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SunriseDaisy Admin and Bureaucrat
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Admin Waiting List

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Yes, this wikia has rules. You should read them before starting editing. You don't want to start editing and then realize you broke a rule. That would be not good. Click here to go to rules.

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Page marked for deletion?

If your page is marked for deletion, click Candidates for deletion and go to the talk section and explain why it does not need to be deleted. If there are no users who disagree with the deletion, then the page will be deleted ASAP!


Want to block someone? Read the rules to see what is not acceptable on the wiki. If someone is annoying you, please tell one of our admins (listed above) and we will give the user a strong warning. If there is more than two warnings on their talk page, the user will be blocked for the amount of days needed. The ban can go from 3 days to permanently.

Report a Problem

Having a problem with the wikia? Can't add a certain picture or edit a certain page? Report a problem by contacting one of our administrators.


Certain categories only apply to certain pages, so there is no need to add some categories. Adding useless categories can get you banned. For more information, please go to this blog.

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