Brade (Bra/d and Ja/de) is the real-life friendship of  Brad Kavanagh and Jade Ramsey. These two seem to be very close friends. On a Fanlala video (shown here) Brad revealed he developed a crush on a girl named Jade when they were playing family in kindergarten and, when he said it, Jade jumped up with a smile (please note that his crush was not Jade Ramsey, but a different girl named Jade). They also stared at each other most of the video.

This page is for friendship, although they do have some shippers.

To view the character pairing of Fabian Rutter and Patricia Williamson, see Fabicia.

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Brade Moments

  • During a interview, when it was Jade's turn to answer questions Brad stared at her and Jade did the same.
  • They are in many interviews together.
  • They stand very close taking pics at the iParty with Victorious premiere (with Ana).
  • They follow each other on Twitter.
  • In one picture while they are at a special event, they take a picture of them doing silly faces and they're heads touch which were very close, here.
  • They went to some restaurant and Brad took a picture of them with Jade sitting very close, here.
  • On the past months, Jade actually tweeted many picture of them while filming or while being in awards. 
  • Some days ago, Jade tweeted a picture of "the biggest pizza" and thanked Brad for it.
  • They spent a lot of time together while filming.
  • Like producers say, both are some of the most funny cast members from the cast and they are always joking.
  • On Jade's Twitter, she tweeted a link for Brad's new music video.
  • Regardless of them being in many interviews out of all of the cast members, Jade is probably been in the most interviews with Brad aside from Nathalia Ramos.
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