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You do remember me, right?
— Nina Martin to Fabian Rutter
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"Did you just call me beautiful?"
General Information
Shipped Characters: Fabian Rutter and Nina Martin
Length of Relationship: Season 1-2
Status: Exes
Romance after show (Fan theory sparked by Diane Whitley)
Rivals: Jabian
Other Pairing Names: Fina

Fabina (Fab/ian and N/ina) is the romantic pairing of Nina Martin and Fabian Rutter. Fabian was very interested in Nina ever since she arrived at Anubis House. There had been some hints in House of Secrets / House of Attitude / House of the Blackbird / House of Dares / House of Lies that Fabian liked Nina when Mick asked Fabian of what does he think about the new girl and Fabian replied saying, "She looks nice." It was clearly noticable by everyone in Anubis House that they both had feelings for each other throughout the season. Fabian finally asked Nina to the dance after mistakingly acting like he wanted to take Patricia. They had their first kiss in House of Hush / House of Spies / House of Sting / House of Never / House of Forever. In Season 2 they had a relationship for 5 or so episodes but they unfortunately broke up, although it was plain that they still liked each other. Joy had feelings for Fabian, so she tried to go out with him, even though he liked Nina. This made Nina and Joy enemies until the end of the season, when Joy accepted that Fabina were dating, then they became friends. In the Season 2 Finale, they kissed and then got together. Fabina ended because Nathalia (Nina's portrayer) left in Season 3 because of her studies. They officially broke up in House of Truth / House of Hieroglyphs, because it was revealed in the show that Nina isn't returning to Anubis House although they still love each other, as Fabian still continues to mention her, especially at the start of the season. Many fans are hoping that Nina will return in Season 4 (if there is one), so that Fabina can reunite. Although it was seen at the end of Season 3 that Fabian might like Mara as they have many similarities and they did kiss in The Touchstone of RaTasie (Mara's portrayer) will not be returning if there is a Season 4. But if it were to include the old cast (including Nina), it's possible for Fabina to happen again but, part of it is unlikely because Fabian has most likely moved on from Nina. However, it is possible the characters still have feelings for each other, and if they were both in a fourth season, they could get back together. One of the writers of the series, Diane Whitley, said that it was possible that they rekindled a romance together after the events of the show, but there has been no more information about it.

To view the real-life pairing of Brad Kavanagh and Nathalia Ramos, see Brathalia.


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It was shown that Fabian liked Nina when they first layed eyes on each other. He was also the kindest person in the house to Nina when she arrived,(aside from Mara) and often stuck up for herwhen the others made fun of her. Fabian was the one that Nina trusted the most when she first got into Anubis house. Nina was the first person to trust Fabian with the locket that Sarah was so secretive about. They are best friends, since they hang out a lot while solving riddles and clues. They are two of the three Sibuna founders. Fabian also shows that he is a very good friend to Nina by standing up for her when she first moved into the Anubis House. In House of Reservations / House of Heavy, Nina states "I can't believe I thought he actually liked me," confirming that Nina likes Fabian. They kissed in the season 1 finale at the prom, after winning prom king/queen, and in season two they became a couple. In House of Combinations / House of Heartbreak, they break up because of a misunderstanding and they think they are better off as best friends. They do say it was mutual though. After their breakup, they both seem to regret it and still have feelings for each other. In House of Crushes / House of Vertigo, they both dreamed that they kissed again, and acted nervous and blushed a little when it was brought up by Amber. Nina and Fabian are kind and caring people to everyone. They are both an essential part of the story of House of Anubis.


In House of Sabotage / House of Nine Lives, Fabian couldn't go through with the kiss with Joy because he said he still had feelings for Nina and he would never get over her even though they broke up. Nina looked happy and mouthed aww and put her hand on her heart proving that she still has feelings for him too. The rest of the season revealed that it was obvious that they still had feelings for each other, even after they broke up. In the season two finale, Fabian said that they were wrong about breaking up and that she was his chosen one. Then, they kissed and got back together. In season 3 Nina did not return and Fabian was not only upset, but was also angry at Eddie because he was under the impression that the two had a "summer romance" and almost punched Eddie in front of all of the Anubis House residents. Ultimately, Nina had told Fabian to move on and that she will always love him, despite being far away from one another in the letter Eddie found while looking for it with Fabian. Although Fabian and Nina are no longer together anymore the fact that they were first loves for each other will never change.

It was said by one of the writers of the series, Diane Whitley, via Twitter that post-canon, the two might get back together, but no more was ever said on the subject.

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Fabina Moments

Season 1

House of Secrets / House of Attitude / House of the Blackbird / House of Dares / House of Lies

  • Fabian was nice to Nina and welcomed her into the house.
  • Fabian gave Nina tissues to dry her sweater when Patricia poured water on her.
  • Fabian was the only welcoming person when Nina moved in.
  • Fabian saw her crying and wondered what's wrong.
  • When Nina was crying, Fabian came out with a glass of water which was probably for Nina.
  • Nina lied to Fabian that she's allergic to cats, although it was obvious that he knew it wasn't caused by the allergies.
  • Fabian had a sad expression when Nina walked upstairs crying.
  • Fabian tried to persuade the others to be more welcoming to Nina.
  • Fabian tried to make sure she didn’t continue with the fake initiation ceremony.
  • Fabian (along with Amber and Mara) wanted Patricia to let her out of the attic.
  • Fabian told Mick that Nina looked and seemed nice, and Mick teased him about it.
  • The two smiled at each other throughout the episode.

House of Locks / House of Eyes

  • Fabian attempted to get Nina out of the attic.
  • Nina asked Fabian to keep a secret and he agreed.
  • Fabian asked if he could walk with Nina to class.
  • Nina said she would 'fancy' that, meaning she would like it.
  • Fabian laughed at how Nina was trying to be more British.
  • Fabian got the key to the attic from the bushes for Nina.
  • Nina took a leaf out of Fabian's hair.
  • Fabian said to Nina that she could trust him, and so she does.
  • They snuck into the attic and found some ancient hieroglyphics.
  • Nina told Fabian about the treasure.
  • When Amber asks if they were on a secret date, they both immediately said no repeatedly.

House of Agendas / House of Keys

  • Fabian and Nina went to the retirement home together to meet Sarah.
  • Nina looked dreamily at Fabian.
  • They both snuck out of their rooms to open up the 8th step.
  • Fabian said that Nina has the same pretty eyes as the girl in the photo.
  • Fabian and Nina had an awkward staring moment afterwards.
  • When Nina and Fabian tried to open the 8th step, their fingers touched.

