Brathalia (Bra/d and Na/thalia) is the real-life pairing of Brad Kavanagh and Nathalia Ramos. These two are very good friends. They play Nina and Fabian in House of Anubis, who used to be dating on the show. They were rumored to be dating for almost two years, but the rumours were false.

This page is for friendship, although they do have a lot of shippers in the House of Anubis fandom.

To view the character pairing of Fabian Rutter and Nina Martin, see Fabina.

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Brathalia Moments

  • They are in many interviews together.
  • They were rumoured to date for 2 years, although it was never true because Brad was dating Samantha Dorrance at the time. (They celebrated their 4 year anniversary on November 30th, 2012). They broke up in 2013.
  • Nathalia once said in an interview to 'Top 10' from MTV how from the whole cast, she'd definetely choose Brad to be with if she had to spend 24 hours locked in a room. Her reason was 'We share many scenes together, and we just laugh so much. He's the best'.
  • Nathalia always talked about how impressed she was that Brad could make accents from different languages from all over the world.    
  • Brad was the first person to tweet about Nathalia leaving the show.  
  • Nathalia said that when she first met Brad, she couldn't believe how nice he was.
    • When Nathalia met Brad she didn't think he was real because of how nice he was.
  • Nathalia once said that sometimes, before a kiss scene with Brad, she got really nervous. It was like kissing your best friend or brother.
  • On Brad's first Twitcam, someone asked him through Twitter if he has had any contact with Nathalia. He replied saying that not much and she's doing her own out there on the other side of the world.
  • Their characters, Nina and Fabian, dated in House of Anubis.
  • Nathalia said that she would choose Brad to be on a stakeout with.
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