House of Dead-Ends / House of Webs
Season 2, Episode 33-34
Airdate January 31, 2012 (Nick)
April 29, 2013 (TeenNick)
Written by Paul Gerstenberger
Directed by Gill Wilkinson
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House of Dead-Ends / House of Webs are the 33rd and 34th episodes in Season 2 of House of Anubis and the 93rd and 94th overall. They premiered on January 31, 2012.

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Fabian lost his nerve and decided to not tell Nina about how he really feels. Jerome informs Mara of his father's lost gem and how it is his mission to find it to end his father's 30 years of pure bad luck; Nina has an extremely frightening encounter whilst in the tunnels under the House. She hears her Gran calling for help, but has to power through it pull the lever to open the next door for another tunnel. The Sibunas arrive at their next challenge: a giant spider web they must cross and not touch any of the lines or they will face the consequences. While Amber and Nina are out of their room, Vera sneaks in and finds the extra amulet in the dollhouse. What will she do with it? Give it to Victor? Or keep it for herself to sneak into the tunnels and solve the puzzles on her own? 


Main cast

Recurring cast


  • When Eddie falls into the manure, his tie blows straight. However, it reverts back after the camera cuts.
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