House of Discovery / House of Hyper

  • Nina touches Fabian's arm.

awwww <3

  • In Nina's diary, she said that Fabian is a little bit geek chic and that he's sweet to her.
  • Fabian said that Nina is very persuasive and she giggled at that.
  • Nina found one of the relics and examined it with Fabian.
  • They snuck up to the attic and found phonographic cylinders in a locked box.
  • Fabian asked Nina if she would like to dance with him.
  • Nina agreed with a smile and warned him about the damage that might happen to his feet.
  • Nina said she would meet Fabian at the party later on.
  • Nina and Fabian laughed about Alfie's deer head.
  • They had some awkward stares.
  • Fabian lied that he was the one who took the spare attic key from Victor's office, so Nina wouldn't get in trouble.
  • Nina refused to let Fabian take the blame.
  • They both met up at Fabian's locker.
  • Fabian and Nina took the phonographic cylinders to Fabian's Uncle Ade, who owns an antique shop, and found out they are phonographic cylinders.
  • Nina laid her head on Fabians shoulder while putting the object back in her bag.
  • Fabian's Uncle Ade asked if Nina is Fabian's girlfriend and said that they are a perfect pairing.
  • Fabian said Nina is just a friend while blushing and when Nina is being secretive, Uncle Ade said that she was made for Fabian, and Fabian started to rush to leave out of embarrassment.
  • They both blushed throughout the episode

House of Cheats / House of Rumours

  • Fabian notices the design on the sides of the stairs were the same as Nina's locket.
  • They apologize at the same time when they were late to class.
  • They listen to the phonographic cylinders together.
  • When Victor tries to find out who made the noise in the attic, Fabian and Nina huddle in the secret room together.
  • Fabian puts his robe around Nina because she gets cold, and she smiles when he does.
  • Nina warns Fabian not to leave the attic, after he gets up to go.
  • Amber thinks that Nina and Fabian are secretly dating. Nina doesn't deny her and goes along with it just so Amber won't suspect anything.
  • Amber tells Mick about how Nina and Fabian are "secretly dating" and he tackles Fabian.
  • Fabian tries to ask Nina out.
  • Nina says that she and Fabian are "ridiculous." She sort of hesitates on that and Fabian looks like he's faking the yes. Fabian awkwardly leaves right after and Nina makes an embarrassed expression after he leaves.
  • Amber makes Nina and Fabian a scrapbook, due to liking Fabian and Nina together.
  • Fabian and Nina talk about what Amber knows about the secret. Nina calls herself stupid for telling Amber.
  • Fabian walks over to hug her, but stops because he feels embarrassed about doing so.

House of Intruders / House of Proof

  • Fabian and Nina meet up at Fabian's locker.
  • They are practically touching.
  • Fabian offers Nina to go to the retirement home to visit Sarah with him, but Nina declines the offer because of what happened last time.
  • They smile at each other.

House of Confrontation / House of Alarms

  • Nina and Fabian are sitting next to each other and their bodies are touching.          
  • They are both trying to figure out the sunset while Amber was talking about lip gloss.
  • Nina smiles when Fabian is making fun of Jerome.
  • Nina looks at the skeleton that wants to kiss Fabian almost like she's jealous.
  • Fabian seems annoyed by the skeleton even though it is supposedly Joy.
  • Nina and Fabian are closely standing by each other.
  • When Nina comforts Amber about her break-up, Fabian smiles at Nina.
  • Nina and Fabian looked at the picture with the chandelier together and Nina smiled and touched Fabian's arm and saying tears of glass.
  • Nina and Fabian bake cookies together.
  • Nina and Fabian restore the chandelier in order to solve the next riddle.
  • You can hear Fabian laughing in the background when Nina says that they don’t grow houses like this in America.

House of Flames / House of Passages

  • When looking at the clue in the tube, Nina's head is on Fabian's shoulder.
  • Nina says she could do with some strength and gives it to Fabian.
  • Nina and Fabian bump heads when backing away from the fireplace.
    Scared fabina1-0.png
  • Fabian laughs and Nina jokes about how it is just a minor concussion.
  • They stare at each other and exchange flirty looks.
  • Amber calls them Romeo and Juliet.
  • Fabian asks if Nina is going to take Patricia up on her offer and calls her multiple times.

House of Kidnap / House of Cat-Nap

  • Fabian calls Nina "super sleuth-y."
  • They walk to Fabian's locker together.
  • Nina tells Fabian about Patricia's offer.
  • Nina asks Fabian whether it is a good idea or not.
  • Fabian smiles when Nina says she will give him the locket.
  • Nina says she trusts Fabian and then he has a huge grin on his face.
  • Nina and Fabian sit together at a desk.
  • Nina tries to get Fabian's number puzzle he was working on from Jerome.

House of Cameras / House of Numbers

  • Nina catches Fabian playing the guitar.
  • Fabian seems embarrassed, but not angry.
  • Nina apologizes and says that she should have knocked.
  • Nina and Fabian are alone together in Fabian's room.
  • They are smiling the whole time while in Fabian's room.
  • After Nina says no, Fabian says no.
  • Nina and Fabian figure out something and they are staring at each other.
  • Fabian stalls Victor by throwing his vest over the camera and keeping him from going downstairs while Nina gets the next clue.
  • Nina gets the clue and Fabian is happy.
  • When Nina shows Fabian the picture of Victor, he sits right next to her.

House of Scares / House of Fakers

  • Fabian says he'll go down in the cellar himself possibly not wanting to put anyone else in danger, including Nina. 
  • Nina said that they stick together and she's coming with him.
  • Nina smiles at Fabian while saying that.
  • He smiles widely.
  • Nina was worried about the play script and Fabian said that it would be okay.
  • Nina was worried about using the 'Sarah theme' and Fabian gave her a reassuring smile.
  • Fabian and Nina are standing very close together.
  • Nina was laughing about how Fabian wasn't "scared."

House of Identity / House of Emergency

  • Fabian and Nina are sitting at a desk together.
  • Right after Alfie is taken to the hospital, Victor turns around to start questioning them all, and Fabian's hand is on Nina's back in an attempt to comfort her.
  • Fabian walks by and stops in the classroom to say hi to Nina and he called her "Shakespeare."
  • Fabian says that is isn’t Nina's fault that Alfie is in the hospital and that it is Patricia's for leaving the bottle in her bag.
  • Fabian looks really upset when Nina says she was quitting Sibuna.
  • Nina quits the group and gives the locket to Fabian.
  • Fabian tries to comfort Nina by saying that it isn’t her fault.
  • When Nina says she wishes she turned down the scholarship, Fabian tells her not to talk like that.
  • He says that Sarah chose Nina for a reason.
  • Fabian is about to put his hand on Nina's shoulder but is stopped when the rest of Sibuna walked in.
  • Fabian looks like he is about to burst into tears begging her not to quit. His face turns red and he just stares at the locket trying to say something.
  • Amber says she could sense some weird romantic tension in the room between Nina and Fabian.
  • Fabian looks really upset when Nina gives him her locket and leaves Sibuna.

House of Reunion / House of Memories

  • Nina solves the clue where yesterday always follows tomorrow and Fabian picks he
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    r up and spins her around.
  • Fabian said that Nina was a genius girl.
  • They were both smiling, laughing, and blushing after he hugged her. 
  • Fabian asks Nina if she would help him look for it.
  • Fabian said that Sarah gave the locket to Nina and that it wasn't his.
  • Fabian persuades Nina to rejoin Sibuna.
  • Fabian and the rest of Sibuna look happy when Nina joins the group again.
  • Fabian and Nina are standing close to each other.
  • Nina and Fabian are sitting across from each other trying to figure out what the inside of the book says.
  • They get really close when they see the words inside were in invisible ink.
  • Nina and Fabian sneak out at night to finish the clue, but then Victor steals it.
  • Nina lies about how Patricia has a boyfriend and Fabian jokingly says that she has to stop lying.
  • Fabian and Nina both worry about Rufus and whether he comes around.
  • Nina and Fabian didn't want Rufus to look or take the locket.
  • Fabian defended Nina by saying the locket isn't strictly Rufus's either.
  • Nina and Fabian inspect the book and Nina asks him if he found anything and he jokingly says she asked him 10 seconds ago.
  • Nina gives him help from the flashlight.

