General Information
Shipped Characters: Benji Reed and Patricia Williamson
Length of Relationship: Mid Season 3
Status: Good friends
Rivals: Peddie
Other Pairing Names: Benjicia
Batricia (B/enji and P/atricia) is the friendship or otherwise romantic pairing of Benji Reed and Patricia Williamson. His first
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appearance is in House of Enemies, where it is very obvious that Eddie and Benji are arch-enemies. Immediately after his arrival, Benji took a very certain liking to Patricia by calling her "feisty" and saying that he likes her. Benji was staying at the Isis House, while Patricia is living in Anubis House. In House of Surprise, they are paired up with one another in Ms. Denby's class for trust excercises. Although these two are very good friends, this couple is most likely not going to happen due to the fact that Benji has left the School and Patricia is currently in a relationship with Eddie.

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Batricia Moments

House of Enemies / House of Surprise

  • Benji flirtatiously looks at Patricia and asks who "this" is.
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  • Patricia gets upset when Benji says "this."
  • He calls Patricia feisty.
  • He says that he likes Patricia.
  • Benji keeps staring at Patricia.
  • They are paired together for trust building exercises.
  • They are flirting in the hallway.
  • He picks up her books for her.
  • They are happy to be partners.
  • Benji puts the blindfold over her eyes.
  • He is standing close to her.
  • He is leading her around the classroom blindfolded.
  • He grabs her arms.
  • She tells him only to use his words for the assignment, but he said he didn't want ink to spill on her.
  • They smile at each other.
  • They do a trust fall.
  • AwwwwwwwwwwloveBatricia
    She asks him if he will drop her and he responds with a No.
  • Patricia is found cutting oranges for him and liking it.
  • He calls her a great sport.
  • They laugh with each other.
  • He says she is supportive.

House of Winning / House of Moonlighting

  • Ben says hi to Patricia.
  • Patricia says hi back to him.
  • They smile at each other.
  • She hates Ben's rivalry with Eddie.
  • Eddie gets angry when he finds out Patricia and Ben have been talking to each other.
  • Patricia stands up for Ben.
  • Patricia says he can sound stupid talking.


  • Patricia's boyfriend, Eddie, is rivals with Benji.
  • Eddie gets jealous and mad when they are around each other.
  • Their two houses were in the dodgeball tournament finals.
  • They became fast friends.
  • Benji leaves the school in House of Winning / House of Moonlighting, meaning the two cannot become a couple, unless he returns and Peddie breaks up, which is very unlikely. 
  • It is shown that Benji has a small crush on her, but it is also obvious that Patricia is partly oblivious to this.
  • Benji left the school, making this an unlikely couple. 
  • It's unknown if Patricia said goodbye to Benji, but it is possible that Benji left the school without Patricia knowing that.
  • They were paired up together by Denby to make Eddie jealous. 
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