Eugeana (Euge/ne and Ana) is the real-life friendship pairing of Ana Mulvoy Ten and Eugene Simon. The two seem to be close friends - for instance, during a Clevver TV interview, Eugene kept on looking at Ana and nodding, agreeing to many of the things she said and Ana did the same. He also put his arm around her and she didn't seem to mind at all. There was a rumor that they were dating, although, they are not.

This page is for friendship only, although they do have many shippers.

To view the character pairing of Jerome Clarke and Amber Millington, see Jamber.

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Eugeana Moments

  • During a Clevver TV interview, Eugene kept on looking at Ana (vice-versa).
  • Eugene put his arm around Ana, and she didn't seem to mind.
  • When Eugene was asked what his favorite scene was in the entire second season, he said the scene where Amber sat on his knee.
  • During an Ocean Up interview, Eugene looked at Ana flirtatiously. Ana also looked at Eugene flirtatiously.
  • During the same Ocean Up interview, Ana was smiling every time Eugene talked and when Nathalia started talking, Ana stopped smiling.
  • There were rumours that, when filming season 2, they were actually dating. Some months after when Eugene was asked about 'the rumours of him dating someone from the cast' he replied: 'I see everyone as my family, I couldn't date a sister. That's just not right.
  • During Anubis Unlocked: Episode 1, Eugene and Ana stood next to each other closely.
  • Ana looked at Eugene in a flirtatious way, and smiled at him as well (vice-versa.)

Moments Online

  • On Twitter, Ana once tweeted Eugene when there was a storm that she was scared, and Eugene responded that they should go outside and face the elements together.
  • On Facebook, there is a page for them (links below).

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