House of Drama / House of Codes

  • Nina mentions her plan and Fabian seems interested.
  • When the dress rehearsal for the play, Fabian touched Nina's hand.
  • Fabian said her plan was brilliant.
  • Nina and Fabian are sitting on a one-person chair together.
  • Fabian helps Nina play a video game, but she dies (in the game).
  • Fabian and Nina are laughing and smiling when Nina is playing the game.
  • Fabian's Uncle Ade asks if Fabian and Nina are "stepping out" (dating).
  • Nina has no idea what that is, but Fabian retorts NO!
  • Uncle Ade says he likes Nina: "She has cheek and a good appetite" (Suggesting he's a Fabina Shipper)
  • They read the book Uncle Ade gave them at the play.
  • Fabian smiles as Nina acts.
  • Fabian asks if he can go with Nina to the safe during the play.
  • Nina goes alone and he says to be careful.
  • Fabian gives her a thumbs-up and a smile before she went on stage.
  • Nina seem more reassured than nervous after that.
  • Fabian tells Nina that she doesn't have to go, but she decides to go anyways.
  • She blushes and leaves for Anubis House.
  • Fabian went to go check for Nina.
  • Fabian seem worried when Amber said there was no sign of Nina.
  • Fabian told Patricia that he knew she would be back in time.

House of Risks / House of Thieves

  • Fabian is worried about where Nina is.
  • He keeps stuttering when he talks about her.
  • Fabian goes to check where Nina was, and when he couldn't find her, he was visibly nervous.
  • Fabian gives her a huge hug and doesn't let go when she returns.
  • Nina and Fabian talk about how Victor might already know about the puzzle pieces.
  • They both agreed that Victor could be talking about Rufus or anyone else in the audience that he was going to eliminate.
  • Fabian reassured Nina about how Victor didn't go back to the house and made fun of Victor's face.
  • Also, Fabian made Nina relax by saying how Patricia was tough.

House of Hazards / House of Charades

  • Fabian was laughing with Nina about Victor's face.
  • Fabian tried to calm Nina down when Victor was asking who stole the pieces.
  • Victor was asking Nina if she took it and Fabian interrupted by saying there's no reason or way for them to have taken it since he knew Nina couldn't lie.
  • Nina is worried and told Fabian that she's on that tape.
  • Nina is wondering where Fabian is.
  • Fabian switches the tapes that way Nina doesn't get caught risking him to get in big trouble if he got caught.
  • Nina says she owes him 1 or 20.
  • Then Nina kisses Fabian on the cheek.
  • Fabian looks shocked and happy at the same time, and he was blushing.
  • Amber was watching and smiling when Nina kissed his cheek, hinting that she ships Fabina.
  • Afterwards, Nina was lying on Fabian's shoulder smiling while Fabian was shocked.

House of Rendezvous / House of Rescue

  • Fabian called Nina's phone trying to figure out where she went.
  • He hugged her while hugging Amber after he found and unlocked them from the abandoned warehouse.
  • Nina gave Fabian a jealous look when Joy calls Fabian "Fabes."

House of Arrest / House of Hoax

  • They sneak into Victor's office together.
  • Fabian tries to promise Nina he won't give up on her in the hallway, but Alfie interrupts him.
  • Fabian nervously tries to tell Nina he may have lost an Ankh piece.
  • In the living room, Fabian talks to Nina about the Ankh piece.
  • Fabian says he will not give up on Sarah, the quest, and certainly not on Nina.
  • Nina says that was sweet.
  • They stare at each other with flirty looks and then Nina breaks the silence by saying it's hot in there.
  • Nina has a really happy grin after Fabian said that.
  • When Patricia says she found the Ankh pieces and Fabian says he could kiss her, Nina has a jealous look.
  • Amber said she would find out Fabian's numerology number and then Nina's, to see if they matched.

House of Time / House of Aliens

  • They lean really close to each other while speaking.
  • When the message on the wall said, " Awaken the Voice," Fabian asked Nina what it means rather than everyone else.
  • Fabian says hi to Nina when she returned back to the house.
  • Fabian and Nina are standing very close to each other when they called Amber to come.
  • Fabian asks Nina to keep watch for him.
  • The Sibuna club holds hands.
  • Fabian is the first to agree when Nina asks if everyone is still "on board".

House of Yesterday / House of Victory

  • Fabian was worried when Trudy wanted to talk to Nina in the hall and he and Patricia looked really worried.
  • Fabian said he was sorry that Sarah died and Nina was upset.
  • When Nina was looking through Sarah's box, Fabian, Alfie and Patricia came in to check she was ok.
  • Fabian told her that they came to check on her.
  • Fabian was the first to notice Nina was crying.
  • When Alfie got creeped out by Nina's description of Sarah in her dream, Fabian gave him a look.
  • After Nina told Fabian, Patricia, and Alfie that Sarah died, Nina rests her head on Fabian's body.

House of Bribes / House of Venom

  • Fabian wanted to comfort Nina before she went to Sarah's funeral, so he sits next to her.
  • Fabian watched Nina get ready for the funeral.
  • He reminds her that she still has her friends.
  • When Patricia says that Joy and Fabian were really close, Nina looked upset.
  • After Patricia says this, Fabian looks at Nina and denies that he and Joy were close. (It seemed like he was saying it to Nina rather than anyone else.)
  • As Nina came down the stairs from Victor's office, Fabian stared at her with a smile.
  • Fabian sat next to Nina down in the cellar.
  • Down in the cellar, Fabian noticed that Nina was cold.
  • After Nina denied one of Amber's blankets Fabian tells her to share with him and they share blanket, and Amber and Alfie exchange knowing glances.
  • They had some cute staring moments toward each other throughout the episode.

House of Stars / House of Harsh

  • Fabian tells Nina to be careful when she goes back up into the attic.
  • Nina jokes about how she's always careful and Fabian gave her a disapproving look in a joking manner.
  • Fabian was playing guitar in Nina's room, showing that he's comfortable around her because he doesn't play guitar around others, except Mick.
  • They look up at the moon and stars together and they have a moment. 
  • When Fabian saw she was upset, he came and sat next to her.
  • They look through the telescope together.
  • When they were caught, they were standing really close together.
  • Nina makes up a lie for Fabian, but it doesn't work.

House of Lights / House of Allegiance

  • Fabian tries to mimic Victor's voice to scare Nina.
  • They laugh together, and she gives him a playful shove.
  • Nina shows him the next clue.
  • Alfie asks if they are "snooping or flirting." Fabian responds, blushing, with a sarcastic "HA, HA,HA HA!"
  • Nina tells Fabian her intuition has been stronger since Sarah died.
  • She also tells him she has been hearing voices.
  • She thinks that he thinks she is crazy.
  • Fabian wonders if they got it wrong about Joy being the chosen one when it should be Nina.
  • Nina freaks out when she hears this and runs away while Fabian tries to call for her.
  • Amber says they are so good together.
  • They go into Victor's office together to get the next clue while Victor is out.

House of Pests / House of Betrayal

  • They are sitting next to each other in class.
  • They devise a plan to get the puzzle pieces.
  • Nina laughed about how Fabian mimicked Mr. Sweet's voice.
  • They were both in the Attic getting the pieces.
  • They return to school in time both holding the take out.

House of Revelation / House of Heavy

  • Amber, Mick, and Mara think Fabian is going to ask Nina to the prom, showing they are all Fabina shippers. Amber says it will be so romantic, but Fabian hides it by saying they are just friends.
  • They pin Fabian to ask Nina, but then he asks Patricia if she is going with anyone.
  • Nina gets jealous and almost cries and says she thought he liked her.
  • Fabian asks Nina if he can speak with her after figuring out what the puzzle pieces resemble which is the cup itself.
  • Fabian shows Nina the puzzle piece opening up.
  • He tries to ask her to the prom, but she thinks he is going to ask Patricia.
  • He tries to tell her he won't ask Patricia, but she runs out and almost cries.
  • While Nina leaves, Fabian seems to know that he has made a mistake by asking Patricia.

