House of Arrivals / House of Presents
Season 3, Episode 1-2
Airdate January 3, 2013
Written by Neil Jones
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House of Arrivals / House of Presents are the 1st and 2nd episodes of Season 3 of House of Anubis. They are also the 151st and 152nd episodes overall. It is the first season premiere to have aired on a Thursday and the first of the season with an hour long episode, which will be for every episode in the future (this ended with House of Entrapment / House of Sisters, after which episodes aired for half an hour, four days a week, on TeenNick). This episode had 1.711 million viewers.[1]

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A new girl named KT begins school, and Eddie recalls seeing her in a vision; a new teacher arrives and settles into the gatehouse[2]Fabian is upset Nina does not return to the Anubis House;[3] Fabian finds Nina's locket in with Eddie's things. Victor searches for an important parcel; and Eddie tries to learn more about KT. In this episode everyone forgets Amber's birthday at first and doesn't give her a present, but they are trying to surprise her; while Fabian tries to get in contact with Nina.[4]



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House of Arrivals

Part 1

The students begin to arrive back at Anubis for the new school year. Fabian opens the door to a cab, expecting to see Nina, but he finds Eddie instead. Fabian asks where Nina is, but Eddie avoids the question. The two run into Mara and Jerome, who had just recently started dating, while Patricia hides from them all, especially Eddie. Accompanied by Alfie, the students all go to Anubis House. Amber and Joy have already arrived and they all greet each other. As the others go to the living room, Sibuna meets up to have a momentary reunion. Fabian and Amber realize that neither have heard from Nina. Joy asks Patricia about her trip to America, but Patricia won't answer...!

Eddie avoids Patricia and the others by going to unpack in his room. He searches frantically for something and when he opens his closet, he sees a vision. in the vision, a girl named KT is given a key by her grandfather and told to stop a great evil. Fabian walks in as the vision disappears and Eddie tells him he had a day-mare. Fabian brings Eddie in to the main room and talks with the others about how he couldn't go to America to see Nina. Trudy and Mr. Sweet arrive, looking glum, and announce that Nina will not be returning to Anubis House. In Victor's office, Mr Sweet and Victor discuss Nina's departure and the arrival of a new American girl. Victor says he has a lot to do before the next day and Mr Sweet is suspicious. He looks in Victor's daily planner and sees a day circled.

Eddie goes to unpack as the others discuss how Nina could have left without saying anything to anyone. Mara walks by Amber's room and finds a girl in there with a compass. Mara asks the girl, Willow, what she's doing. Willow says that she's wanted to live in Anubis house for two years and that she would want to live with Amber because she's so amazing. Eddie continues to search for something in his room, as Jerome walks in. He asks Jerome about writing a letter from a girl's perspective and then says never mind. After dinner, Patricia and Eddie announce that they split up and Eddie passive-aggressively announces that he's very cool with it. Eddie goes into the entrance hall and runs into a girl carrying boxes, she falls and he sees who she is: she's the girl from his vision.

Part 2

KT apologizes to Eddie as the other Anubis students rush out into the hall and see her. She introduces herself and says that she'll be moving in to Anubis House the next day after she stays in Isis house. They all greet her and welcome her as Patricia jokes that the only thing there from a museum is Victor. Joy helps pick up the boxes of KT's things and brings them to the living room. Eddie is dumbfounded and stammers that she's the girl from his dream. Patricia and the others think that this is a pick-up line. KT says that it was nice to meet Joy and that she'll see them all later. As she is leaving, she runs into Victor who then announces that it is ten'o'clock and time for them all to go to bed.

The next morning, Amber is excited for her birthday, but is saddened when she remembers Nina is not there. Mara and Jerome hide all of the deliveries for the day and then Mara and Trudy tell Amber that there was no mail for that day. Victor is upset by the lack of mail as well. Amber thinks that the others have forgotten her birthday and glumly asks for presents. Joy says that she likes the new girl. Alfie has really forgotten about Amber's birthday and asks Jerome for help with a present. The first class is History and Business Ed with Miss Denby. She asks about new students and KT introduces herself as from Pennsylvania and on a scholarship. Their first class project is about family trees and as they prep for that, Eddie asks if KT has a sick grandfather and if he gave her a key. Fabian asks KT about Nina after class and she says she doesn't know anything about it.

