Eugade (Eug/ene and J/ade) is the friendship or romantic pairing of Eugene Simon and Jade Ramsey, who portray Jerome Clarke and Patricia Williamson on House of Anubis. The two seem to be very good friends, and it is speculated that Eugene has/had a crush on Jade.

This page is for friendship, although they do have some shippers.

To view the character pairing of Jerome Clarke and Patricia Williamson, see Patrome.

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Eugade Moments

  • In the KCA cast interview, the cast was asked which celebrity they were excited to see, Jade replied that she was excited to see Justin Timberlake as Eugene lightly teased her saying "Yeah, she's got a big crush on him."
  • At the KCAs 2012 when the House of Anubis cast was being interviewed by Ana and Brad, Ana asked "Who here would you like to get slimed?" Jade replied, "I would like to see Eugene get slimed," and then described how she thought his reaction would be.
  • In Anubis Unlocked, Eugene often laughed at Jade's stories.
  • Eugene acted more shocked than others that Jade has a twin sister, Nikita Ramsey.
  • Eugene talks about how Jade is hilarious.
  • When Jade was playing the Pairing Match Game and put the pictures for Patrome, Eugene was heard in the background saying something such as, "The best pairing by far!".
  • When Eugene was asked, "Who out of the cast would he like like to take to the prom?" he replied saying Jade and went into detail about how he supported the pairing Patrome. (She had a positive mind on it).
  • When Eugene answered about taking Jade to the prom, he flirtatiously looked over at Jade who sat on the couch smiling.
  • In response to taking her to the prom, Jade looked at Eugene with a smile and laughed.
  • When Jade was asked what is the scariest thing that has ever happened to her, she explained a very chaotic and wild paragliding incident with her twin sister, Nikita as the camera panned to Eugene who was shown to be cracking up and smiling at her.
  • Jade says that she loves Eugene and his eugeism. 

Moments Online

  • The two follow each other on Twitter.
  • The two often tweet about hanging out with each other.
  • When Nathalia tweeted a picture of the Ramsey twins cooking in their apartment, Eugene retweeted it saying, "Am in love".
  • They have the same type of username styling on twitter (their names with an underscore separating their first
    and last names - Jade_Ramsey / Eugene_Simon)
  • Jade was the first person Eugene followed.
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