House of Hush / House of Spies / House of Sting / House of Never / House of Forever

  • Fabian tells Nina that he's not asking Patricia.            
  • Nina smiles and looks relieved when he says that.
  • He then tries to ask her, but they get interrupted by Victor.
  • Nina smiles when he is looking at his laptop.
  • Fabian asks why she is smiling. Nina replies with, "That little frown you get when you concentrate."
  • Fabian looks back at his laptop smiling in secret.
  • Fabian attempts again to ask Nina to the prom.
  • Just as Fabian was about to ask Nina, Patricia comes into the room.
  • Exasperated, Nina says, "Every time," while rolling her eyes.
  • Fabian tries to ask Nina to the dance again.
  • Nina says yes before he could ask because Patricia walks in.
  • Fabian asked Patricia to leave the room so he can ask Nina to the prom.
  • Fabian then asks Nina. She says, "Yes" and he is surprised and excited telling Patricia as she enters the room.
  • When Patricia makes the comment about how she was supposed to go with Fabian, Nina was visibly upset, until she learned it was a joke.
  • He stares at Nina in her beautiful dress, and silently says, "Whoa".
  • He tells Nina not to worry when Rufus has got them in the classroom.
  • He yells "LEAVE HER!" when Rufus grabs Nina and he tackles Rufus.
  • They hug once Nina gets out and Fabian asks if she's alright.
  • When Rufus told Fabian to get the elixir, Nina looked at him worriedly.
  • Fabian said for Alfie to stop acting and Nina looked even more worried.
  • Nina looked interested in Fabian's plan.
  • In the cellar Fabian switches the Elixir and Nina says she loves him and hugs him.           
  • Fabian blushes and smiles when Nina hugs him.
  • Fabian and Nina held hands.
  • Fabian looked worried for Nina because she said that she was going back and she'll meet him. Fabian didn't want to leave, but Patricia told him to go. He said no on his way out.
  • At the dance, Fabian is worried about Nina.
  • Amber crowns them both Prom Queen and King.
  • They dance together while everyone is smiling.
  • They both agreed it was embarrassing and they smiled lovingly into each other's eyes.
  • Fabian calls Nina beautiful and doesn't take it back.
  • He then asks her why she went back to the cellar, and she says it can wait.
  • They kiss and everybody cheers, then blush.
  • They continue dancing after the kiss and they lean their foreheads against each other.

Season 2

House of Hello / House of Dolls

  • Fabian asks Trudy if Nina was here.
  • They both stand smiling at each other when they reunite.
  • They both ask how each other's transportation was.
  • Fabian and Nina reunite and almost kiss, only to be interrupted by Jerome.
  • Fabian awkwardly offers Nina some browny.
  • The two are holding hands at the table at breakfast, in a love like way.
  • In the background, you can hear Fabian asking Nina if she was okay repeatedly.
  • Nina said she told her grandma a lot about Fabian and that she was excited to me him.
  • Fabian smiled as a response to Nina's safety while she smiled back.
  • Nina calls Fabian a word nerd and tells him how useful it is to date him.
  • They agree to go on a double date with Mara and Mick.
  • Fabian is excited to go on a normal date.
  • They sit next to each other at class.
  • They go on a romantic stroll.
  • The two hold hands as they walk to an abandoned library.
  • Fabian explains how the library could be useful and Nina agrees.
  • When Nina goes into the library, Fabian is calling her name multiple times and follows her.
  • He took Nina's opinion over Joy's, when he was picking a picture for his profile.
  • He immediately changed his profile to in a relationship when Nina stared at him.
  • They were smiling at each other throughout the episode.

House of Spirits / House of Blackmail

  • Nina and Fabian are close to each other when hiding behind the bookshelf.
  • Nina has told Gran all about Fabian.
  • Fabian smiled when she told him that.

Fabina forever <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Fabian and Nina sit together at the table.
  • They look at photos with Gran.
  • Nina plans a picnic date in the attic, making up for the movie date that they've missed.
  • Fabian says the attic is a good place because they would never started dating if it hadn't been for the mystery. Nina agrees.
  • They almost kiss, but the cup starts glowing.
  • Amber thinks the date is cute, but weird.
  • They look disappointed about having to cancel the date.
  • Fabian is rubbing Nina's hand while on the date.

House of Rivals / House of Faces

  • Fabian gave Nina a smile when Mr.Sweet said she could stay to help with the bid.
  • Fabian got upset and said he was a pushover, and Nina tried to assure him he wasn't.
  • Joy tells Nina and Amber, in the bathroom, that she and Fabian are working together and Nina looks jealous.
  • Nina is jealous and admits that Joy likes him.
  • Nina admits they are still best friends.
  • Amber asks if Nina likes Fabian.
  • Amber says they need more Fabina time.
  • Amber goes and plans a date.
  • Nina freaks out about the mask as Fabian tries to calm her down. Fabian touches her shoulder.
  • Fabian and Nina go to walk together to class, but Joy joins in.
  • Nina is mad that Joy joins in and says,"Perfect. The three of us. Finally."
  • Nina's Gran tells Fabian he needs to me more assertive if he wants Nina.
  • She tells him to write a poem for Nina.
  • When Joy said that her and Fabes make a good team because of their common interests, Nina has a jealous look.
  • Fabian tries to read Nina the poem he wrote but Nina wanted to talk to him about the quest.
  • Fabian tries to be assertive for Nina but it backfires and she leaves.
  • Fabian gets upset that he couldn't read his poem.
  • When Joy joins them on their walk, Nina locks arms with Fabian and walks out first, leaving Joy behind.

House of Myths / House of Nightmares

  • Fabian apologizes to Nina about being assertive.
  • They go to Uncle Ade's shop together to figure out about the mask.
  • They plan to go on a date, but Gran's last night is that night and Nina can't.
  • She invites Fabian to go hang out with Gran and her, but Fabian declines.
  • Nina looks jealous when Joy and Fabian walk in all happy.
  • Gran tells her he likes Nina and that there's a haiku with her name on it.
  • Nina wants to plan a date, but Fabian is working with Joy.
  • Fabian says it's not really a date with him and Joy.
  • Fabian says he can cancel with Joy for the date, but it's too late.
  • They schedule another date.
  • When Fabian was dreaming, he was whispering and saying,"I can't Joy. I'm going on a date with Nina."
  • Fabian has a dream where Nina is in a dress and he is in a tux like on a date.
  • He touches her face admirably in the dream.
  • In the dream, he tells Nina that she is beautiful.

House of Combinations / House of Heartbreak

  • Nina can tell Fabian is acting funny.
  • Fabian tells Nina about the dream.
  • She asked if he had the mark and blamed it on herself.
  • Nina was very concerned and Fabian ensures her that he doesn't have it.
  • Fabian didn't want to tell Nina because it would worry her.
  • Nina was relieved that he "didn't" have the mark.
  • They are very close when looking at the map.
  • Amber sets them up on a double date.
  • Nina says they are best friends to Amber.
  • Fabian says Nina looks nice for their date.
  • Both Fabian and Nina didn't want to go on the date.
  • Nina talks about how they are still best friends.
  • Fabian suggests things were better when they were best friends.
  • They break up, but Nina says later on "It was mutual".
  • Amber is sad they broke up and blames it on Alfie, showing she is a true Fabina shipper.
  • Fabian hugs Nina first when they win the bid.
  • Joy hugs him too and Nina looks jealous.
  • Nina is mad that Fabian didn't tell her about the mark.

House of tunnels

  • Nina and Fabian lie about Fabian texting Nina that he still loves her, in order to cover for Nina's freak out about Senkhara.