Nina messages Fabian later and says everything is explained in the letter she gave Eddie. Eddie grabs KT and asks how she would dump a boy in a letter. She gives him a few lines and he thanks her; she goes to her locker and he runs into Jerome who wonders why Eddie wants to write a letter to a lovesick British boy from a girl's perspective. Joy tells KT that the boys at Anubis are pretty strange when she expresses concern about the way Eddie deals with her. Mrs. Denby is moving into the gatehouse, and is extremely concerned about the safety of one object. It is found that Miss Denby has a sun key while KT has a moon key. Eddie is in his room during lunch with a made-up note for Fabian. Jerome comes across him and asks what he needs to tell someone. Eddie lies about Fabian not picking up his dirty socks and leaves. Back in the gatehouse, Mrs Denby uncovers the object of importance and it is revealed to have a head in it. As Eddie is leaving Anubis House, he sees KT in the living room with the key and a photo of her grandpa.

House of Presents

Part 1

Eddie confronts KT about the key and says that her grand-dad was in his dream and talks to her about the great danger that she's supposed to stop. Victor shoos them from the house and Victor is upset that no parcel has arrived yet. Eddie wants to talk to KT and finds out that her grandfather has died. Eddie doesn't blame her for not wanting to talk to him and she leaves crying about her grandad.

Mara and Joy work on a glitter sign for Amber's birthday as Eddie throws his bag in the common room and goes to lunch with his dad. Willow hears that it's Amber's birthday and watches with the others as Alfie gives Amber a present of Bacon flavor floss. Jerome asks Fabian why he's down in the dumps. Fabian explains about the letter and Jerome encourages Fabian to look in Eddie's bag for the letter. Fabian finds the fake letter and reads it. Mr Sweet asks why Eddie and Patricia broke up and Eddie says to ask Patricia. Eddie talks about the history class assignment and Mr Sweet freaks out about it being about family trees. Fabian grabs Patricia and expresses concerns about Nina. He thinks that Eddie is working with Victor and Mr. Sweet and wants Patricia to help him like he helped her with Joy. Patricia covers for him as he sneaks back to Anubis house to snoop in Victor's office. He finds a file on Nina and the chosen one and takes it. In class, the girls are researching their family histories and dicover that KT's history on her father's side only goes to her grandfather. Mr. Sweet shuts down the Family Treeproject, but won't tell Ms. Denby why. Fabian shows Patricia the file on the chosen one, but they have no clues as to what happened to Nina. Patricia starts rifling through Eddie's things and finds something in one of his drawers.

Part 2

Fabian and Patricia discover that Eddie has Nina's locket in the drawer. Patricia goes to Eddie's computer and looks at it to see that he has a message from Nina that says they can no longer be together. Patricia and Fabian assume that Nina and Eddie had a summer romance that they both now feel guilty about and that is why Nina didn't return. They think that the locket is a token from their summer tryst. Amber is given a birthday present from Willow: a silk scarf. Willow asks if she can move in, but Mara walks in and says that she wants to room with Amber again. Trudy says that the bed was intended for KT, but KT lets Mara switch with her. Downstairs, the others prepare for Amber's surprise party and though Fabian wants to confront Eddie, the others convince him to go to the surprise party. KT tries to figure out what the key unlocks, but instead escorts Amber to her party with Mara. Amber is genuinely surprised and looks to open her presents.

Fabian confronts Eddie and makes a scene. Eddie says that he'll tell Fabian everything, but not in front of an audience. The others go to watch Amber open her presents as Eddie and Fabian go to talk. KT runs to the cellar door to find it open. She descends into it and sees all of Victor's taxidermy before being caught by Victor himself. She goes back to the party and the others discuss why Fabian made a scene before Amber opens her presents. Eddie tells Fabian that the Osirian and the Chose one have to be apart and that he lost the letter that Nina wanted him to give Fabian. They search for it. Meanwhile, Victor is waiting in the woods and encounters Mr. Sweet. Victor tells him that he's meeting someone and Mr. Sweet says that he is the one that Victor is meeting. He is the seeker. A mysterious bracelet ends up among Amber's presents and Alfie claims it's a present from him, but sees it was intended for Victor.

Victor claims to be "The Great Enabler" and he and Mr. Sweet wonder who the Keeper is. Eddie finds Nina's note in a shoe and leaves Fabian to read it. He runs into KT and sees the key. When he touches it, he gets a vision of moving sarcophagi and being trapped. Frightened, he goes and sits on the stairs as KT asks if he's alright.

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  • This episode marks the first appearances of KT Rush, Willow Jenks, and Caroline Denby. 


  • In this episode, Mr. Sweet was talking to Victor about putting the new American girl, KT, in the cellar due to a shortage of beds (if Nina did come back). However, in season 2, the attic was turned into a spare bedroom, so KT could've stayed up there.
  • In Season 2, it is said that the Osirian is supposed to protect the Chosen One. However, Nina said that she and Eddie can't be together. This was hastily made up because Nathalia Ramos (Nina's portrayer) left the series.



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