House of Awakening / House of Sarcophagi
Season 3, Episode 21 - 22
Airdate March 11, 2013 (House of Awakening) (on TeenNick)
March 12, 2013 (House of Sarcophagi) (on TeenNick)
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
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House of Possession
 House of Awakening / House of Sarcophagi  are the 21st and 22nd episodes of Season 3 of House of Anubis.[1] They are also the 171st and 172nd episodes overall. They aired on March 11 and March 12, 2013.

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Frobisher wakes up. Joy tells Willow and Mara about Jerome's two-timing; Mr. Sweet is forced to take action against the Sibunas.[2] Eddie has a bad feeling; the Sibunas plant secret cameras in the gatehouse and hear a strange voice; Mara and Willow plot revenge against Jerome.[3]


Main cast

Recurring cast


They hear a noise from the cameras.

KT: What was that?
Eddie: Maybe just feedback.
Unknown: Let me out of here.
Caroline: Be quiet.

KT: Ok, now I'm scared, that didn't sound like feedback. I'm pretty sure that was Denby saying be quiet there.
Patricia: (spying from the bathroom on Miss Denby who is stealing files) I need to see those files. (leaves bathroom and runs into Miss Denby to find the files of Sibuna).

Mr. Sweet: What's happening here?
Caroline: Ah, I was just collecting assignments here but Patricia ran into me. I'm sure it was an accident.
Mr. Sweet: (leaves)

Caroline: Be careful next time, or someone will get hurt. (leaves)