House of Protection / House of Letters

  • Nina and Fabian are very close throughout the episode.
  • Nina and Fabian hold hands when they get scanned.
  • Fabian and Nina realize, when the scan is over, they are still holding hands and break them apart. Both looking embarrassed and upset.
  • Nina and Fabian go in the tunnels, again, together alone.
  • They both are close to the door listening into Vera and Victor flirting.
  • While stuck in the Secret cellar, Fabian asks about Nina's gran trying to break the awkward tension.
  • Nina sits very close to Fabian on the couch.
  • When Senkhara comes to warn Nina, Fabian looks very sad for her.
  • Fabian pulls Nina close to him and lets her rest her head on his shoulder.
  • He also rubs her shoulder up and down too at that moment above.
  • Fabian and Nina miss Mrs. Andrews class and decide to go to Frobisher Library together.
  • They end up late for Mrs. Andrews class yet again but Nina save the day with her impressive french skills.

House of Crushes / House of Vertigo

  • Nina and Fabian are very close throughout the episode.
  • Nina gets this jealous look on her face throughout the episode when Joy flirts with Fabian.
  • Nina decides to flirt with Eddie when Joy flirts with Fabian.
  • Fabian got jealous with Neddie and said Eddie burps to see if Nina would care.
  • Amber tells Nina "Fabian must really like you if he's learning hopscotch for you."
  • Fabian and Nina were talking before Jerome came in with the masks.
  • Fabian tried to tell Nina not to buy a dress from Jerome.
  • Nina tells Fabian he did great on his speech.
  • Fabian asks Nina to dance and she accepts.
  • Amber is happy that Fabian and Nina are dancing.
  • Fabian tells Nina that Joy's only his study buddy and that Nina is his best friend.
  • She smiles at that comment.
  • They lean in for a long kiss.
  • After the kiss, Nina left, but Fabian called her name.

House of Pressure / House of Deja Vu


  • Fabian and Nina deny remembering the dream kiss even though they do.
  • Amber knows that they kissed.
  • Fabian and Nina are close to each other throughout the episode.
  • Nina is jealous that Joy is spending so much time with Fabian.
  • She tries to bring up the Joy thing, but Amber shoves it off.
  • Fabian smiles at Nina from across the way.
  • He hands her a drink.
  • When Nina said that she didn't want to think about the dream, Fabian got upset about the kiss, but Nina denies that part right away.
  • Fabian says Nina looks better than in the dream.
  • Nina runs back at hopscotch to get Fabian.
  • Nina grabbed Fabian's arm.
  • Nina and Fabian share a look when Fabian escapes the hopscotch.
  • Nina was glad that they didn't lose Fabian.
  • Fabian said that would never happen.
  • Fabian remembers the dream last night.

House of Hoods / House of Deceit

  • Nina congratulates Fabian on his speech.
  • They stand very close holding lemonade.
  • Nina, being sarcastic, says this kiss didn't happen yet.
  • Fabian agrees accidentally implying he didn't want to kiss her making her mad.
  • Nina, angry and sad at Fabian for his comment, leaves to go for a walk and leaves her mask.
  • Fabian goes all around looking for Nina.
  • Nina comes back to the ball to find Fabian and Joy kissing and has a very sad look on her face.
  • She runs out crying as Fabian sees this and tries to chase after her.
  • She is still in tears when talking to Amber and says to not let Fabian near because she needs space.
  • Amber slaps Fabian for kissing Joy
  • Fabian tells Amber that it was all an accident.
  • He looks and sounds really upset when Amber won't let him see Nina.
  • Fabian almost cried because Amber won't let him see Nina.
  • Fabian saves Nina from falling and they end up in an awkward position.
  • Fabian said that this is the part of the dream that he wasn't going to let come true.
  • Fabian said that he saved her and he thought she wasn't mad anymore.
  • Fabian looks upset when Nina insults him about Joy.
  • Amber thinks they got back together.
  • Nina tells her they are not and insults Fabian about kissing Joy.
  • She makes another remark about him kissing Joy a few moments later.

House of Sibuna / House of Payback

  • When Joy tells Nina that she will try to keep Fabian from making "Jabian" happen, Nina says there's no "Fabina" and tells her not to worry about it because Fabian is a free agent.
  • Fabian looks hurt when Nina said that.
  • After Nina said that, she seemed to have a regretful look on her face, meaning she is probably questioning herself for saying that.

House of Pendulums / House of Impasse

  • Fabian wishes Nina good night and says," Sweet dreams."
  • Nina gives him a smile as a reply.
  • Fabian pulled Nina out of Victor's path and put his hands on her shoulders.
  • After Fabian crossed the chasm, he said: "Come on, Nina" with a lovely face.
  • After Nina crossed the chasm, Fabian put his arms around Nina and pulled her close to him.
  • When Nina goes to put the spare amulet in the doll house, Fabian looks at her with a loving smile.
  • Fabian stood close to Nina when she got across the bridge.
  • They hugged after the Nina got across.

House of Help / House of Phobias

  • Nina tells Fabian to be careful.

House of Isis / House of Curfews

  • Fabian and Nina were in the cupboard together trying to get Victor very tired.
  • Fabian and Nina reminisce while Fabian lies with his head on Nina's bed.
  • Fabian says that he misses "Fabina"
  • Fabian asks Nina out again, but she falls asleep.
  • Fabian holds on to Nina's arm and guides her over the creaky floorboards in Victor's office.

House of Hacks / House of Stings

  • Fabian reassures Nina that they'll do fine before he and Alfie go through the strings.
  • Before Fabian goes through the strings, Nina grabs onto his arm.
  • Nina gasps the first time Fabian moves through the strings and sighs when she sees he's okay.
  • Nina gives Fabian helpful tips as he crosses the web of strings.

House of Envy / House of Names

  • Nina gets upset when Fabian and Joy go to the movies, so she decides that she and Sibuna should go back to the web chamber without him.
  • When Nina finds out Fabian and Joy are going to the movies, Nina says that she thought she and him were going to see that movie.
  • Fabian says to Nina plenty of times that the movie with Joy is not a date.
  • When Fabian and Joy were watching the movie, Fabian avoids her when Joy tries to hold his hand and do other romantic things.
  • When Fabian saves the day, Nina looks happy he came.
  • Nina and Fabian meet up at the library where Fabian said he needs to talk to her. Nina assumes Fabian is going to talk about the movie "date" with Joy, but he didn't.
  • It gets awkward in the library, so Fabian tells Nina that he and Joy are just friends and that the movie wasn't a date.
  • Nina looks happy Fabian said that.
  • Fabian tries to convince Nina not to go through the door that is closing.
  • When the door is closing, Fabian yells for Nina multiple times.
  • Nina calls out for Fabian at the end and Fabian looks at the door with a distraught face.

House of Evidence / House of Genius

  • Nina calls for Fabian when she gets scared behind the door.
  • He's trying as fast and best as he could to get her out.
  • He yelled when he thought the door wouldn't open.
  • Fabian is the one that actually gets her out.
  • Nina and Fabian hug when Nina gets out.
  • Nina looked scared and Fabian looked relieved and hugged her tight.
  • Nina asks Fabian to stay and help her solve the puzzles while in the room.
  • He said it's getting late and that they should leave. She asks him to take pictures at least with a smile.
  • He agrees and takes the pictures.
  • Nina and Fabian go down to the cellar to snoop on Victor.
  • Nina told Fabian about the dream she had about Senkhara.
  • Fabian explained all the potions to Nina when she was confused.
  • Fabian chuckled about how Nina said the potion smelled like Christmas.

