General Information
Shipped Characters: Cassie Tate and Erin Blakewood
Length of Relationship: Unknown - present
Status: Best Friends
Other Pairing Names: Carin


Cerin  (C/assie and Erin) is the friendship of Cassie Tate and Erin Blakewood. When they moved into Anubis House in The Touchstone of Ra, it seems that they would be sharing a room. They both hid together under a table, when Victor was looking for the children in the cellar, and when the Anubis House started to fall down. It's possible that Cassie and Erin are very different, as in it's possible that Erin's strives to be intelligent as you can see in The Touchstone of Ra she's hanging up a poster of The Periodic Table of Elements, and that Cassie is very fashionable as you can also see in The Touchstone of Ra, as she brings a lot of clothes with her to the house. They both are now a part of Sibuna as new members. We assume they are best friends as they spend most there time together and come across as close friends.

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Cerin Moments

Season 3

The Touchstone of Ra

  • Cerin3
    They both appear as new students that are moving into the same house, Anubis House.
  • They share the same room.
  • They both hid under a table, two times.
  • They are next to each other in the cellar with flashlights (along with Dexter and Mara).
  • When Jerome and Alfie scared everyone in the basement, Erin ran into Cassie's arms and while Cassie was comforting her Jerome said "You can let go of Cassie now."
  • They both looked freaked out under the table.
  • They both unpack their stuff in Anubis House in MaraWillow, and Joy's room.
  • They were standing next to each other, looking brave.
  • They walk together, talking.
  • They have their hands wrap together smiling.
  • Cassie pulls Erin closer.
  • In the museum, Erin noticed Cassie and while Erin ran to Cassie, Erin blurting out "Cassie".
  • Erin smiled and said she maybe liked Dexter. Cassie "got interested" and said "Eww!" and explained why it is disgusting.
  • They smile while Joy and Patricia give them steps.
  • They reply to Joy and Patricia.
  • They walk away from Patricia and Joy.
  • They're a part of the new Sibuna
  • Erin told Cassie they were there to make friends.
  • They were sitting next to each other.
  • They both got into the senior party.


  • They knew each other for a while before the movie.
  • They seem and act like best friends.
  • Some fans think Cerin will be the new Amara, as they have similar qualities (Cassie likes fashion, like Amber, and Erin is intelligent, like Mara) and they even slightly look like the two (Cassie - Amber, Erin - Mara).
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