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Amneris as seen in Het Huis Anubis

Amneris was a high priestess who stole the Cup of Ankh from the gods. She hid the pieces of the Cup in the tomb of her lover. Amneris is thought to be a direct descendant of Isis and Osiris and was the lover of King Tutankhamun. Due to Tutankhamun's untimely death, Amneris was never reunited with him.

Very little actual mythology exists about Amneris. It is unknown whether a person by her name existed around the time of Tutankhamun and the name has been attributed to many different characters.

Het Huis Anubis & Das Haus Anubis

Senkhara (Amneris's American/British Verson)

In Het Huis Anubis, Amneris haunted Anubis House, searching for the chosen one who could hold the grail to the sun and reunite her with King Tutankhamun. Though Nienke was initially thought to be her descendent by Victor and Raven van Prijze, it turned out that Nienke was not the chosen one. Amneris' descendant was Noa van Rijn.

Amneris in Das Haus Anubis

The situation was similar in Das Haus Anubis. Nina was thought to be Amneris' descendent initially, but Mara was Amneris' true descendant. Though Nina can use the locket, Mara has her own abilities as the chosen one.

In their respective shows, Noa and Mara restore the Cup of Ankh (Otherwise known as the Holy Grail or Cup of Life) and let Amneris return to the spirit world. Before she departs, Amneris is greeted by Tutankhamen and they cross over together.

House of Anubis

In House of Anubis, Nina and Sarah are her descendants, and were chosen ones. Their ability to use the Eye of Horus Locket comes from their connection with Amneris.

Amneris in other Media

Amneris is used as a character in the opera and the musical "Aida."


In these versions, she is the daughter of the pharaoh and is in love with the captain of the guard.