House of Accusations / House of Hasty

  • Nina and Fabian sit on the couch together while talking to Amber & Alfie.
  • Nina and Fabian are the only ones left in the room during breakfast.
  • Nina's piece of toast smells like cinnamon, which could be helpful for the task.
  • Nina gives the piece of toast to Fabian, assuming he will smell it.
  • Fabian thinks Nina is offering him her piece of toast, when she wasn't.
  • Fabian smells the piece of toast, and agrees cinnamon is a part of the task.
  • They think they figured out a part of the task.
  • Nina and Fabian sit together during Mara's trial.
  • They have time before the trial starts, so Nina says they should go to figure out the task.
  • Mr. Sweet tells everyone to sit down before they can go. Fabian is upset they can't go figure out the task.
  • After some of the trial, they call out a break. Nina, Fabian, and Amber go to the tunnels.
  • Fabian figures out the clue and the door opens to the next tunnel.
  • Nina is worried that they figured out the task so fast, and thinks someone was there before them.
  • Nina tells Fabian she is worried.
  • Fabian tells her it's OK, and that they are doing great with the task so she won't be worried.

House of Sorry / House of Hex

  • Nina and Fabian walk to their desk.
  • Nina tells Fabian that she cannot believe Mara got expelled.
  • Vera tells Nina that there is some bad news about her Gran. Fabian looks sad in the background.
  • Nina walks in on Fabian and Joy talking, and steps back to listen in.
  • Fabian turns around and see's Nina.
  • Nina looks at him with a mad look on her face.
  • Fabian tells Nina many times that they are just friends.
  • Nina says "Yeah, sure, just friends.. I know."
  • Fabian tells Nina that he really means it.
  • Nina tells him to "forget it" and walks away.
  • Fabian then loses his memory because of Nina's words.
  • Fabian and Nina sit next to each other during the ping-pong match.
  • Fabian asks Nina how the game is played. 

House of Silence / House of Warnings

  • Nina and Fabian sit on the couch together in the Drama studio.
  • Nina helps Fabian with his memory loss.
  • Nina asks Fabian if he still remembers her.
  • Fabian answers "Of course I do!"
    My best freind.png
  • When Nina asks Fabian who she is, he responds, "Nina Martin, my best friend," and she smiles.
  • Fabian forgets Joy's name and calls her Pam instead and Nina look kind of glad.

House of Status / House of Laments

  • Nina tells him "SARAH, FABIAN! Doll house Sarah!" when he forgets who Sarah is.
  • Nina says sorry for yelling at him.
  • Nina and Fabian sit together at class.
  • Later in Anubis House, Fabian tells Nina they should take turns spying on Victor, and Nina agrees.

House of Heists / House of Alibis

  • Nina runs up to him when he comes into her room with something important to tell them.
  • Nina tells him to try to remember, but he can't.
  • Nina says it's okay while rubbing his shoulder.
  • After coming up from a fail trip to the cellar, Nina and Fabian talk.
  • Fabian says he is going to the library to look for the missing instrument, and Nina says to write down what he finds out this time, She also tells him to be careful, and he agrees. 
  • Nina tells him "As long as you don't forget me, Fabian." while smiling.
  • Fabian says "Hey, some things I can never forget," with a flirty tone.
  • Nina smiles and watches him walk away.

House of Oblivion / House of Snoops

  • When Fabian tells Sibuna he doesn't know who any of them are and leaves the room, Nina runs after him.
  • Even though Fabian can't remember Nina, he knows that he trusts her with his life.
  • Nina says, "Ditto." as she trusts Fabian with her life too, even though he can't remember her right now.
  • When Nina, Patricia, and Fabian go down to the tunnels to finish the task, Nina doesn't let go of Fabian's hand until he runs away afraid of the roof caving in.
  • Nina helps Fabian get through the task.
  • Fabian remembers Nina and they are both smiling.

House of Reflections / House of Stooges

  • Nina and Fabian are seen close together throughout the episode.
  • At breakfast, Fabian cheers Nina up by telling her the quest is almost over.
  • When cleaning dishes, Nina blows soap bubbles at Fabian.
  • They are smiling and laughing while washing the dishes.
  • Nina and Fabian both smile at each other as Nina reads the riddle for the task.

House of Zodiacs / House of Reckoning

  • Fabian gives Nina a speech.
  • Nina says it's a good speech.
  • Fabian jokes with Nina about how she should remember it in case the other Sibunas need it, and she smiles.
  • Fabian told Nina that Victor didn't have what they had, and had to catch himself and say that he meant ALL of the Sibunas.
  • Nina grabs Fabian's hand and they look at each other and smile.
  • Fabian looks surprised, but happy.
  • Amber walks in on the two gazing at each other and asks if it's "National Fall in Love Day."
  • They both let go and look embarrassed.
  • Nina said that Fabian inspired her.
  • When she was walking out to get her notes, Fabian had a little grin on his face.
  • Fabian and Nina are trying to figure out how to make the door open.

House of Trades / House of Magic

  • Fabian yells "Just leave her alone!" when Senkhara leaves Nina scared.
  • When Alfie smashes Fabian's watch, Nina is holding her mouth in shock in the background, and feels bad for Fabian.
  • Down in the tunnels, Fabian puts his hand on Nina's shoulder and tells her they should be getting back now.
  • When the students are getting ready for a fancy dinner, when Fabian walks in, Nina runs to him.
  • Nina asks Fabian if he thinks everything will go well - Fabian tells her he thinks so.
  • When Alfie smashes the Amulet, in the background you can see Nina grabbing Fabian's hand slightly.

House of Sabotage / House of Nine Lives

  • Nina took Fabian's hand when they walked behind Joy, Mara and Eddie.
  • Nina tells Fabian that he needs to sweet-talk Joy even though he doesn't want to; she seems unhappy about the idea too.
  • Fabian has a sad look on his face and says,"Do I have to to?" 
  • When Fabian is about to go to Joy's room, Nina hesitates, but tells him to go.
  • Nina is eavesdropping on Joy and Fabian because she wants to see what's going on.
  • Nina looked shocked and upset when Joy said she would drop the article if Fabian kissed her. 
  • Fabian was about to kiss her, but he resisted.
  • Joy knew he still had feelings for Nina, and he said he still did.
  • Nina smiled and mouthed "Awww" when he said this.
  • He said he would always have feelings for Nina even though they wouldn't get back together.
  • Nina looked touched and happy when he said that.
  • Nina does a happy dance outside the door
  • She ran back to her room pretending to act natural and was smiling wide when Fabian came in.
  • When Fabian found out about Jasper, Nina rubbed his shoulder and comforted him.

House of Forgeries / House of Hijack

  • When Fabian talked with Jasper, Nina grabs his shoulder and comforts him.
  • Fabian tells Nina that she is a genius.
  • Fabian reminded Nina that she can't be in 2 places at once when she said she is a horrible person that she is not to visit her Gran anymore.
  • Fabian confronts Nina that she visits her when she can and her Gran loves her and understands that.
  • Fabian gives Nina the piece he was saved her when the dollhouse was destroyed.
  • Fabian tells Nina after she hears that she needs to go and see that it's probably nothing.
  • Fabian tells Nina that she's still a good granddaughter, and says that she can focus on Gran after they find the mask.

