article. Alfie is surprised and asks if Joy is Jack Jackal. Joy pleads with Fabian to understand that she isn't Jack Jackal and tries to get time to talk to him alone, but he rebuffs her offer. In the corner, Mara winces at this scene, realizing that everyone is mistakenly thinking that Joy is Jack Jackal.

Vera tells Nina that her gran has taken a turn for the worst at the hospital and to go immediately to see her. She offers to go with Nina for support but Nina quickly tells her that she wants to be alone. Vera looks at Nina suspiciously as she leaves.

Jerome hangs his head and tells his dad that he failed to keep the gem in the shield after retrieving it. However, he is surprised when his dad tells him that he was never disappointed in his son, pointing out everything that Jerome went through to get it in the first place. Jerome looks relieved and Mara tells him that it would be worthy of a story to write and read about. Jerome pulls out his cell phone to show his father the gem in the shield and swears to get it back, no matter what. His father scrolls through the pictures and accidentally comes across one of Jerome and Mara kissing. He asks Jerome about his relationship with Mara, which makes Jerome snatch his phone back and makes Mara think they are still discussing Jerome's success in the ping pong match to win the shield back. As she leaves, Jerome's father tells him to not give Mara up, saying she is a real gem and likes her. Jerome claims that the circumstances are complicated and his father tells him to keep it simple and not give up on her.

Alfie and Amber worry about Vera overhearing about their conversation about the secret passageway in the library in her frozen state and decide to not tell Nina and Fabian. However, Fabian arrives and asks to tell them what. Amber makes up the excuse saying that she and Alfie are organizing a charity jog-a-thon for bunions but promises to not let it get in the way of her Sibuna duties. Patricia joins them and announces that Nina's grandmother has taken a turn for the worse.

Nina holds her grandmother's hand and turns to see Fabian has come to support her. He asks her what the doctors said and she replies that she doesn't know since they said her gran was fine then this happened. Fabian reads the clipboard of Gran's progress and notes that the doctors are just as stumped as they are. He notes her grandmother's middle name, Meridian, and Nina says it must be an old family name. Fabian looks closer at the report to see she collapsed in London. Nina says it was at a tourist attraction, Greenwich Observatory, accidentally mispronouncing it. Fabian playfully corrects her and freezes when he realizes that the International Meridian is in Greenwich too, realizing that Gran's collapse is linked to GMT and that she is the time piece. Nina is in denial until she finds Senkhara's Mark of Anubis on Gran's arm and screams as Senkhara laughs evilly in the background.


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Victor: Trudy, I'm going out.
Alfie: And I wanna be a millionaire!



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