Basie (B/rad and T/asie) is the real-life friendship pairing of Brad Kavanagh and Tasie Dhanraj (Lawrence). The two seem to be close friends, they sang a duet called "We Shall Overcome", which is a holiday song that Brad also wrote. They've been in a few photos together, but it doesn't seem like anything more than a good friendship.

This page is for friendship, although they do have some shippers.

To view the character pairing of Mara Jaffray and Fabian Rutter, see the couple, Mabian.

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Basie Moments

  • They sang together in the song "We Shall Overcome".
  • They were next to each other at a amusement park ride.
  • They have a few photos with Brad's arm around Tasie.
  • They follow each other on Twitter.
  • In a tweet Tasie said, "well done to my sweet Brad Kav @BradKavanagh for this catchy tune.Baby I love you doo doo de doo…
  • They were together on Sunday at LA, just messing around together in company of Alex Sawyer as well.
  • Tasie used to cook for him most of the time while filming.
  • Recently they went to a park and used the swings along with Alex Sawyer.
  • Brad bought a huge pizza for Tasie and Jade Ramsey.
  • Their characters in the show are dating.
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