House of Freeze / House of Timeout

  • Fabian is the first one to greet Nina at breakfast.
  • Nina doesn't respond and Fabian automatically knows that something is wrong.
  • He rushes over to her and asks if it's her Gran.
  • Fabian looked upset and said the article was horrible.
  • Fabian comforts Nina after Alfie says that loads of people detest her.
  • When Nina said the article is true and that she's a terrible granddaughter, Fabian said,"No."
  • Fabian points out why Nina isn't a bad granddaughter because she's trying to find the mask to save her own life.
  • Fabian made her feel better by telling her the plan to get the mask and rid them off the curse once and for all.
  • Nina thanks Fabian for comforting her.
  • The whole time, Fabian had it hand on Nina's shoulder.
  • Fabian was questioning Joy to find out who wrote the horrible article on Nina.
  • Fabian got mad at Joy for writing the article.
  • Nina and Fabian were talking about Gran.
  • Fabian and Nina hug when Fabian arrives at the hospital.
  • Fabian helped Nina with the correct pronunciation of the tourist attraction.
  • Fabian helped Nina figure out that Gran was the timepiece.

House of Reflectors / House of Illusions

  • Fabina both look worried about Patricia's plan.
  • Fabian seems amused about how Nina told Amber not to say a peep.
  • Fabian and Nina look confused about the next task.
  • Fabian and Nina explore the next task which is the game of Senet.
  • Fabina along with the rest of Sibuna are happy and amazed to see the Mask of Anubis.
  • Nina puts her reflector over Fabian's mouth as they watch Patricia tell Eddie to keep his blindfold on.

House of Dreams / House of Pitfalls

  • Fabian grabbed Nina by her shoulder and pulled her back from the trap. 
  • Fabian stood behind Nina when Sibuna found the mask.
  • Fabian held onto Nina's shoulders after he pulled her back.
  • Nina said she would do the task by herself, but Fabian said no.
  • He said he wouldn't let Nina do it by herself, and that Sibuna is going to do it too.
  • Fabian said that the article Joy wrote about Nina was low.
  • Fabian and Nina help Trudy try to remember her dreams.
  • Fabian said that Nina is really good at visualization.
  • When Nina begins the visualization exercises with Trudy, Fabian smiles and stares at her, but then shakes his head and focuses on what Trudy is saying.
  • Fabian gives Nina her jacket and bag.
  • Fabian said that he and Sibuna would find something for Nina while she is visiting her Gran.
  • Fabian told Sibuna that he promised Nina that they would find something.
  • Fabian smiled when Nina arrived.
  • Nina looked happy and relieved that Fabian and Sibuna found something.
  • Nina told Fabian that they had to get the mask, and he said they will.
  • He gave her a cupcake and she smiled.
  • Nina and Fabian both agreed to go down and play Senet.
  • Nina told Fabian that he's doing a good job.
  • Nina told Fabian not to worry and that she trusts him.
  • They smiled at each other.
  • Fabian screamed when Nina fell down into the pit.

House of Phantoms / House of Surrender

  • Fabian was crying hysterically after Nina fell down into the cell.
  • When Alfie made an unknowingly negative comment about Nina, Fabian ran out of the room and started crying in the hidden room.
  • Fabian couldn't sleep all night because he was too worried about Nina.
  • Fabian said he would never give up on Nina.
  • Fabian started to freak out in class over Nina. 
  • Fabian ran out of class, so he could try to find Nina.
  • He told Amber he would do whatever it takes to find Nina.
  • Fabian was so worried about Nina that he was desperate to go tell Mr.Sweet, even though he might have put her life in more danger.
  • Fabian was relieved when he heard Nina's voice, as was Nina to hear Fabian's voice.
  • There was a huge smile on his face and he was very happy.
  • Fabian calmed down and began to smile when he found out that Nina was okay.
  • Fabian promised Nina he would get her out.
  • Nina said she needed Fabian.

House of Strategy / House of Memory

  • Fabian and Amber went into Mr. Sweet's office to get Nina food.
  • Fabian spoke to Nina through the vent and assured her that they were going to get her out soon.
  • Fabian scolded Amber for saying that they were stumped when Nina could hear.
  • After a while, Fabian was reluctant to ask Joy about helping them, because he was worried about what Nina would say.

House of Traps / House of Stakes

  • Nina looked really relieved when Fabian and Joy came through the cell door.
  • Nina and Fabian hesitated for a split second when he got through, just looking at each other, and then they hugged for a long time.
  • They both looked like they were going to cry when they were reunited. Nina was completely confident in Fabian.
  • Fabian rubbed Nina's shoulder and ran his fingers through her hair.
  • Nina was horrified when Senkhara threatened to kill Sibuna, especially at the mention of Fabian.
  • If you look closely, you can see that Fabian puts his hand on Nina's cheek.

House of Missions / House of Captives / House of the Chosen / House of Freedom

  • Fabian promised Nina that they would get the mask and that Gran would be ok.
  • Fabian looked mad at Eddie for making a comment about Nina's Gran.
  • Fabian said that Sibuna was leaving the dining room after Eddie made the comment.
  • Fabian looked shocked when Patricia told Alfie that Senkhara was going to take Nina into the after life with her.
  • He ran as fast as he could to get to Nina. 
  • Fabian looked really upset when Nina was about to put on the mask.
  • Fabian looked sorry for Nina when she told them about what Senkhara said.
  • Fabian went to warn Nina not to put on the mask.
  • Fabian was begging Nina to not put on the mask while Senkhara tried to encourage her.
  • Fabian told Nina that she didn't have to do what Senkhara wanted her to do.
  • When they both saw that they didn't have the mark, they hugged and smiled.
  • Fabian asked if she was coming and she told him that she would catch up with him.
  • Fabian was unsure when Joy asked him is he wanted to dance, but she said "I know, just as friends", showing she accepted Fabina. 
  • Fabian and Nina dance in the hallway.
  • Fabian told her that they got it wrong about breaking up.
  • Fabian calls Nina his chosen one.
  • They kiss.
  • Fabian and Nina get back together.
  • Fabian refused to let Nina sacrifice herself.
  • Fabian almost cried when Nina put the mask on.
  • Fabian tried to save Nina before Senkhara made her wear the mask.
  • Nina puts her arm around Fabian.
  • Nina smiles dreamily at Fabian.
  • Fabian smiled when Nina walked down the stairs.
  • Gran told Fabian that Nina was upstairs and he rushed to find her.
  • He called her name and she smiled and bite her teeth nervously as a reply.
    258px-Fabina 05.png
  • Amber closed the door to give them privacy.
  • "My perfect day" started playing whilst Fabian & Nina were both dancing in the enterance hall. It is posible that Amber played the song to make their dance more romantic, since she closed the door and seconds later the song started playing. They both smiled and laughed because it was the song they danced to and had their first kiss at the prom in Season 1 finale.
  • Fabian gave her his hand to dance and she accepted with a smile while taking his hand as they started dancing.


  • Fabian admits that they both got it all wrong breaking up & fighting. He also says "You knew you're the one, right?" and Nina answers giggling "The Chosen One...". Fabian without waiting romantically says "Well, my Chosen One.", Nina starts blushing and they both share a kiss.
  • When Fabian calls Nina his chosen one, it shows he's chosen Nina over Joy.
  • Everyone hugged them when they reunite.
  • Fabina is back on!!!!!!! <3

  • When Amber was hugging them, it seem like she pushed them closer together.
  • They both looked a bit irritated after Amber interrupted their kiss.
  • Jerome said "Yeah, finally!", when they got back together and they both blushed a bit.

