Alexely (Alex/andra and Burk/ely) is the friendship pairing of Alexandra Shipp and Burkely Duffield. These two are very close friends. Alexandra has mostly been in interviews with Burkely and they stand close to each other in them. They are often found together on set, laughing and joking around.

To view the character pairing of KT Rush and Eddie Miller, see Keddie.

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Alexely Moments

  • Burkely and Alexandra both have a good time together.
  • They have inside jokes and other fun things to share.
  • In a recent video, Alexandra was super creative and created a rap and Burkely helped by being the beatbox.
  • They have many interviews together, all smiles and laughter.
  • On one interview, somebody asked "Any funny memories from the set" to Alexandra and she replied " I work a lot with Burkely Duffield, who plays Eddie. We have the goofiest experiences on set. We'll be running lines or going through a scene, and we'll just break into a dance routine of some sort. We have fun little things like that happen all the time." Meaning she may have the most laughs with Burkely.
  • The way they look at each other on interviews.
  • On many videos, Ali was very outgoing and telling many jokes, Burkely staring into her eyes, cracking up. 
  • They mostly agree on everything with a smile.
  • In most photoshoots, they take photos really close together and its not awkwardly positioned. It shows some chemistry. 
  • In Anubis Unlocked, they are usually found together laughing and talking. 
  • They say that after they shoot a scene, they do these dance routines together. 
  • Burkley was the one to introduce Ali in Anubis Unlocked, they were both happily teasing each other. 
  • They are both very flirtatious with one another.
  • If you have ever seen them in a video, their chemistry is excellent. 

Trivia/Fun Facts

  • They co-star in House Of Anubis.
  • They star in many interviews and videos together.
  • They are both from North America. (Burkely from Canada, and Alexandra from the United States).
  • They are both mentioned quite often. 

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