Season 3

House of Arrivals / House of Presents

  • When Fabian opens the taxi door, he's hoping to see Nina, but found Eddie in the taxi and said, "You're not Nina!" .         
  • He asks Eddie if he'd seen Nina at the airport.
  • Fabian continuously tries to contact Nina.
  • Fabian is worried about Nina.
  • When Fabian first sees Trudy, he asks if Nina has arrived yet.
  • When he learns she isn't coming Fabian is visibly upset.
  • He is very worried and tries to investigate her disappearance.
  • When Fabian messages Nina he gets extremely excited.
  • When he finds out about Nina and Eddie he becomes furious, thinking they had a summer romance [Along with Patricia.]
  • When he thinks that Nina and Eddie had a summer romance, Fabian almost hurt Eddie. 
  • Fabian looked angry at Eddie, when Eddie left the room, Fabian followed him and was still very angry
  • Fabian confronts Eddie furiously.
  • When Eddie tells Fabian that he lost the letter Fabian gets very mad.                      
  • Fabian helps Eddie search for the letter.
  • Nina wrote him a letter explaining everything.
  • Nina was only trying to protect him (along with the rest of Anubis house).

House of Truth / House of Hieroglyphs

  • Fabian had Amber read Nina's letter aloud to him because he couldn't handle it.
  • In the letter Nina said she'd never stop loving Fabian.
  • In the letter Nina said Fabian will always be her first love
  • Fabian is in tears when Amber reads the letter.
  • Victor criticized Nina and Fabian reacted very strongly about it.
  • Fabian keeps insisting there's no Sibuna without Nina.

House of Revelations / House of Questions        

  • Fabian tells Joy that stargazing makes him feel better, because he knows that even in America, Nina would be looking at the same stars.

House of Anticipation / House of Close Calls

  • When Eddie says that they were doing just fine before he came, Fabian tells Eddie that nearly losing his girlfriend (Nina) twice to an Egyptian curse disqualify doing just fine.

House of Awakening / House of Sarcophagi

  •  Fabian tells Mr. Sweet that he still misses Nina.
  •  When Fabian says he misses Nina, Mr. Sweet calls it "young love".

House of Enemies / House of Surprise

  • Fabian got very upset when he saw one of the questions on Miss Denby's personality test was about what he would do if his girlfriend left without an explanation, knowing it was about Nina.
  • Fabian left the classroom visibly upset and little angry and after Miss Denby's 'personality test'.

House of Hog / House of Defeat

  • Alfie said "Maybe that's why Nina left you!" even if Fabian has no soul he looks mad and sad at the same time. Then he throws something in to the floor showing that what Alfie said touched him. That scene showed that Fabian still isn't over Nina not coming back, because he has known who she was for him even he was the sinner of pride.
  • The emotions and facial expression he had when Alfie said this somewhat showed the real Fabian, and that Nina is his weakness 

Life after the Show

  • Diane Whitley said that it was possible that Fabian and Nina met up after the events of the show and rekindled a romance.
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Nina's Letter To Fabian

Dear Fabian,

I know this may be the strangest way of telling you I am not coming back. But if I told you in person, I knew I would just break down and cry. I found out that the Osirian and The Chosen One must be kept apart or terrible things will happen. I started to tell Eddie, but then my Gran got ill again and that's when I decided I wasn't coming back. You are my first love Fabian and nothing or no one will ever change that. But I am staying away to protect us all. Now is time for both of us to move on.


Fabian's Poem/Haiku To Nina

The quest was long and difficult,

I sought treasure...

The treasure was you.


Fabian xx Hints

  • did a special called "The Story of 'Fabina' ".
  • had a quiz you can take to see if you are Fabina, Amfie, Mickber or Mickra.
  • In promo 7, there is a part where Fabina is studying and "playing footsies" and giving each other flirty looks.
  • There is a photo album on called Fina which has Fabina pictures.
  • In the House of Anubis Season 2 Clues, there is one of a note written by Fabian that he was going to give to Nina. It was about how he wanted to get back together with her.
  • is doing a fan fiction challenge, and the first one said 'Can Fabina Survive?' making it seem like they wanted more people to make fan fictions featuring a small hint of Fabina in each one.
  • As shown in Anubis Unlocked, Fabian's character phone's wallpaper is of him and Nina at the Season 1 prom.


"Would you fancy walking over with me?" -Fabian to Nina

: "But this is weird, even for England" -Nina to Fabian

"She has the same pretty eyes as you." -Fabian to Nina: "You think my eyes are pretty?" -Nina to Fabian
"Well, my Chosen One." -Fabian to Nina: "I...I saved you" -Fabian said to Nina
"Yeah, why don't you go save the other girl in this dress" -Nina to Fabian: "Nina, DON'T put on that mask!" -Fabian to Nina
"I mean you and me... that's crazy right? -Nina to Fabian: “You look-" -cut off by Nina saying "Ridiculous, I know."- "I was going to say beautiful.” Fabian to Nina



  • Their first kiss was in the last episode of the first season.
  • They're one of the couples that shared the biggest number of the romantic scenes.
  • Both of them are a little bit geeky. 
  • Brad Kavanagh wrote the song "You I see", and said that it could be the song that Fabian would sing to Nina. That's exactly why this song was written. although it ws never performed.
  • Fabian's quote "Well, my Chosen One", is the official quote for this ship. 
  • When Nathalia said that she is not returning for season 3, fandom started to give ideas what will happen with Fabina. The most famous ones were either that Nina will return at the end or that they will have a long distance relationship.
  • Nathalia said it was weird to kiss Brad, because they're such good friends and he was like a brother.
  • Nina and Fabian have always showed interest for each other, but none of them were brave enough to make the first move. 
  • Nina kissed Fabian first.
  • Fabina was the leading couple in the first season.
  • Nina was really jealous when it came to Joy with Fabian, but at the end of season, they became pretty good friends.
  • They were really close since the beginning.
  • Fabian was the first person to be nice to Nina after she arrived.
  • Fabina was the first couple to get so many shippers.
  • They have always been best friends.
  • Brad Kavanagh has said that he likes working Fabina scenes more than Mabian scenes.
  • It seemed like in season 1, they couldn't get a moment of silence to talk about their feelings to each other.
  • Ana Mulvoy Ten said that she ships Fabina, so does her character Amber Millington.
  • If Nina could be in Season 3, this couple would have a very strong relationship. 
  • Their dating guru's Amber. She has rooted Fabina from the beginning.
  • It was Amber who came up with the name "Fabina" for this couple in an episode, not a fan.
  • It's possible that if there is a Season 4 and if Nina returns that it's main competitor will be Mabian, although this is unlikely because Mara isn't returning.
  • Fabian & Nina share their last kiss on the Season 2 Finale.
  • MickraFabina and Peddie have the biggest number of break-ups in the show.
  • Fabian once referenced Nina being the chosen one in the season 2 finale he said "my chosen one".
  • The version of the song they dance to in the Season 2 finale is rumored to be a cover by Brad.
  • Some early signs of the couple happening was the way Fabian looked at Nina, How he treated her vs. most of the house at the beginning and the way they acted around each other.
  • It's possible that Fabian has moved on from Fabina because Mabian has become canon in The Touchstone of Ra.
  • One of the writers of the series, Diane Whitley, said that it was possible that they rekindled a romance together after the events of the show, but there has been no more information about it.
  • Brad Kavanagh said that he is not a big shipper of Fabina when he guest-starred on the Anubis Backwards Podcast on July 21, 2020


Relationship #1 (1.60 - 2.10)

Reason for Break Up: They had a misunderstanding when Fabian thought that Nina wants them to be just friends. However, they still liked each other.

Relationship #2 (2.90-3.0)

  • Start Up: House of Missions / House of Captives / House of the Chosen / House of Freedom
  • Break Up: House of Truth / House of Hieroglyph

Reason for Break Up: Nina was not returning to the school.

Relationship #3 (Life after the show)

  • Start Up: Diane Whitley said that it was possible that they could be together and could have reopened the relationship after the show's events.
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